How to Do Floor Sanding Without Breaking the Bank?

Before you start the floor sanding, it’s important to know what type of finish you want to achieve. If you are looking to keep the job low-key and not go overboard, then damp sanding is probably your best bet. This technique will help sand and finish floors quickly, but it won’t give you a high-end finish like a fine sanding and refinishing would. With that in mind, here are five simple ways to get started with Floor Sanding Melbourne without spending an arm and a leg:

1. Don’t buy new furniture

If you are purchasing a new piece of furniture, or if you are planning on refinishing an old piece, it is highly recommended that you get some advice first from an expert. Many high-end stores will offer to refinish old furniture for a much cheaper price than buying new, so it can be worth checking with the staff before buying any pieces. If you are unsure if refinishing is the right thing for you, or if you are in need of some extra money, buying new and then refinishing is an option. But if you are willing to put in the work to refinish an old piece, buying new and then refinishing it yourself is a much cheaper option. If you are unsure if refinishing is the right thing for you, or if you are in need of some extra money, buying new and then refinishing is an option. But if you are willing to put in the work to refinish an old piece, buying new and then refinishing it yourself is a much cheaper option.

2. Use “naked” hardwood

If you are looking to save a few bucks, you can still refinish hardwood with just wood filler and glue. This technique is incredibly easy, and you will likely end up with a higher quality finish than if you were to refinish with veneer or another high-cost material. To create a “naked” look, you will simply need to use wood filler and glue to fill in any voids and gaps in the wood, rather than using a veneer on an unfinished hardwood piece. To create a “naked” look, you will simply need to use wood filler and glue to fill in any voids and gaps in the wood, rather than using a veneer on an unfinished hardwood piece.

3. Sand using a combination of micromachines and your hand

If you are just starting out with floor sanding, you will definitely want to use the combination method. This method uses multiple techniques to sand and finish floors, but it uses a combination of wooden blocks and sanding equipment. You can either use a handheld sanding machine or a CNC sanding machine. The combination method is ideal for finishing the floor, as it will create a much smoother surface than either one of the techniques by itself would.

floor polishing melbourne

 If you are just starting out with floor sanding, you will definitely want to use the combination method. This method uses multiple techniques to sand and finish floors, but it uses a combination of wooden blocks and sanding equipment. You can either use a handheld sanding machine or a CNC sanding machine. The combination method is ideal for finishing the floor, as it will create a much smoother surface than either one of the techniques by itself would.

4. Switch to 100-grit paper

100-grit paper is a more advanced floor sanding technique that will give you a much higher-quality finish. The reason 100-grit paper is used for high-end finishing is that it is able to take 100 percent more wear and tear than 80-grit paper and remain highly smooth. The 100-grit paper is actually manufactured for industrial use, but there are a few stores that sell it as consumer goods. This is because 100-grit paper is much more expensive than 80-grit paper, but 100-grit papers are actually more useful. If you are refinishing an older piece of furniture and want a more luxurious finish, 100-grit paper is the way to go.

5. Don’t be afraid to use sanding blocks

Just because sanding machines are more advanced and expensive, doesn’t mean that you can’t use sanding blocks to finish your project. Many entry-level models come with a large selection of sanding blocks, so if you are just starting out with floor sanding, you can probably use them without worrying about damaging your project. If you are unsure if sanding is the right thing for you, or if you are in need of some extra money, buying new and then refinishing is an option. But if you are willing to put in the work to refinish an old piece, buying new and then refinishing it yourself is a much cheaper option.


In this article, we have discussed five ways to get started with floor sanding without spending an arm and a leg. It is important to understand the type of finish you want for your floors and then choose the right tools and techniques for the job. With these tips and techniques, you should be well on your way to refinishing your floors in no time flat. Hire total floor service for the premium flooring services, get a reliable quote today for more information.

4 Reasons Why Your Hardwood Floors Might Look Dull (And How to Fix Them!)

There are a few different reasons why your hardwood floors might be looking dull and damaged, but don’t worry! We’ll help you figure out what’s going on with your floor and how to fix it (using Floor Sanding Geelong)! Follow along as we walk you through four of the most common reasons why your hardwood floors might look dull and how to fix them.

1) Improper Cleaning

When you wash your hardwood floors, if you don’t use a cleaner that specifically says hardwood floor safe on its label, you run the risk of getting water trapped in places where it shouldn’t be. If a lot of water builds up under your floor, it can cause warping or softening. Once that happens, it becomes very difficult to fix. To avoid these issues, invest in a hardwood floor-specific cleaner and make sure not to let too much water build up while washing your floors!

