Vinyl Floor Cleaning & Polishing in Melbourne, VIC

From vinyl floor buffing to polishing, our cleaning services are sure to impress!

Vinyl floors can be polished many many times, but once the polish has been scratched or worn away by time, your floors will need to be stripped back to unmarked vinyl and then re-coated with multiple layers of clear polish.

Vinyl floor cleaning process

We are using a three stages restoration method for restoring shiny, clean vinyl floors:

    • Stage 1 ( for an existing polished floor): Strip the existing worn out polish by the use of a rotary scrubbing machine, floor stripper and stripping pads.
    • Stage 1 (Virgin Vinyl floor): Scrub the floor using the rotary scrubbing machine to remove all grime, sticky dirt and grease.
    • Stage 2: Mop the floor with a warm water to ensure best cleanliness of the floor is achieved before proceeding to the polishing stage.
    • Stage 3: Apply at least two coats of a waterbased clear polish as per the manufacture recommendations.

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