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What are the things to consider when choosing a wood flooring installation

Installing wood type floors is good for the environment, will also enhance your property. Wood is a natural product that is recyclable and renewable and is a way for anyone to have a positive impact on the environment. The use of reclaimed wood from older sources is another flooring option. The wood floor you choose to install will be as beautiful years from now as it is when it is laid down in your home. This is one thing that those who need wood flooring prefer Total Floor Service as we are a well-known name for providing wooden floor installation services Melbourne and floor sanding and polishing experts in Melbourne to your wooden floor.

Whether you are a homeowner or a landlord, you can expect to see the results of this great investment. This is the result of the intense use of wooden floor installation. This flooring solution, maintenance is very easy to clean and you do not need to change after a few years. Unlike other, wooden flooring can take a little wear without showing mud or showing stains already. 

wooden floor installation services Melbourne

How wooden floors make the property environment healthier?

Compared to other floors, wooden flooring does not attract impurities such as dust and allergens to infiltrate the floor. Keeping the wood floor clean can encourage you and your family to stay healthy and keep the indoor air clean. Picking the right wooden flooring for your home is challenging. But our expert, give you the right information.

 Make the right decision today with wooden floor installation services Melbourne and make your flawless home. There is no denying that a wooden floor gives your home a unique warmth, beauty and value. So, regardless of whether you are considering rebuilding your floor or getting new buildings, wooden structures are sensible and reliable options.

On the other hand, if you choose wooden flooring ever needs to be replaced, the wood can be easily recycled and reused. Thus, wooden flooring does not emit any harmful emissions and helps to keep the atmosphere inside and outside your property.

wooden floor installation services

How do you save money on installing?

When calculating your budget for wooden flooring installation, it is important to consider not only the cost of wood but also the cost of installation. If you are really looking for ways to save money, you can always install wooden flooring, keep in mind to take the help of our experts when you do not have the time and skills, you can save a good amount of money. Your innovation!

No matter what type of flooring you choose, you must always hire our professional experts to install. Remember that proper installation is the key to creating the look you want and making sure it stays intact for years to come. 

Sum up,

Where you plan to take the flooring installation wooden floor installation services Melbourne can be taken from Total Floor Services. We have been working in this field for all the past years and helping to provide customized and unique designs for every customer

Floor Sanding in Melbourne

Why the floor sanding service needs to be considered to restore the timber floor

Many houses have timber flooring in each room. Mostly, however, Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne can be the best choice for living rooms, dining rooms and nice rooms. One problem you can run is how to revive an old wooden floor? Then come to Total Floor Service we are well known and established a company providing floor sanding in Melbourne service for your floor. This service can help you regain the lost look and shine on your floor. It enhances the aesthetic value of your home or office by making your flooring look new and fresh. It is also done to keep the floor intact and safe. It also helps keep the floor free from mildew and other fungal infections. It also protects the floor from dirt and dust.

Floor Sanding in Melbourne

Sanding your timber floor can be time-consuming and can be a little expensive if you decide to hire our professional expert to do the job. If you can save time, you can choose to do it yourself. Either way, all the necessary equipment is available at almost all rental home depot centres. Also, the steps you have to take are straightforward so that you do not find the sanding too difficult. However, before you start work on your own, you can consult our professional expertise to an estimate the total cost of the project. 

Due to the high cost of sanding all the floors of the house, some decide to cover the old hardwood floor only with carpet. But it would be such a waste, to put a beautiful timber floor out of sight, right? That’s why most people go through awkward sanding jobs to cut costs. Sanding can be scary for some who afraid to ruin their floors, especially if you have Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne. If you are not careful enough, you can easily damage your floor with a saw. You can hire our professional expert to do this for you if you wish, but the truth is that there is nothing you cannot do here yourself. It takes a little patience to sand the timber floor and follows a specific process to get the results you want.

Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne

Preparing for sanding

It is best to fill in any cracks or gaps in your floor before you sand your timber floor. It is up to you as a homeowner to decide which of these cracks and gaps to fill. You should also keep in mind that the moisture will expand and shrink the floor as a result so you need to leave space for this to happen. 

The best serving professionals are now able to provide a dust-free floor sanding in Melbourne service that creates virtually no dust. Our professional experts are trained in using equipped and regular maintenance plan that will make you see the wooden floor longer. 


If you want your house flooring to look good and ravishing, then it is a good idea to go with Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne with help of Total Floor Service. We provide convenient and efficient Floor Sanding in Melbourne service means the stress of getting stunning results from the comfort of creating a healthy environment for your family.

