Concrete Polishing Melbourne

It is inevitable that the effects of daily use will eventually take a toll on your flooring. Blemishes such as scuffs, stains, and heel marks will easily cause visible damage, specially if no routine upkeep and maintenance is in place. With this in mind, Total Floor Service offers solutions that are convenient for those who seek a flooring option that allows maximum protection and functionality and requires minimal maintenance. Whether you require flooring services at your home, office, or establishment in Melbourne, we have the concrete polishing Melbourne services that will enhance your floor functionally and visually.

Our Full-proof Concrete Floor Cleaning Process

In order to provide long-term results and protection for your concrete floors, we conduct a four stage process (below). We always aim to keep the pricing and costs of all of our concrete cleaning and floor polishing Melbourne services at affordable rates, and taken care of by experts who will deliver the results you are looking for.

  • Vacuum the floor to remove all the dust and solid particles from the floor.
  • With an industrial strength machine, scrub the floor to remove any sticky dirt, grease or mould.
  • Mop the floor to gain the clean look of the floor and make it ready for resealing and polishing.
  • Apply the selected compatible polishing coats as directed by the manufacturer (optional).

Concrete Floor Polish & Sealing (grind & Seal)

Grind and Seal is the second best method of concrete polishing Melbourne. This method involves grinding the concrete floor in order to create the desired different stone exposure levels. A majority of surface scratches and stains will be removed from the surface during this phase. The concrete then becomes grouted in order to fill any holes or cracks, and lastly, a topical sealer/polisher is applied in order to provide protection for the concrete surface as well and the required finish level—gloss or satin. All in all, this technique takes about 4-7 steps and around 2- 3 days to complete. Grind and Seal works just as well indoors as it does outdoors.

Concrete Floor Polishing Melbourne

For the outdoors use, we have access to anti-slip grit and UV resistance—adding to overall functionality. It is long lasting, durable, and requires effortless maintenance and upkeep. Depending on usage and traffic, this method can last effectively anywhere from five to seven years. The final product will leave you with a well made and resistant surface that you can rely on for years to come. We encourage you to get in touch with us if you are looking to learn more information, or schedule a free site visit/quote regarding our concrete floor polishing and sealing service!

Concrete Floor Polishing (full Mechanical Polishing)

Mechanical polishing is by far the best and highest quality method of concrete polishing Melbourne. With this method, there is no top coating; instead, the concrete surface is hardened from interior to exterior through the means of a densifier. This process takes about 10-14 steps, and around three to four days to be fully applied. The results of this method are always remarkable, and fully earn the satisfaction of our clients.

The advantages of concrete flooring though mechanical polishing are highlighted through durability and resilience. This method allows for an extreme UV, scratch, wear and stain resistant top surface. Its finish is shiny, and glossy—even without a need for top coating. With 4- 3 levels of stone exposure available to suit your taste, this floor can be called Hiperfloor or Superfloor and will suit indoor applications only To learn more about the costs involved, we offer a FREE site visit for a tailored quote or simply contact us on 03 8510 1533 today.