How Often You Should Polish Your Timber Floors

How Often You Should Polish Your Timber Floors?

Polishing is a crucial part of maintaining your timber floor, and it’s not a job that should be left to the professionals. Timber Floor Polishing Melbourne can extend its life by many years, so it makes sense to learn how often you need to do this in order for it to remain beautiful and functional.

depend on factors like foot traffic, the type of timber used, and the finish.

The frequency of polishing will depend on factors like foot traffic, the type of timber used, and the finish.

If you have a busy home with a lot of people walking around, or if your floors are in a high-traffic area such as an entrance or lounge room where chairs are constantly being moved around, and children run across them, then monthly polishing is recommended.

The type of timber being polished will also affect how often it needs to be done. For example hardwood timbers such as oak can be polished more regularly than softwood timbers like pine and balsa which require more care when they’re sanded back because they tend not to show any scratches after sanding (because they’re so soft).

Lightly-trafficked timber flooring can go four to five years 

How often you should polish your timber flooring depends on several factors.

timber floor polishing

The first is how much traffic the room receives and the type of timber and finish used. Generally speaking, lightly-trafficked rooms can go four to five years before they will require polishing. Heavily-trafficked rooms will require more frequent maintenance—at least once per year. The second factor is the size of the room: it’s rare for a small space such as a kitchen or bathroom to need more than one polish per year; larger spaces with multiple entrances (such as hallways) may need two or three times that amount of time between refinishing sessions.

Excessive wear can damage your floors, which is why polishing is important.

  • The best way to avoid excessive wear and damage is to keep your floors polished.
  • A lot of new flooring can look great when it’s first installed, but it will lose its luster over time as dirt and grime build up. Regular polishing helps maintain the appearance of your floors without having to replace them prematurely.
  • Polished timber looks great, but it becomes worn over daily use and cleaning products that get splashed onto the flooring surface over time. This can result in unsightly scratches, chips and dents which will make you want to pull out all those old photos of your grandparents’ wedding day so they have something nice on their mantelpiece!
  • If you don’t clean your floors regularly or regularly polish them with a good quality cleaner/polisher – then they will become dirty, dull looking & very slippery!


We recommend that you polish your floors at least every four years. This will ensure that your Timber Floor Polishing Melbourne is in good condition and ready for use. If you have any questions about how often you should polish your timber floors, please contact Total Floor Service today, and we will be happy to help!

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How To Get Timber Floors Fixed In An Old Residence?

Lots of property owners imagine living in an older house. These residences might look restro and unique but does bring obstacles with them, right from things that are outdated to harmed structures.

These residences commonly have wood floorings, and getting them back to the original form is not just difficult but vital as well to allow these homes return back to their splendour. If succeeded, a Melbourne situated timber floor polishing service could make the floorings the centrepiece attraction of the house, strengthening the residence antique appeal.

Right here is exactly how the restoration of wood floorings could be done to bring back the charmful appearance of an old house.

Examination of Timber Floors

As with any kind of task, the flooring needs to be examined. In old houses, the flooring could require basic updates, like a restored tarnish, or a full substitute. Preferably, 100% original timber is utilized in order to retain the valuable worth of the house.

Timber floor polishing Melbourne specialists checks out the flooring and analyses the kind of timber that was made use of so as to retain architectural honesty, along with any type of broken slabs or areas. They could after that establishes the very best strategy.

Preparation of the Task

This stage includes communicating with the house owner and sharing recommendation from experts. Herein, the choices are discussed for getting over to property owner’s objectives. The flooring could just require considerable sanding, securing, and discoloration, and yet it might additionally require a substitute completely.

Fixing Wear and Tear

Sensible patching alone could get the job done if there are restricted damages to one location. Way too much, would certainly check the ability of the timber floor polishing service Melbourne attempts to match brand new timber to old.

Matching timber could be recovered from an old aged wardrobe or attic. Whether you are satisfied or not with a patched floor relies on your temperament. If you need excellence, merely covered and redecorated old wood flooring might trouble you.

Refinishing Old Wood Floors

You need to utilize a suitable surface for reapplication if flooring is scratch-sanded or evaluated (not totally removed of its old surface). Probably this will certainly be an oil-based varnish or oil-based polyurethane. New timber might be secured with a water-based surface or passing through oil, or classic shellac in non-wet spaces. Every coating has its very own qualities concerning long life, abrasion-resistance, and luster.

Old Timber Floors are finally restored

Completing restoration of wood floorings brings an older residence back to its previous radiance. A flooring upgrade from an experienced Melbourne timber floor polishing firm is meant to have an extended life with a lasting endurance depending on the family members use. Such a floor restoration process is certainly best for family members who honour the background within their old vintage antique style residence.

