How to maintain your wooden floor installation from professionals?

The most likely and renowned interior decoration is wooden floor, especially residential and commercial properties. The only thing you have to eye on is proper wooden floor installation services Melbourne because if everything is fine, then you no longer have to worry about floor damage or cracks.

A company like Total floor service provide floor sanding and polishing experts in Melbourne who ensure the safety of floor installation. Flooring is the centre attraction of the house, whether for visitors or guests. Ultimately, you must have to eye on installation, and it would be great if you seek the help of professionals.

The wooden floor is the renowned interior decoration, especially in residential and commercial properties. It’s the most affected flooring than others as if you fail at fitting correctly, and that’s the first reason you should seek the help of professionals.

Here are the best ways to take care of your Wooden Floor:

  1. Ensure about Flooring Type

The very first and next thing you need to know is ensuring the type of flooring. Wooden flooring has different shade and colour, which require a different method to install, and that’s the reason you need to take care of accordingly. Hence, having professionals can decide the method and ensure about flooring, whether residential or commercial.

  1. Know about chemicals

The very next thing you have to keep it in mind is chemicals and products. You know and understand the importance of beauty of flooring means you cannot keep lousy and unorganized. And that’s why to maintain your wooden floor shiny and clean you need to aware of chemicals and products. Ultimately, you must have to acknowledge oneself about chemical and products.


  1. Avoid conscious chemical and product

The most important thing you have to keep it in mind is unconscious chemical and particle like oil. As oil is the most affected particle of wooden, which can damage the floor and can spoil the beauty of the flooring. And that’s why rather experiment anything on floor call Total floor service to keep floor charming all the time.

  1. Protect floor from Sunrays 

    The commercial floor has more chance of damage than the residential floor. You know and understand the importance of commercial flooring, especially when the client visits your office or place, and that’s why having the floor protected from sunrays beneficial. Ultimately, you have to maintain the floor from sunlight as it can damage the beauty of the floor. And that’s the reason to keep the floor safe you must have to seek the help of professionals. 

  2. Keep safety in mind

You cannot keep the floor shiny and safe all the time without availing commercial floor sanding services in Melbourne. You must have to seek the help of trained and professional people to ensure safety, especially risky floors. Hence, you must have to keep safety in mind.



Are you looking to add wooden floor installation? Then come to Total floor service as you will get best wooden floor installation services Melbourne along with professional and trained people. Also, get a shiny and appealing floor to add value to the house.

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Engineered wood flooring – The combo of beauty and budget

What if you will get the chance to live in a home with aesthetic flooring in the desired budget? You would love it and no wonder everyone loves it because why would go for other costly flooring systems when same charm and beauty you will get in the budget, right? In the end, Affordable Flooring Solutions will be everyone’s choice.

Why Engineered wood flooring is a combo of beauty and budget? 
As top said, why go for other flooring systems when you get the same features or benefits in low rates. Engineered wood flooring is best because you will get soft and appealing surface which makes flooring a beautiful spot and that’s how it becomes the best flooring solution which comes in beauty with a budget. Hence, you no longer have to spend an amount of money on costly flooring systems.

1) Fit Anywhere
First and foremost benefit you can avail from this flooring is flexibility whether you want to install in residential or commercial or industrial premises. An engineered floor is moisture-free, and that’s the reason you can install this flooring in the laundry room or basement area. Hence, flexibility is all yours, and that’s the reason you can make the engineered floor a priority.

2) Can become Secret of your appealing spot

Undoubtedly, you will go for the flooring system, which gives you the aesthetic appearance and appealing look which never demand Floor Sanding Geelong and Floor Polishing Services. Occasionally sanding and polishing is okay. Still, the routine is quite expensive, which you cannot afford, and that’s why the engineered floor is best, which require less maintenance or no maintenance. Hence, the finest reason to install only engineered flooring system in your respective place.

3) Easy to Install
Floor installation is a time-consuming process when you go for tile, grout and other flooring and you know while having engineered flooring system installation is easy and effective which ask for less time or no time and smooth process which make them the best flooring system.

4) Cost Effective

As top said, it’s easy to install process, and that’s the reason demand for less professional and time which saves you money. Hence, by engineered flooring system installation from professional Total floor Service, you can enhance the beauty of your place in the budget, which makes them a combo of beauty with the budget.

5) Protection Protection and Protection from Damage
You are smart and can easily install the floor, but the proficiency requirements for work to finishing and care you cannot give like professionals. Hence, having a professional company will ensure the safety and protection from property damage, and that’s the reason having professional services is ease.