Floor Sanding in Melbourne

When it comes to flooring, timber flooring is one of the best options feel like home

It wasn’t too long ago that the most popular option for flooring was the use of timber flooring. Perhaps, one reason was that people don’t have a lot of options. Over time, synthetic materials were introduced to create flooring, and timber flooring took up a back seat. However, in the end, once again, timber floor installations are looking for a little favour for customers, mainly because they prefer its natural look. At, Total floor service who are leading expertise for timber floor installation in Melbourne provides high-class flooring service in commercial and residential space.

timber floor installation in Melbourne


The timber floor is great because it not only provides insulation from the cold of winter but this material stays cool in summer. So what season is on your floor is perfect for the whole year. In addition to being stylish and glamorous, our floor sanding in Melbourne service will also make long-lasting.



Is timber floor wise choice for property improvement?


The cost of timber flooring varies these days, as the tendency to improve the overall structure of the property. Adopting the principle of the use of timber flooring will not only appeal but it is an important addition to any structure. Apart from this, this type of flooring gives durability value to the building structure due to its simplicity and easy maintenance facility. The cost of this type of flooring is very valuable especially since it extends in removing dust and dirt from that type of effect. Besides, timber flooring can provide the required structure, design, fashion and elegance within the structure or in any of its areas, which give comfort and charm to the eyes, can suit a wide variety of furniture and decor.


The decision to move into your home with a timber floor installation in Melbourne is probably the best decision you have ever made. It may take some time, effort and money to get everything you want to be done, however, once you have a timber floor, you never want to go back to another type, as the fresh, clean lines that makeup wood are very difficult to achieve in any other way. 

Floor Sanding in Melbourne


But what other reasons to choose a timber floor? Below listed some of the best characteristics as determined by the owners. 


– They are stylish and elegant.

– They can look good in any room and with any interior design layout. 

– They are easy to clean and look shiny and new, especially compared to others.

– They are natural and environmentally friendly as well as hypoallergenic. 

– They truly enhance your interior design, choose decorative pillows on top of the floor.

– and, finally When properly cared for, they last a lifetime and look new from day one. 


Ending lines,


Whether you are designing a new building or just planning to renovate Total Floor Services, we will help you make the right decision for all your flooring needs. You will benefit from a timber floor installation in Melbourne that will help you give your home a unique look, which will further enhance it. Thinking to hire us for doing the needful? Then do visit our website today to get a free quote.

Guide Why You Need to Consider Wooden Flooring Over Other Flooring

Everyone dreams of his perfect home. In fact, having the right flooring to match the overall theme of the home is the first thing that comes to mind. Wooden flooring is in high demand these days and is generally used to give a sophisticated look. At, Total Floor Service are industry-leading expertise for wooden floor installation services Melbourne. We provide top-class flooring service in a commercial and residential place. 

When you hire floor sanding and polishing experts in Melbourne as well as we commercial floor polishing in Melbourne, they know their job well. They will not only install the floor properly, but they will also give you the best floor sounding and polishing services.

wooden floor installation services Melbourne

Some more detailed descriptions about why one should choose a wooden floor:

  • A green and healthy choice 

We all know that wood is a natural material. Compared to other resources like stone, metal, etc., wood is quite an eco-friendly and you can also recycle. So, wooden structures are a good choice for the indoor environment. Has it does not collect much dirt, allergens, dust particles on surfaces. Thus, wooden flooring may be the best option if you care about indoor air quality.

  • Beautiful Appearance

To attract aesthetically, wooden structures are luxurious in appearance and are highly demanded by interior designers and people who are redesigning their existing floor or taking a new space. In addition to being stylish and glamorous, floor sanding and polishing experts in Melbourne will also make space look polished and long-lasting.

floor sanding and polishing experts in Melbourne

  • Quality and budget-friendly

The sleek quality of this flooring may surprise you about its cost, but don’t panic, it comes in prices that suit every budget. In fact, there are several options available such as solid timber floor, engineered floor, parquetry floor and many more and a commitment to quality will keep you 100% satisfied with your investments.

  • Maintenance and stability

Wooden floors do not require any strong chemical for cleaning (unlike in the carpet). They are really easy to clean and maintain compared to other flooring options. Light dusting and brushing are enough for the everyday. Wooden flooring is a suitable choice if you are looking for a lifetime as its strong.

  • Easy to install

Compared to other flooring options, wooden floors are much easier to install but the installation should be taken care of by a wooden floor installation services Melbourne. It is important to have the right finish to achieve the result.

Ending note,

For those who want to go for wooden flooring, then Total Floor Service, which offers wooden floor installation services Melbourne. As, flooring comes in different types such as solid, engineered, quilted and many more. Each of these wood floorings has special advantages talking to a professional can save time and money. To pick the best company for commercial floor polishing in Melbourne, contact us. Visit the website today to get a free quote.