2) Dirty, Scratched Surfaces

The hardwood floors in your home were finished with a special protective coating after they were installed. The finish is supposed to keep dust and scratches from damaging or dulling your floors. If you have pets, though, it’s possible that their nails might scratch unprotected floor surfaces. And if anyone in your household has allergies, you may want to think about getting rugs or mats for certain high-traffic areas, as dander can stick in unfinished wood and cause damage over time.

floor sanding geelong

Regularly dusting or vacuuming floor surfaces can help prevent these problems, but if you still find that your floors are looking dull and scratched up more than usual, then the chances are good that there’s a layer of dirt on top of them.

3) Non-Vacuumed Carpet Laying Beneath

Whether your home has hardwood floors or not, it’s still important to vacuum regularly, if only to maintain a clean and sanitary home. But hard surfaces, such as tile and hardwood floors, are porous enough that they can become dusty even if you don’t vacuum them. So what gives? Here are a few reasons why your hardwoods might look dull—and how you can spruce them up. After all, they deserve some care after enduring years of wear and tear!

4) Moisture In The Air

Humidity and temperature can be major contributors to floors that are dull, dry, or otherwise damaged. Since wood expands and contracts with changes in humidity levels, floors can often swell up under a layer of finish when it’s humid outside. When your floor finishes cracking because of moisture swelling underneath them, it’s called movement separation. 

If you live in an area where it gets really hot during the summer months and very cold during the winter months, you could have seasonal movement separation that leads to water damage. Floor polishing Geelong will help repair these kinds of damage, so you don’t have to replace your floors entirely!

How to fix it?

The floors in your home may look dull for a number of reasons, including changes in humidity and temperature, regular wear and tear, or discoloration from environmental factors like dirt or pet dander. However, there are several ways you can shine them up again without having to replace them. Floor Sanding Geelong and Floor Polishing Geelong can help restore your floors’ original luster and leave them looking as good as new.

How Often Should You Have Your Floor Sanded?

One of the first things to consider when purchasing a house is its condition. If you find out that it needs work, you will have to decide whether or not you want to do it yourself. If you’re considering hiring Floor Sanding Geelong wide to do the job, many factors can play. One of those factors is how often you should have your floor sanded.

Why Should I Have My Floor Sanded?

Having your floor sanded often is an efficient way to remove the dust accumulated after walking around. Shovelling is not efficient because it creates more dust. It’s best to have your floor sanded before a big event, such as a wedding or a party.

When Should You Hire a Contractor?

Floor sanding is a frequent task that homeowners need to do regularly. But when should you hire a contractor? Some factors might influence whether or not it makes sense to hire a contractor. A homeowner may decide it’s cheaper and more convenient to take care of the job themselves and use the money they save for other needs. For example, if the floor needs to be sanded before moving furniture in, it might make sense for the homeowner to do so before arranging for movers. However, if there are cracks in the floor, tiles need to be replaced, or the whole room has been re-tiled with new wood floors, hiring someone else makes more sense.

How Often Should You Have Your Floor Sanded?

A floor that is constantly getting sanded can be ruined and covered with dust. However, a floor needs to be sanded so it doesn’t get scratched and damaged by shoes.

floor sanding geelong

It’s better to use a machine that can grind off the top layer of the floor rather than using a brush. This will save time and labour costs and leave behind vinyl pieces that can become stuck in the crevices of the carpet or other flooring material.

What is the Importance of Wood Floor Sanding?

Getting Floor Sanding Geelong is one of the most important things you can do to take care of them. It prevents worn pieces from rubbing against the floorboards, wear and tear, and dirt and grime build-up. Sanding your floor also helps make it look more like it did when it was new. However, if you don’t want to spend the time sanding your wood floors yourself or if you’re too busy for that sort of thing, there’s still a way to take care of them! 

Some of its major benefits are listed below:

– Improves the look and feel of the floor.

-Prevents damage to hardwood floors from daily wear and tear.

-Reduces friction between wood boards and makes for easier floor cleaning.

-Saves money by reducing the potential for repair or replacement costs in the future.  

-It is to repair your existing floor line and helps in preserving your flooring.

-Floor Polishing Geelong wide is a good investment to protect your floor from scratches and wear with long-lasting durability.

-It is also a great thing to have because it saves you money on labour by reducing the need for regular maintenance.