Want to avail?
Then get connected to Total floor service to avail Affordable Flooring Solutions and Floor Sanding Geelong and Floor Polishing Services to maintain the beauty. A professional from the company will ensure best and safe services whether you want to install a new engineered floor or want to sand and polish the floor.

A Complete Guideline To Help You Handle The Tile & Grout Cleaning With Ease

If you seek to build a property, it will become problematic to keep the floor in full toughness. For the better floor situation, you need to seek professional tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne Services. In such cases, you need to keep the property with care, protection, and on a timely manner. When you found any issue with the situation, you should keep the cleaning organized. One of the best things is, you need to come up with the various cleaning options.

A good thing you can include is, you should never come up with simple cleaning technologies, and there are various options you can include for the Commercial tile cleaning company. In the recent blog, we will talk about the tile & grout cleaning perspectives to help you handle the situation wisely. Below are the fundamental things you could choose for cleaning. Take a look!

  • Select the organization that is dependable

There are times that business cover cleaning ought to be done well away. It’s sagacious to find the best business cover cleaners who offer brief or earnest administrations to verify your organization’s notoriety. You can constrain your choices down to associations that have reliable transportation means and systems, as they can convey benefits much snappier than those that don’t.

  • Fundamentals of tile and grout cleaning that one should know

Tiles are utilized for the ground surface as the most enjoyed choice anyplace around the world. They have generally utilized a command choice for Kitchen and restrooms and the explanation being a strength, simple to clean, produce less residue and stain free. Despite all these rewarding focuses, some prudent steps should be taken to keep up it for a more drawn out period. Not to overlook grout, a significant piece of tile cleaning and upkeep.

  • Pick a supplier that will give you a custom-fitted assistance

With respect to cleaning, there’s no one size fits all technique: each business will have its own specific necessities. Different spaces get different degrees of the person on foot movement, consequently will have different degrees of soil developing. As needs are, it’s basic to pick a business cover cleaning organization that offers an altered bundle that accommodates your prerequisites.

  • Choose an ensured floor covering cleaning administration organization

You can get an incentive for cash on the off chance that you pick the best business cover cleaners that are properly confirmed. Working with a confirmed organization, you understand that the affiliation has achieved a specific level of administration, in this manner extends reassurance that they will convey top-quality results.


Wrapping up!

What do you require more for the guidance of floor cleaning? Contact the right Floor sanding and polishing in Geelong Company for the perfect floor quality & to prolong the life of the floor. Do you have any other questions? Well, you can call us on Total Floor Service or ask us through the comment section. Good luck!

Improve property value through timber floor installation service

Move with modern design method, the essential attribute of timber floor installation services in Melbourne can come in a wide array of size and design with every plank create from timber and machined from one section of solid hardwood. Manufactured timbers flooring has several advantages over real hardwood, over and above dimensional stability and widespread use.

  1. Installation to the timber- structural requirement

Today, commercial floor installation in Melbourne has been initially utilized for structural elements, getting fitted vertically with a report to the timber support beams of any building. The surface areas of stable and manufacture floors share the same qualities of hardness and sturdiness. Contacting floors buffing polishing Melbourne services will provide all the details of the best floor choices. Buffers are quite expensive, but it is well worth the price as these machines tend to be quite efficient and quick in performance.

  1. Make the use of strip off the wax

There is a home version of buffers, which can be used to clean and shine small area in-home and residential properties. It can be used to polish a small area such as nooks and corner at homes. Various types of floors require different mobility and speed. Some of the commercial floor installations in Melbourne models also include strippers which can be used to strip off the wax from the floor quickly. They provide long-term value and beauty, and they have expressed your personal taste in a sophisticated manner that will last a lifetime.

  1. Get highest quality floors and materials

Quality materials and superior Timber floor installation services in Melbourne can allow the property to address the problem that lower levels and worn elements may be creating. Whether you are looking for a traditional character or cutting edge, sensibility, in-home hardwood laid the foundation for that style. The process of installation is an essential issue that should be given some thought. The highest quality floors and materials may prove to be of little practical benefit should they be improperly installed.

  1. Maintain the environment

On another hand was working with an inexperienced service provider or doing the work themselves can lead too many problems homeowners would just as soon avoid?  Experts at wood flooring can refinish or repair them instead of replacing them. While caring for your floor, unlike ceramic tile, this material is straightforward to clean and maintain, and it is accessible on the environment. Using commercial flooring is an excellent choice decided to upgrade you’re flooring at home as your next home improvement project.