Importance of hiring expert wooden floor installer rather than a DIY

The best thing about flooring is that it changes the look of the house, and when you choose the best floors, it will make your home look extraordinary. Wooden flooring is not just attractive, it is also comfortable, and you may need to hire the experts for the installation of it.

Wooden floor installation services Melbourne


At Total Floor Service, we offer the reliable wooden floor installation services Melbourne wide. We understand, when you invest money you expect the best in return and with us, it will be worth every penny. 


But are still thinking that it is not important to hire the professionals for flooring services? Then you need to take a look at the points listed below, these points will give you a clear idea about whether hiring the professionals is right or not. Following are few points listed below-

  • Experienced and expertise-

The most significant thing about hiring the professionals is that they know what they are doing. Professionals have enough years of expertise and expertise, and they will work hard to give you the best result. They know flooring, and they will use the best hacks and tricks to deliver you an exceptional result.

  • Best tools and techniques-

Whether it is commercial floor sanding services in Melbourne or the floor installation services at home, professionals have the best tools and modern techniques, and these tools will help them to work properly in order to give you the best results.

Timber Floor Polishing Melbourne

  • They ought to deliver you the best flooring services-

When you hire floor sanding and polishing experts in Melbourne, they know their job properly. They will not just install the floor properly, but they will also deliver you the best floor sanding and polishing services. This will be safe and a lot of time and money as the professionals will deliver you the top-notch quality services. What else do you want?

  • Best quality material-

Experts will use the best quality material. The reason behind using the best quality material is that your floors will last for a long time. Best quality material floors are good and require low maintenance too. You just have to do regular mopping, and then you are good to go.

  • Successful results in one go-

Do you know what the difference between professional services and DIY is? When you are doing it yourself, you don’t have the proper knowledge because this is not your regular work whereas experts know what they are doing as they are experts in this field. So the right to do is just hire the professionals you will get the guaranteed successful results only in one go. If you DIY you might get stuck into the messier situation, so it is always safe to hire the professionals for the services.



At Total Floor Services, we offer you the trusted services for wooden floor installation in Melbourne and not just installation we also offer floor sanding and polishing services for commercial sites as well as residents. 

To know more about us, feel free to get in touch, and you can also visit our website to know more about us. 

A detailed guide on the importance of timber flooring in home

Have you ever thought about the installation of timber flooring? If not, then Total Floor Service is here to help you. Flooring is something that you don’t change very often just like you can change the other home décor. Once you decide, it is final, but choosing the one itself is the tough decision and the experts at total floor service will help you. Our team offers services for timber floor installation in Melbourne and nearby areas. 

However, the demand for timber flooring has increased eventually as it is one of the practical choices to choose that. 

In this blog, we will mention some tips that will help you choose the right experts for the flooring-

  • Choose the one that matches the colours of your house-

There are many different colours in timber flooring. Yes, you heard it right. There is an astonishing number of colours, designs and so much more in the single type of flooring. Always be sure about the designs and colour you are going to choose for your floor. This is important as this step will change the look of your house totally. Just select the right company for timber floor installation in Melbourne.

  • Practical choice-

Not everyone can afford the expensive floors for their house. Timber floor is very reasonable, and you will get the perfect look for the home. It gives a classic look for your house, and that look is possible for every person now.

  • It is eternal-

Whether it is a big modern house or the old one timber floors never goes out of the style. You know why? The reason is the designs that are available in it as well the quality of the one. Timber flooring is the one that lasts a more extended time then you can even think, and it will increase the value of your house. Isn’t it just like the cherry on the cake?

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne


  • It will not drill a hole in your pocket-

We know trusting on something you have never done before might be difficult for you. But we bet you that you will never regret when you choose the timber flooring over any other flooring types. Just choose the exquisite designs that will complement the interior of your house.

  • The green choice is the best-

Have you ever wondered how your flooring is linked with the environment? Let me tell you something, it’s not the technology that has changed around us, but so many things are changed, and floors are included in that. Most of the floors are made with different chemicals which is not the right choice for the house. But timber flooring is reliable, and one can trust on timber flooring as it is environmentally friendly.



At Total Floor Service, we offer services for timber floor sanding in Melbourne as well as we offer commercial floor polishing in Melbourne and all you need to do is choose the right company for these services. To know more, please visit our website or feel free to reach us out. What are you waiting for? Call us today! 

