How Often You Should Polish Your Timber Floors

How Often You Should Polish Your Timber Floors?

Polishing is a crucial part of maintaining your timber floor, and it’s not a job that should be left to the professionals. Timber Floor Polishing Melbourne can extend its life by many years, so it makes sense to learn how often you need to do this in order for it to remain beautiful and functional.

depend on factors like foot traffic, the type of timber used, and the finish.

The frequency of polishing will depend on factors like foot traffic, the type of timber used, and the finish.

If you have a busy home with a lot of people walking around, or if your floors are in a high-traffic area such as an entrance or lounge room where chairs are constantly being moved around, and children run across them, then monthly polishing is recommended.

The type of timber being polished will also affect how often it needs to be done. For example hardwood timbers such as oak can be polished more regularly than softwood timbers like pine and balsa which require more care when they’re sanded back because they tend not to show any scratches after sanding (because they’re so soft).

Lightly-trafficked timber flooring can go four to five years 

How often you should polish your timber flooring depends on several factors.

timber floor polishing

The first is how much traffic the room receives and the type of timber and finish used. Generally speaking, lightly-trafficked rooms can go four to five years before they will require polishing. Heavily-trafficked rooms will require more frequent maintenance—at least once per year. The second factor is the size of the room: it’s rare for a small space such as a kitchen or bathroom to need more than one polish per year; larger spaces with multiple entrances (such as hallways) may need two or three times that amount of time between refinishing sessions.

Excessive wear can damage your floors, which is why polishing is important.

  • The best way to avoid excessive wear and damage is to keep your floors polished.
  • A lot of new flooring can look great when it’s first installed, but it will lose its luster over time as dirt and grime build up. Regular polishing helps maintain the appearance of your floors without having to replace them prematurely.
  • Polished timber looks great, but it becomes worn over daily use and cleaning products that get splashed onto the flooring surface over time. This can result in unsightly scratches, chips and dents which will make you want to pull out all those old photos of your grandparents’ wedding day so they have something nice on their mantelpiece!
  • If you don’t clean your floors regularly or regularly polish them with a good quality cleaner/polisher – then they will become dirty, dull looking & very slippery!


We recommend that you polish your floors at least every four years. This will ensure that your Timber Floor Polishing Melbourne is in good condition and ready for use. If you have any questions about how often you should polish your timber floors, please contact Total Floor Service today, and we will be happy to help!