The best way to find out how often you should have your floor sanded is by doing a test. You can paint two squares of different colours and see which one lasts longer.

Should I get Timber Floor If I Have A Pet?

Hardwood floor is one the most popular choice of hardwood floors. Indeed there is no gainsaying in this statement. The only this that one has to think about when it comes to choosing the hardwood floor for your home is the presence of a pet in the home. This could not be an issue if you choose the concrete floors as they are one of the ideal choices for most rough paces like industries. Even they can extend the life span of the floor by getting the Concrete Polishing Melbourne service. The pets won’t be an issue.

These little furballs are the most adorable creatures in the world, and most of all, they are good for your mental health. The choice is heartbreaking.

Choosing either of them is a losing game!

Don’t be heartbroken already as we have got the help you need. We here have a suggestion for you to ensure that you can choose to have both the hardwood floor as well as the pet.

Let us dive in and find out how you can protect your ravishing hardwood floors?

  • Trim your pet’s nails
  • Use runners or rugs in high dog-traffic areas
  • Choose a hardwood with a pronounced grain
  • Invest in tougher hardwood floors
  • clean up pet urine immediately
  • Use claw caps 
  • Apply more coats of finish
  • Use stable bowls for water and food
  • Choose litter box location carefully
  • Get your pup doggie booties
  • Light-colored wood is a better choice
  • Apply a surface finish
  • Potty train your pets
  • Avoid glossy floors
  • Clean floors regularly

Hire professional Floor Sanding

Is all of the above enough to retain the timeless feel of your timber floors? There is no perfect measurement of enough. It totally depends on how conscious the homeowners for their timber floor appearance, feel, and lifespan. Well, Timber floors sure are a substantial investment; owing to it, every homeowner wants to preserve the visual aesthetics of their home.

floor sanding geelong

The above steps would help you to alleviate the impact. But this does not mean that your times beauty – the floor would not require assistance from the professionals. Eventually, with time it would have scratches that only floor sanding can address. Our team of skilled professionals would provide top-notch Floor Sanding in Geelong. We ensure to leave you timber floors in top-notch condition.

Floor sanding and polishing will address the following problems of your hardwood floor.

  • Pet urine stain
  • Scratches
  • Dullness
  • Discoloration
  • Eliminate allergens
  • Restore feel
  • Restore elegance
  • Increase home value

All of this is at the added benefit of a competitive rate. We – Total Floor Service are your one-stop destination for all floor things. Our team is a rich source of guidance to all the questions and insecurities that you have regarding your timber floors. We have got your back when it comes to preserving the value of your precious timber floor.

We want to ensure that your timber floor and dog can coexist in harmony!

Know floor sanding truths to avoid pitfalls

Wooden floors are the choice of the majority of home and commercial owners due to their amazing properties. The wooden floors are in great fashion because they are durable and offer an appealing look to every place.  Wooden floors are likely to look dull after some years, Floor Sanding Melbourne plays a crucial role in preserving the quality of the floor. There are several myths and truths when it comes to floor sanding and polishing, it is always better to gather enough knowledge about floor sanding and other essential tips. Never experiment with the wooden flooring or else it can lead to other flooring issues, always keep the flooring job up to a reputed professional for the best result.

When it comes to floor sanding, you have two options: do it by hand or utilize floor sanding equipment to make the process quicker and faster. If you want to sand by hand, you’ll need a sanding block because it will retain the sandpaper and will fit nicely in your palm, making it easy to handle.

Continue reading the floor sanding truths and myths!

  • Dustless flooring doesn’t cause dust

While technological advancements in the field of floor sanding have allowed for a significant reduction in the quantity of dust left behind, expect to notice some dust once your project is over. Dustless sanding is itself called dustless for a reason but that doesn’t mean any dust. It can have a little bit of dust and it’s technically right. 

  • Flooring companies are tied to the products and equipment

Independent expert services are offered by the best-served professionals. This means they work on their own and are not affiliated with any franchisees or affiliates. The advantage is that they are not restricted in terms of the equipment and products they utilize. This enables them to fully customize their services for unique jobs, resulting in a superior, customized result.

  • Sanding floors too frequently

Floor Sanding melbourner

Many people believe that recoating their floor every two or three years will extend the life of their floor. The truth is that modern floor treatments are durable and long-lasting, so they don’t need to be refinished. This can only be anticipated if the floor sanding services performed well in the first place. Sanding your floor every three years is no longer necessary, depending on how well you maintain it. To be honest, you can keep it that way for up to 10 years before recoating. With regular upkeep, floors can last for up to 30 years without needing to be repainted.