Timber Floors need to be restored in case you are having an old vintage style home. Click here to know how we do it.

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How to Be Prepared To Have Your Personal Flooring Spruced Up Through A DIY Process?

Numerous residence renovators are discovering covert thrills as they approach eliminating wall surface cellular linings, old provide and also flooring without any need for timber floor polishing service Melbourne. Typically the hardwood floorings they find could be resuscitated to praise picked areas or paths. It simply takes a little prep work and also Do It Yourself timber floor sanding service Melbourne sprucing up.

  • Get rid of Flooring

Rug could be troublesome as well as heaving, so to eliminate it merely, it is best to reduce the carpeting right into convenient squares with a sharp energy blade with a unique carpeting blade fitted. Cut squares of around 2 meters by 3 meters as well as roll them as much as make managing most convenient. Get rid of the side strip around the wall surface. Beware below as the tacks in the strip are extremely sharp.

  • Flooring Surface Area Preparations

Eliminate all nails that are sticking out over the surface area of the floor covering, as well as with a nail strike and also hammer, punch flooring dealing with nail listed below the surface area of the flooring 3-4mm.

  • Sand Flooring

Cover all power factors, ducted flooring as well as ceiling vents as well as computer system electrical outlets with covering up tape as the fining sand dirt is incredibly great as well as can create damages later on. Completely tidy the flooring and also ultimately vacuum the entire location.

  • The First Sand ‘Rough’ Sand

Some very first as well as crucial procedure pointers: do not begin the device with the sandpaper belt hinge on the floor covering; do not quit activity of the device while the belt is still touching the floor covering; stand up to all lure to speed up the work by being hefty handed with the maker. And also use your ear muffs, security goggle and also dirt mask. Give great air flow to the area by opening up completely any type of home windows or doors to outside air.

  • Complete Sanding

Load all nail openings, divides as well as knot openings with water-based putty, and also permit it to completely dry. The following sanding is finished with tool quality sandpaper on the drum sander. This is carried out in the very same way as earlier pointed out however from currently on sand along the grain not diagonally. Once more end up the boundary with the hand-held disc sander, scrape and also tools and paper.

  • Painting Flooring

You have the option of either 2 pack polyurethane surface or water based polyurethane which is reduced smell as well as rapid drying out. The water-based polyurethane is the simplest as well as quickest to use as well as gives an excellent long lasting coating and also permits a number of layers to be used in eventually. Do not make use of a paint roller as protection is not as complete.

At the end!

It is essential that the timber floor polishing service Melbourne helps the surface area to be extensively free from all dirt fragments; this is finished by vacuuming the flooring after that cleaning over with water moistened fabric to eliminate any type of residue dirt by consulting timber floor sanding service Melbourne.

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The Advantages of Fining Sand and also Brightening Lumber Floorings

Having hardwood floorings will certainly include elegance as well as equity to any type of loft space, offered they are effectively dealt with. Without normal timber floor polishing service Melbourne upkeep, hardwood floorings could conveniently lose their initial brilliancy as well as end up being drab and also plain.

If you reside in an Australian location as well as know about the environment, you’ll understand that timber floor sanding Melbourne could bring back wood floor covering items as well as develop a face-lift that had long earlier discolored, making sure that your lumber flooring is contemporary sufficient for any kind of supper celebration.

Fixing Broken Lumber Floorings with Sanding

Over time your flooring could end up being broken as well as it might feel like the only feasible remedies that are offered to you is to toss down attractive carpets or have your floorings changed. A much less pricey and also time-consuming choice to flooring substitute would certainly be to have a flooring fining sand in Brisbane firm completely sand as well as brighten your lumber floorings. This will certainly enhance the appearance of your hardwood flooring and also include years of its life expectancy. An included advantage is that you’ll prevent needing to acquire numerous attractive carpets; despite the fact that carpets could include an appeal to the style of your loft space they likewise could need even more cleansing to stop way too much dirt. By staying clear of excess dirt, you’ll have a tidy and also healthy and balanced loft space that’ll be an enjoyable experience on your own as well as any kind of site visitor that visits.

Fining sand as well as Brightening the Full Hardwood Flooring

A frequently neglected component of hardwood floorings is the stairs. To guarantee that your lumber has actually been gone back to a refined state, much like just how it was when it was recently mounted you’ll intend to have both flooring board sanding and also stairway sanding finished. By having to floor, as well as stairway sanding, done, you’ll have just as sleek flooring running throughout your whole loft space. This will certainly stop your friends and family from observing distinctions within your floorings, as a matter of fact, they might also think that you have actually changed your floorings totally.