5 benefits of choosing professional floor sanding and polishing services

Total floor service is the best place to get your flooring done. We know it is difficult to find the best professionals for flooring and cleaning but we assure you the services we deliver will be the best. We offer wooden floor installation services Melbourne wide. We have a well-trained team and we will deliver the services at the best price. We are also in commercial floor sanding services in Melbourne.

We will understand your requirements and we will work accordingly.

floor sanding and polishing experts in Melbourne

Here are the 5 reasons why you should consider us for flooring and cleaning-


  • The quality of services provided by us will be the best. We will be available for you at a convenient time. We understand that you have a busy schedule but we are flexible with the timing of our services. We assure you that we will deliver the best services by ensuring that all the safety measures are taken while working in your house.


  • We will understand the right measurements when it comes to flooring. We have all the necessary and advanced tools and equipment that are required while installing the floors or while sanding and polishing. We will deliver all these services at the best price and we will fulfill all your requirements.


  • Relax and sit back, all you have to do is hire us. All the other important things will be taken care of. We know that you have a tight schedule and we understand that you will not be able to be there to watch us working all the time. So, keeping this in mind, all you have to do is convey your requirements and needs to our workers and we will look after everything then.

wooden floor installation services Melbourne


  • Hiring us is equal to saving your time and money. We know that flooring and cleaning are difficult things to manage, but we have got your back. All you have to do is leave your entire burden on us and we will do the best for you. We are delivering the best services at the best price so you don’t have to worry about anything.


  • Everything will be done with the view of the professionals. We know how important it is for you to have the perfect flooring when you are building a new house or renovating the old flooring. We will take care of everything like the designs, the color that matches the interior of the house, and everything else. We have one target that no matter what, we will deliver you the best quality services with the best material.


Services delivered by us-

  • Timber floor sanding and polishing
  • Concrete floor cleaning and polishing
  • Vinyl floor buffing and polishing
  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Carpet dry cleaning
  • Flood damage restoration


Here we conclude-

If you are looking for floor sanding and polishing experts in Melbourne, then you can reach us out. All our contact details are on the website. Visit the website today and read about us.

5 points that indicate why experts are important for flooring

A total floor service, we care about our customers. We have many services related to flooring and cleaning. We offer services for timber floor installation in Melbourne. We understand the importance of your needs so we will work hard to achieve your requirements. When you need the best services for flooring you can consider us. We also deliver the services for Floor sanding in Melbourne.

Flooring refers to something that will be permanently covered in your house.
For the best quality material for flooring, you need to choose the best.

 Floor Sanding in Melbourne

Why do you need to hire professionals for flooring?

  • Sit back and relax-

When you hire professionals, you don’t have to worry about anything at all. You just need to tell them the requirement and they will work hard to give you the best services. You can leave the burden on them and they will be working tirelessly.

  • Experience-

When the experts are experienced they know the techniques to install the floors efficiently. This is an important thing to avoid any other circumstances in the future.  These flooring experts know all the latest trends and techniques and hiring them is the perfect choice because you will get the perfect work in a short time.

  • Get it done right at first place-

When you hire the right professionals, you are getting things done in the first place only. This is the best part because you can’t just invest in changing the flooring or repairing it again and again. But before choosing the best professionals, you need to do the little research. You should know the background of the company before hiring.

  • Resale value-

When you have invested a lot of money on flooring, you are just increasing the value of your house. When you decide to sell the home in the future, you will not face any loss.

  • Warranty by the professionals-

If you face any damage or loss related to the flooring you can get it covered. Most of the professionals give the warranty for the flooring. when there is any damage in the flooring, you don’t have to pay a single penny to get it repaired. All you have to do is tell the professionals and they will get it done.

 Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne

Still, wondering why to choose us?

We understand there are so many professionals for the flooring in the market. But for us, customer satisfaction is above everything. This is because we care about your expectations and money. We have the best team which is committed to excellence.

Our workers are very well-trained and qualified. We have given the right training. Our company has adopted all the latest trends and techniques that are going on in the market.

Our workers are dedicated and they will work hard according to your instructions.



To hire the best company for commercial floor polishing in Melbourne, contact us. We are considered to be the best for flooring. We will work hard to give you exceptional results. If you want to know more about us, visit our website. All the contact details are on the website.

2 major questions to ask your Timber Floor Installation agency

Having a Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne enhances the incentive in your home looks phenomenal and feels incredible under your feet. It is imperative to see more about wood floors to guarantee you know about their attributes, so when you buy your lumber floor, you get the best an incentive for cash.

Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne

What are the kinds of wood floor styles?