  • The floor sanding process is expensive

The invention of machinery and products has made the floor sanding process much easier and cost-effective. Though it depends on the floor condition and how much sanding and coating does the floor requires. If you use carpet on the regular basis then your floor might be less dusty as compared to the open floor. 

Carpet tends to absorb moisture after a certain time and it might need restretching and cleaning within time. Consult total floor service to transform your floor amazingly, call us today to know about other services and information regarding Carpet Restretching Melbourne and another flooring requirement.

What are the factors to consider while sanding the floor?

 The first factor to remember when Floor Sanding Geelong is that you don’t have to wait long for the floor to wear and sand it. If you remove the parquet floor’s surface before calling an expert, you will attack the wood. This means that the bark also needs to be replaced, which can undoubtedly be costly. 

Concrete Polishing Melbourne is becoming more and more necessary for commercial builders and real estate managers. Even some homeowners believe that Concrete Polishing Melbourne will help old floors and facades of buildings. Flooring product manufacturers are also responding to this growing demand by constantly introducing new products that make this task more accessible than ever and dramatically improve results. 

When sanding a floor, keep the following points in mind:

  • Whenever you are trying to do floor grinding work in your home, you need to hire the right contractor for that job. How do you find them now? You don’t have to be an expert in this kind of work. 
  • To do so, however, you must first understand some fundamental concepts. This aids in the evaluation of these professionals at various stages of the project, including before, after, and during work. Look for well-developed and well-maintained floors as well. It’s a painless procedure. It is not uncommon for such operations to be postponed due to concerns about odors and dust.

Concrete Polishing Melbourne

  • In doing so, they are afraid of moving their families while the floor grinding work is in progress, so they ignore even the most obvious signs. But don’t worry. If you hire an expert in this regard, they will work perfectly, and your family will not feel a little uncomfortable.
  •  Hire the right professionals for your job. To do this, you need to interview at least three contractors. Also, keep in mind that in this case, contractor fees and project costs aren’t the only things to consider. It is not the only or best option in these situations. Allow yourself some time to complete this task. Obtain a portfolio of their work and conduct thorough research on them.
  • Make sure they have the correct license and insurance for such a job. Make sure your contract contains all the necessary details. Cover immovable furniture when polishing the floor with sand; it is essential to cover immovable furniture. 

After sanding, a sealer is usually applied to finish the job. The room should be dust-free before you enter it. Otherwise, dirt and dust may become trapped beneath the sealant. When sanding, it usually creates a lot of dust. As a result, old blankets and sheets should be used to cover heavy, immobile furniture. If possible, remove the table from the room before the sanding crew arrives.

While Concrete Polishing Melbourne have many advantages over ceramic tiles for both commercial and residential applications, they are rarely an option for homeowners to consider. Pore-free surface stability and affordable, easy-to-maintenance cost savings make polished concrete a more desirable choice for almost everyone.


 Total Floor Service strives to exceed our clients’ expectations throughout their project, ensuring that they are delighted with the result every time. We specialise in wood Floor Sanding Geelong services that revitalise your flooring and effectively remove any previous damage while protecting it from future damage.

Is concrete flooring worth it for style and durability?

Concrete polishing is the most recent trend that has been discovered and is widely used by business and residential owners all around the world. There are a number of reasons why this method is an excellent alternative for new constructions, remodelling projects, and existing homes. Concrete flooring is the most used flooring among all residential and commercial industries in all terms that is durability, reliability, and attractiveness.

To attain the right finish, a concrete polishing contractor will need a variety of equipment and products. Polishing your concrete floors creates a clean mirror effect that adds style to your property. Concrete floors can be made more durable by sealing them, but polishing them has other advantages. To know more about flooring maintenance, consult the Floor Sanding Geelong professionals.

Below are some of the amazing benefits why this is the best option, particularly for industrial floors, keep on reading the blog!

1)      Easy floor maintenance

When exposed to filth, grease, or oil, polished floors do not present difficulties. In case of spills that result in stains, polished floors just require a thorough wiping with a decent detergent to restore their beauty.

2)      Protect from abrasion

Concrete floors are likely to get tear after a certain period of time, this is more likely to happen if the area is loaded with heavy items. The use of floor mattresses may help up to some extent but it might not be a permanent solution. Concrete polishing is an essential part of floor maintenance, when it comes to polishing, you have the option of using regular solutions or diamond possibilities. The cost of diamond polished flooring is more, but they endure longer. They’re also great for regions with a lot of people, like office floors.

