Stains Treatment and Pet Odour Control

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Our staff at Total Floor Service are trained and have built excellent experience in the stains treatment field, we can treat vast array of stains for your satisfaction, we always advise our customers that the sooner is the better to treat the stains which should be on the next few hours after the stains happened before it turns to be permanent on the carpet fabrics, we are using special chemical for every type of stains, so you need to keep records of the type of stains for us to use the right chemical.

If you encounter a pet accident on the carpet, it can be treated successfully on the same day and getting harder after that, so call us to help you get rid of your pet accidents at the soonest and remove the pet odour. We are using special and effective chemicals to treat pet stains and cleaning the carpet by Extractor machine, we also sanitize and Deodorise the carpet to get rid of the bad smell, please note that in some cases the pet urine could penetrate the carpet and stain the underlay, in this case we have to remove the carpet in this area and replace the underlay with the treatment of the substrata and the bottom of the carpet to eliminate any chance of the pet odour. In some extreme cases where the odour still exists you may have to consider to replace the carpet where the accident took place.

We are happy to respond to your calls for any stain treatment request and offering a free site visit to assess the carpet condition and advise accordingly, so call us today for a free obligation quote.

Stains treatment by the heating method    stains2



Stains treatment by the heating method