The Value of Lumber Deck Sanding

Outside timber floor sanding service Melbourne is a vital part of safeguarding the outdoor decking that borders your swimming pool or day spa. It’s crucial that you do deck sanding as well as brightening whenever it seems required, as by doing so you’ll have a brand-new as well as tidy external loft space look. You’ll likewise have the ability to guarantee that damp feet do not obtain splintered by deck hardwood that is maturing. Timber floor polishing service Melbourne is a crucial kind of wood flooring treatment as well as upkeep, by having this job done you’ll stop very early aging that generally arises from bad cleansing items, hefty foot website traffic as well as ecological aspects brought on by high sunlight direct exposure, severe winter as well as hefty rainfalls.

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Make Yourself Aware About Timber Floor Care Services

Homeowners, who have installed timber floors at their house or office, should ensure that this flooring is maintained in the best condition all the times. The reason behind this is that the flooring is the first thing, which your guests would notice, when they visit your house. Therefore, neat and clean flooring will not only enhance your house, but will also create a lasting impression on the minds of people, who visit your house. To achieve neat and clean timber floors, you can opt for timber floor polishing and sanding in Melbourne.

With passage of time, your timber floors may attract dust, dirt and other harmful microorganisms, which may dull the appearance of your flooring. If you avoid cleaning at an early stage, then the dust and dirt accumulates and gets grounded more deeply, which is then difficult to clean. Further, in some cases it may also happen that it can cause huge damage to the finishing of your floors and make it look dull and dirty. With easy availability of effective and professional timber floor sanding in Melbourne, you can bestow a neat and attractive appearance to your flooring, without worrying about any other thing.

Let us have a brief discussion about the common elements, which will make you aware of the whole floor cleaning process:

  • Product formulations: It is basically related to different stages of floor cleaning job and depends mainly on the flooring type installed in your house. For instance: For carrying out any wood flooring restoration project, one has to have an in-depth understanding of cleaning products and equipment required for it. 
  • Different sanding and polishing techniques: There are different types of techniques, which needs to be employed for carrying out floor care services for different types of flooring. It may involve attending scratches or stains on the surface of your flooring or restoring the look of flooring. Implementing correct techniques plays a pivotal role in the overall success and time-served experience will help you to gain a thorough understanding of this element. 
  • Floor maintenance: If you make yourself aware of suitable floor care techniques and formulation, then you can opt for professional floor cleaning services on regular basis.
  • Floor restoration: To enhance the look of your flooring, you can opt for floor restoration. You can get expected results from floor restoration services, when you opt for professional assistance. Even if you are a careful homeowner, you still cannot protect your flooring against day-to-day wear. 
  • Hiring professional services: The main reason as to why professional services are given high importance is because a professional company has an expert team of experienced flooring specialists. Professional floor care experts are fully equipped with floor cleaning and restoration process. Therefore, you can easily get your floor care requirement fulfilled in the best way, without undergoing the fuss and hassles related to floor care services. 

Thus, when professional floor specialists are hired for timber floor polishing in Melbourne, then you are sure to get the best floor care services as per your specific requirements.

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Retain the Charm of your Timber Floors with Floor Care Services

Choosing right type of flooring can play a vital role in enhancing the look of your house. They can last for a long time period, when you properly clean and maintain them. To get the best floor care services for your timber floors, you can opt for timber floor polishing in Melbourne. With these professional services, you can preserve the beauty of your flooring for long period of time. While choosing any type of flooring for your house or office, always keep in mind your home interiors and your budget limit.

If you have timber floors installed at your residential property, then you should probably opt for floor sanding and polishing in Melbourne at least once or twice in a year. Professional floor care experts will take care of your every floor care need in the best way. With daily exposure, your timber floors usually attract dust, dirt and other microorganisms, which spoil the overall appearance of your flooring. Therefore, to avoid this, you can avail professional floor care services.

To hire a reliable floor care company, you should first research about all the floor care companies operating in your area. To hire the best company, all you need to do is check the reliability of its services and its reputation in the offline and online market. Besides this, you should also make sure that the company offers emergency floor care services too, in case of any emergency situation like shifting to a new house from a rental property.

If you want that your timber floors should last long, then you should probably take care of it. Brooming and sweeping process should be carried out on daily basis. This process proves very helpful in avoiding the build-up of dust, dirt, grime and other harmful substances, which can spoil the surface of your flooring. If in case, your flooring attracts more foot traffic, then you can consider installing designer carpets over the flooring. Installing carpets is also another effective way to protect your flooring against scratching and scuffing. Apart from installing carpets, you can also consider installing door mats at all the entrance ways to catch dirt, before it is brought into the home through the footwear worn by you or your family members.