3)      Appealing look

Floor Sanding geelong

Polished floors provide a stunning mirror finish. Concrete’s porosity is blocked by polish. It keeps moisture out and prevents mould from growing, making a new floor appear old-fashioned. Concrete cleaning in industrial areas prevents tyre markings such as those generated by forklifts.

4)      Suitable for all-weather

Polished flooring is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use and can resist all types of weather. The freezing and thawing of concrete flooring throughout the winter cause them to deteriorate. Your floors will break and lose their charm if you don’t use the sealant. Furthermore, you will be required to perform routine maintenance following each winter.

5)      Insulated and light efficiency

It works well as a heat insulator in rooms. In the winter, good heat insulation lowers the energy costs of keeping rooms warm. The flooring is also fire-resistant. This guarantees that the amount of damage is minimal.

6)      Cost-effective

The current floor is used as a base in this procedure, which removes the need to lay a completely new floor. When polishing concrete, just a small amount of material is removed, and no toxic chemicals or gases are utilised throughout the process (apart from the dust created by grinding).

Endnote: Hope you enjoyed reading the blog about concrete polishing and found it useful for your floor polishing project. Choose Total floor service for the top-class Concrete Polishing Melbourne service, we offer all kinds of flooring services at a discounted price as compared to other flooring companies.

Know about five Interesting facts about wooden flooring

There is no doubt, wood is always the classic and rich option when it comes to choosing the right flooring for the home décor. The majority of homeowners and florists personally love the wood because of its versatile look and amazing feature. Hardwood flooring blends with every residential and commercial place and adds value to the property. According to experts, the property with wooden flooring is most likely to sell faster and is preferred by most buyers because of its classic nature and look.

Keep on reading the blog to know about the interesting facts about wooden flooring if you are planning to have wooden floor installation services melbourne in the future,

1) Increase property value

Everyone knows that wooden flooring increases property value. It can be expensive at the time of home building but it will make your home investment-worthy. Even buyers know that hardwood floorings are expensive and known for their classy look so, it makes it easy to convince the buyer and get the best price from the property. If you are planning to sell the home in the future, then invest in hardwood flooring and it will help to get the best price from the hardwood floor installation.

2) Makes things classy in the room

Wooden floor installation services

Hardwoods have versatile nature that almost blends with every item of the home décor and other items of the home. There is no doubt that the hardwood floor transforms the overall look of the room. Whether it’s stained wood or light shade wood, it blends with everyone. You can create a unique combination in the room.

3) Keep toes warmer in winter

Hardwood floor banishes the cold that is it helps to keep the foot warm. Hardwood flooring is the perfect option if you live in the colder regions.  In winter, it gives a cozy and warm feeling to the room. Hardwood floors are long-lasting and last for longer years with the low-maintenance. It can be kept in good condition with regular sweeping and mopping.

4) Always feel brand new

It always gives a brand-new vibe because it is durable and its shine doesn’t get dull over time.  And it can easily be sanded and polished over time to preserve its quality and performance. In case of scratches and stains, it can be refinished and it is like new again.

5) Musical floors

You might have experienced acoustic sound if you walked on the hardwood floor. It gives a musical effect to the entire house when you walk on it. This becomes a benefit for the one who loves acoustic and piano music flowing through the building.

Final words,

Hope you found the blog informative and inspired you to have hardwood floor installation. You can consult a reputed interior designer. A total floor service, we are the floor sanding and polishing experts in Melbourne that specialize in all types of flooring service. Hire us for premium quality commercial floor sanding services in Melbourne, call us today.

Feel free to share your comments and ideas on the interesting facts of the blog in the comment section.

Why is it so Important to keep your Floor Polish in Good Condition?

Everybody loves it when their floors look clean and sparkling with wooden floor installation services in Melbourne. No matter what flooring you have, they tend to get dull and lose their luster with time. This is when you need to do a tiny floor sanding and polishing to bring back the original look. It may sound like it will take days to finish and that you will have to put in a lot of effort. You couldn’t be more wrong, and you’ll be glad you did it when you see how nice your house looks once it’s finished.

Using state-of-the-art fitting and sanding machines is the best way to complete a wooden floor installation services Melbourne. The wooden floor sanding equipment to perform wooden floor sanding has advanced significantly over the years. The most recent technologies allow for virtually dust-free floor commercial floor sanding services in Melbourne for the customer. Furthermore, conducting such modern and highly floor sanding and polishing experts in Melbourne is by far the most cost-effective alternative.

