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Vinyl floor polishing Melbourne wide

Vinyl flooring is commonly used on commercial buildings especially in the wet areas like lunch rooms, toilets, changing rooms and sometimes offices; it is also used in the kitchen and dining rooms in residential buildings.
Vinyl floors are very durable and have a good anti slip rating which helps all users to walk freely without worrying of slipping

Regular maintenance is essential to keep Vinyl floor clean and shiny all the time, deep cleaning to the floor will help remove all soiling, dirt, grime, grease and capture all the bacteria that trapped on the floor surface.

If you are wondering how to make your Vinyl floor shinier and dirt-free then you have landed at the right end. We at Total Floor Service committed to offering you with fast efficient and excellent floor sanding services that will certainly help you retain back look and feel of your Vinyl floorboards.

Vinyl floor shining is an important step to keep the vinyl floor in a pristine condition, if the floors was polished before we have to strip the existing buff off the floor as the worn out layer of polish will damage the look of the floor and must be removed completely off the floor, then we proceed to apply at least two coats or more of a water based clear polish which will give two more benefits to the floor as it will protect the floor from re-soling again and forming a protective layer which will make it very easy to mop the floor, also it will add a shiny look to the floor for more than 18 months (it could be longer depending on the traffic and usage of the floor)

The above method called Strip & Seal and should be done on a regular basis to maintain a shiny and healthy look of the floor.

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Tile floor polishing Melbourne wide

Tile floor is a very durable flooring option as it needs little maintenance (if regular cleaning method is followed), but with busy daily routine, most residents found no time to look after their tile floor, then dirt and grime will start building up and accumulating over the tile surface and deep in the grout lines which will darken their colour and add unpleasant and inconsistent look to the floor.

Tile flooring polish / sealing is the right way to restore your tile floor as it will add a shiny look to the floor and protect it from soiling again for a period of time depending on your level of usage to the floor.

If the tile floor has been polished before, stripping the existing polish is essential to remove all traces of the worn out buff, then a thorough clean to the tile surface and deep to the grout lines would be required to restore them to the original condition as possible, then at least two coats of water based clear polish will be applied on the flooring, the floor may take 2-3 hours to be fully dry and light traffic can be allowed while normal traffic can be allowed after 24 hours from the last coat.

Polishing can be applied to all unglazed tiles, glazed tiles like Porcelain can’t be polished as the shine will not penetrate through the tile surface and will be removed by the traffic leaving the tile surface in unpleasant condition.

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Timber floor polishing Melbourne wide

Timber floor is very versatile flooring, there are many types of timber flooring that can be installed on your home or business like solid hardwood, engineered, laminated or Bamboo, each one of these floors has advantage and disadvantage, but the only timber floor type that can be restored many times is the solid hardwood floor.

Timber flooring restoration and shining is the process where the timber floors will be sanded back to the bare timber condition and then three coats of solvent based clear polish will be applied on the floor, water based polish can also be used as an alternative, this process normally take few days depending on the size of the job and will require a temporary evacuation of the residents & pets from the house to avoid inhaling any toxic fumes, our process is 95% dust free as we are using the most modern equipment in the market.

Consequently, if you want to boot up the colour of the timber floor with the aid of Timber flooring polish then you can trust us. We offer best polishing service that will help you to get the look of floors you were yearning for. This process has to be done straight after the sanding step so as to ensure stability of the colour to the floor and to avoid exposing the original colour of the timber in case of any scratches done to the floor.

Our team of floor polishers is well trained to the latest trend in the floor industry and we guarantee your satisfaction with our finishing product.

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Concrete floor polishing Melbourne wide

Concrete floor is the most durable type of all floors, it is eco-friendly floor too as we are using the subfloor as the main floor without any need to add floor coverings, it is versatile too as we can change the floor colour or texture or add cement topping with a desired colour too.

Concrete floorboards shining is an essential process before we can use the concrete as the main floor, as the concrete is very porous and prone to all stains , so polishing the concrete is the proper way to protect the surface from daily mishaps and accumulation of dirt & grime.

There are many ways to polish the concrete floor depending on the level of finish required and the budget like:

                • Buffing and polishing: this method suits an existing polished concrete only
                • Grind & Seal: this method suits natural concrete floor (unpolished) where the floor will be grinded and polished with two coats of durable Polyurethane sealer, but will last between 5-7 years only and then need to be redone again.
                • Full Mechanical Polishing (Hiperfloor): this is the best of all polishing methods as the floor will be polished for life and there is no maintenance procedure required other than normal moping of the floor, this method is suitable for indoor applications only.
                • Concrete Re-surfacing: This method is ideal to achieve a desired colour and texture to the floor and is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications

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