To deep clean your timber floors, you can wash it with a timber floor specific cleaning product or solution. Tough spots such as paint, oil, markers or ink can be easily removed from the surface of your timber floors by making use of a clean cloth or acetone nail polish. Remove the stains quickly as soon as they are formed if possible, so that you don’t have to make extra efforts at later point of time to clean the surface of your timber flooring. Also, professional services of timber floor polishing and sanding in Melbourne proves helpful in getting rid of dust, dirt and other substances from the surface of your flooring in the best effective way.

To summarize, taking proper care and maintaining your timber floors along with considering professional assistance will help you to retain the beauty and charm of your timber floors in the best way.

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Gift your House, Neat Floors with Timber Floor Polishing Services

Designer floors play a vital role in enhancing the whole look of your residential or commercial property. Therefore, it is very essential to install right type of floors, which blends well with your house space and its interiors. Installing right type of floors will add value to your house and will let you create a desired look for the rooms of your house. Besides this, it is also important to hire reliable professional timber floor polishing in Melbourne to ensure that your timber floors are maintained in the best condition.

These services are offered by different floor care companies in Melbourne. You can approach any such company to get your floors repaired, polished or cleaned as per your requirement. Before you think to go for these services, it is very important to enquire about all the pertinent details regarding the company and its offerings. This will ensure you of availing the best quality of services for your floor polishing or sanding requirements.

By considering floor sanding or floor polishing in Melbourne, you can make your old timber floors look fresh and appealing. Not only this, you don’t have to break the bank to get your floors repaired. For this reason, it is essential to consider professional floor care services for your old floors and maintain them in the best condition with minimal care and maintenance.

No matter, what type of flooring is installed in your residential or commercial property, by considering floor care services once or twice a year, it will prove beneficial for your flooring. Floor care services are designed to offer cleaning and maintenance of different types of flooring in the best condition. Not only this, these services will save you from spending huge amount of money in installing new flooring for your home.

 Therefore, it can be said that these professional floor care services really prove to be a boon for enhancing the look of your flooring. The best thing about professional floor sanding in Melbourne is that one does not have to worry about the whole floor care process. Besides this, you can save yourself from all the hassles and fuss, one has to undergo if they had to carry out the whole floor care process by themselves.

 These services remove the dust and dirt off from the surface of your timber flooring, which results in clean and neat floors. All you have to do is opt for the best floor company, which is into this industry from long period of time. Next, call them up and discuss your requirements with them to ensure that you get the best floor care services, which exceed your expectations. Lastly, fix an appointment with them to avail the desired floor care services and ensure that you are present at your house so that you can inspect the whole process and get the desired results from these professional floor care services.

Thus, opt for timber floor polishing in Melbourne in order to get the best floor care for designer timber floors of your house or office.

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How Timber Floor Sanding And Polishing Services Prove a Boon?

Offline and online market offers different types of flooring that comprise of interesting textures, hues and designs. The best type of flooring will not only add to your home decor, but will also add value to your house. You can carry out an online research and can install the best flooring type, which meets your need and budget. It has been observed that several house owners mainly consider timber floor installation in their house owing to the plethora of benefits offered by this type of flooring. Besides this, to take proper care and maintenance of timber floors, it is important to opt for professional timber floor sanding and polishing services.

These services are designed to increase the life of your flooring in a remarkable way. If in case, sanding and polishing process is not carried out at regular intervals of time, then it can simply damage the beauty and lustre of your timber floors. When you approach professional services for timber floor sanding or polishing, then you will notice the difference in the results.

There are several professional companies out there, which deliver timber floor sanding and polishing in Melbourne for varied needs of clients. Besides this, such companies also offer comprehensive range of services for timber floor care needs. The best thing about the services offered by these companies is that you can leave the job to their professional experts and can attend other important tasks of your home or office.

Let us understand the whole sanding and polishing services in brief. The sanding process basically is carried out prior to the polishing process. Even though, you have sufficient knowledge about this process, it is advisable to hire professional services for the job. If in case, you try to carry out the job all by yourself, then it may happen that you might cause a great damage to your flooring. This will further lead to additional repairs and expenses. For this reason, the best way to care for your timber floors is to avail sanding and polishing services from a professional company.

Some of the best reasons as to why you should avail professional timber floor sanding and polishing services from a professional company:

  • You can expect high quality of work in very short period of time
  • You can expect guaranteed customer satisfaction and proper care for your timber flooring
  • You can expect high quality services at any point of time and can also get your customised floor care needs fulfilled in the best way.

So, to avoid the hassle of carrying out the whole floor care job and to get your timber floors maintained in the best professional way, you can consider sanding and polishing services. All you need to do is find out the best company in your area by carrying out an extensive online research. Besides this, you should check their website and reputation in the market. After confirming all the important details regarding the floor care company in Melbourne, you can then approach the best professional company with your specific floor care requirements.