There are various kinds of floors that individuals frequently allude to as a “lumber floor” which can get confounding. The primary classes for lumber flooring are:

Cover Flooring – is an option in contrast to wood when needing to accomplish a lumber look in your home yet without the significant expense of genuine lumber. It is a composite result of a high thickness fibreboard substrate and tar impregnated paper with a reasonable wood plan, and a hardwearing top layer that gives amazing wear opposition.

Strong Timber Flooring a.k.a. A lumber floor. Strong wood floors can be introduced straightforwardly to concrete (by and large 10 to 14mm in thickness) or on secures and joists. Strong wood floors are introduced onto a story in a crude state, and afterwards sanded and then covered to completion following the inclination of the client. Parquetry flooring likewise sits in this class however with a lot littler bits of lumber which are introduced to make designs on the floor.

Bamboo Flooring – is an inventive method to utilize the bamboo plant and production it into a board that has a comparative appearance to a lumber floor. Bamboo has its distinct look which increases after Floor Sanding in Melbourne; however, it is frequently contrasted with and considered an aspect of the wood flooring gathering of items.


Floor Sanding in Melbourne

Built Timber Flooring – utilizes genuine wood in a more manageable manner to accomplish a strong lumber floor appearance. Built wood is fabricated using a compressed wood kind of development where several layers of lumber (called lamellas) are squeezed together and afterwards slice into board lengths like strong wood sheets. By and large designed lumber floors are covered in plants preceding establishment. It makes the establishment cycle faster yet eliminates the choice for the client to pick their favoured sort of covering.

Vinyl Plank Flooring – is a remarkable proliferation of the wood look with the advantages of incredible capacity at a more reasonable expense. It is provided in measurements like overlay ground surface of roughly 1.2 – 1.5-meter lengths. Vinyl Plank Flooring has some tremendous advantages over other lumber flooring choices – it is incredibly calm and milder underneath, it has more superior protection from fluid spills, and it is all around valued contrasted with other wood flooring choices.

What amount does a lumber floor cost?

There is a broad scope of costs for a lumber floor across any wood floor items. In deciding the value, comprehend that any examination made is “apples for apples”. The maximum of a wood floor will by and large incorporate;

The readiness of the subfloor with the goal that it is appropriate to introduce a wood floor on the lumber item


  • Flexibly and utilization of the dampness hindrance


  • Establishment of the ground surface including cement


  • Flexibly and establishment of the evading or beading


  • Sanding and covering of the floor

So implement the above information with your agency of Commercial Floor Polishing in Melbourne.


Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne

Total floor services- one place for all your floor requirements

A clean floor not just looks good, but when you walk inside the house you feel welcome. Total floor service is one stop where you can get all the floor related solutions. We are delivering services for timber floor installation in Melbourne. We have so many other services like floor sanding in Melbourne. We know it is important to make your floor good and we provide the best services. We are also offering commercial floor polishing in Melbourne. We have been installing the floors and providing its services for many years. We are the most trusted and reliable. We know that not just service but the quality of service is very important.

We understand the importance of the office floor, this will attract your clients when you visit your office. We are delivering so many services related to the floor, few are listed below-

  • Floor polishing

This will make your floor look beautiful and shiny.

  • Timber floor sanding and polishing

We will use the best quality for timber floor installation and polishing which will add extra beauty to your house or office.

  • Concrete floor cleaning, polishing and resurfacing

Concrete is environmentally friendly and durable. The quality of the materials we use is amazing.

  • Tiles grout cleaning and sealing

We also offer all the services related to tiles and cleaning.

  • Carpets

We have all the services for carpet cleaning and we use different techniques for cleaning, you can choose any.

We have so many other services which you can check on our website.

Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne

Why choose us?

We are providing services for floors for many years now. We know how to fulfill your requirements. When it comes to flooring services, we use the best quality material. Quality is important because when we use the best quality materials, durability and lifespan automatically increase. We have a very experienced and well-trained workers. Our workmanship is of top-notch. We will work hard and try to satisfy all your needs. With years of experience, we have given exceptional results. We also have so many different designs according to the latest trends.

We will install the floors and make your house look beautiful.

We are staffed by the flooring experts that were hired to give you the services and perform your needs the way you want.

Timber Floor Polishing Melbourne

Floor cleaning services

Cleaning is very important but at the same time very tough task. But cleaning should be treated as a ritual. When you keep your floor clean you get the welcoming vibes at your house. But only cleaning is not enough, we have to make sure the floor is deeply cleaned. For that one should hire professionals. We are providing cleaning services for many years now. We have experts who will use advanced pieces of equipment to deep clean your house. 

If you want to know more please give us a call.


We are providing the services with the help of the best and trained experts who will work according to your requirements. To hire us to visit our website. You can also check the quote on the website.