Wooden Floor Installation Services Melbourne

Floor Polishing is vital

Sanding and polishing a floor are two essential things that can keep it in good shape. We’ll use a coat to protect your wood when we’ve finished sanding it. Once this is dry, we may polish your floor to give it the ultimate gloss that everyone will adore. It may take a few days, but it will last longer if you hire the correct people to execute it.

Extra Attention to Your Floor

You can fill the spaces between the boards in addition to sanding and polishing the floor. Varnishing also protects and extends the life of your wood. Some people want to modify the look of their floors, and staining is the solution. When done correctly, the end product will look as though you’ve recently put new floorboards.

Sanding for floor

Sanding wooden floors is one of the most effective ways to increase your home’s amount of light and warmth. Polishing can also provide fashion and artistic appeal if done correctly. Sanding should always do before polishing since polish might draw attention to flaws. Sanding floors is not a difficult task, and it doesn’t matter if you do it yourself or hire a professional.

Experts quickly prepare your floor and may as well move your furniture while they’re at it. The professional floor polishing and sanding firm can remove any scratches and repair or replace any damaged boards, making sure they match the rest of the floor.

It is possible to quickly and efficiently fit, clean, and cost-effectively restore wooden floors using the most up-to-date procedures. It is now possible to transform old, worn, and abrasive into the elegant, neat floor by Wooden Floor Installation Services Melbourne that appears to have just left the store.

It is critical to ensure that all technicians are highly experienced craftsmen with extensive experience dealing with commercial floor sanding services in Melbourne that will be received from Total Floor Service. Customers have faith in the artistry and punctuality of our work; therefore, we are Melbourne’s best floor sanding and polishing experts for the assignment. Keep in mind that a good firm cannot afford any negative publicity or blemishes on its reputation. Connect with us right away to get the best floor services.



A Complete Guide on Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne

Are you fed up with attempting to clean that worn-out carpet that has outlived its utility? If your carpets are looking worn, try replacing them with hardwood or laminate flooring. Timber and laminate flooring give the impression of being sleek and sophisticated. The difference a good floor sanding job can make to a floor and the room’s overall appearance is astounding.

Using floor polishers to add extra shine to your commercial building’s floors, you can quickly transform them from dull to brilliant. Many commercial and industrial property managers are discovering that industrial floor polishers are a fantastic addition to their janitorial supplies, in addition to floor cleaners and sweepers.

Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne

Wood comes in a variety of grades. The workshop divides the wood into distinct stages based on the aesthetics of each item. Lumber’s colors and textures may vary due to the fact that it is a natural product. Because installing timber flooring is more complex than installing laminate flooring, most individuals opt to have it done by a professional.

When your timber flooring starts to show signs of wear and tear, you may sand it down and re-lacquer it to make it look brand new again.

It’s best to install Timber Floors in areas with low humidity, and it’s better to keep Timber exposed to the room’s humidity for a few days after installation to avoid the chance of warping.

Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne

Floor Sanding Tips

Understanding the Machinery To accomplish the floor sanding process, you’ll need two different sanders, similar to cutting grass. One is for the central parts, while the other is for the edges.

Don’t be tempted to save money by renting a machine that isn’t top of the line; you’ll most likely wind up with dust all over the place—the best floor sanding machine on the market.

Because you’ll be changing sandpaper frequently, a belt sander is preferable over a drum roller sander because it’s easier to manage. If you don’t want to do it yourself, make sure to inquire about the technology, supplies, and techniques used by potential floor sanding firms.

Floor Polishing

Here are some of the reasons why more people are turning to floor polishers for their cleaning needs: – Using industrial floor machines may give your building’s floors that extra shimmer and shine at any time. You can only polish or wax your floors once in a while if you rent commercial polishers.

The days of employing massive, difficult-to-manage floor equipment are over. Today’s floor polishers are lightweight, portable, and simple to operate. For maximum user convenience, modern machines are lightweight, easy to control, and simple to use.

Industrial polishers can assist in protecting and safeguarding your floors from long-term damage. Even after sweeping, tiny particles like dust and debris might stay on your flooring. This debris will be ground into the floor by foot traffic, resulting in irrevocable damage such as permanent markings and scratches.

Hence choose Total floor service. We offer all types of floor cleaning solutions like Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne, Floor Sanding in Melbourne, Commercial Floor Polishing in Melbourne, etc., and get the best floor service.