Eye on the summary,

Flooring plays a significant role in the office, home, industry or a company which is engaged with Timber floor installation services in Melbourne; need to be more cautious about the interiors of the place. The best floors buffing polishing Melbourne complement your flooring needs. Longevity, safety and functionality along with the innovative appeal. Always get the installation process done by an expert installer. Professionals apply a particular chemical sanding system when they refinish hardwood floors. This method of refinishing is perfect for tiny areas of hardwood.

Amazing benefits to professional Tile and grout cleaning services

Cleaning to create curiosity…

As a business owner, you always expect a great amount of production from the employee but don’t you think employee also expect from you in return? Only a good and healthy atmosphere to work more efficiently. It’s not easy to keep the office clean and fresh all the time by cleaner because only commercial tile cleaning company can give you the exact and exceptional cleaning.

Why cleaning to create curiosity? If you think as a business owner, then your employee never works dedicatedly in a bad or unhealthy atmosphere. They may work, but you cannot expect exceptional quality, and that’s the reason healthy atmosphere create the curiosity of work doing and that’s how they enjoy to do work and give quality work to your company. Hence, by the time Floor sanding and polishing in Geelong service is essential to your floor.

What’s the Reason of your Dirty Tiles?

Usually, commercial property catches dust just because of the overuse of the floor. More in and out is one reason your tile catch dust, and you cannot clean deeply by merely vinegar and water because it will look same next week if you forget to clean. Tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne service from a professional company is must essential to maintain your tiles all the time.

Benefits of Having your Tiles Professionally Cleaned 


  • Protect Grout from Cracking 

Use of water and vinegar is a temporary solution where using proper chemicals and product is a permanent solution, and that’s the reason having a professional for work is ease. Safe product and eco-friendly chemicals protect your grout from damage or cracking. Professional are always come with damage free products.

  • Perfect Equipment 

As an owner of the property, you can clean your property with simple water and natural chemical. Professional have a perfect tool to clean and sanitize your office tiles. Also, you no longer have to worry about buying expensive tools for cleaning, and that’s how you can save your time. Professional will take care of each and every part of your office cleaning, whether it’s toilet or cafeteria or meeting room.


  • Longevity of Cleaning

As top said, you can keep your tile clean for a week with water and vinegar while professional ensure for the longevity of the cleaned tile. As an owner, you don’t know where your employee spit and make tile dirty (giggling). Hence, professionally clean all hidden specks of dirt and uncleaned part of your office to make beautiful. Also, ensure the longevity of tile cleaning.


  • Specific Product 

You are smart, and that’s why decided to hire professional but for those who still wish to do on their own is if you don’t aware of the specific product then don’t do because it will damage your tile. Ultimately, you should avoid doing your own.


  • Time-Saving 

The most benefits you can avail from the professional is time. As a business owner time is everything for you, and that’s why professional come and get the job done in round the clock.


Round Off! 

Ultimately, you might have heard that “The work suits in the hands of the one skilled to do it” and that’s the convincing reason you should hire commercial tile cleaning company like Total Floor Service to make your floor stunning. If the hygienic place is the only thing, your employee asks then make them happy and motivate them to do more work.

Quality timber floor installation service- improve the living property value

The biggest reason for many people to choose timber for their house is because timber makes the house look a bit rustic. The process of timber floor installation services in Melbourne allows achieving its naturalistic look, which will make you feel as the old house is new. Moreover, have the function of floor buffering polishing Melbourne offers exceptional comfort. And ensure that support is an important thing to deal with.

  • Most people go for commercial floor installation in Melbourne due to the several advantages it offers.
  • Thus it allows adds to the value of the house.
  • On the other quality materials, professional installation and the right style of flooring can all have a significant influence on the appearance and feel of an interior environment.

Remodelling an interior walking space

Timely, get floor installation, upgrades, and renovations often seem like a challenging undertaking, especially for the living property that lack the right resources. On the hand of professional assistance can ensure that replace overall an old floor or even remodelling an interior walking space can be done more efficiently and effectively.

  • Apart from adding the value of the living house, it adds to the aesthetic value as well.
  • The type of timber flooring should go for is based on what you want to achieve through the choice of flooring is essential in order to enhance the looks of the living room, the way that timber flooring installation service in Melbourne plays an important role to make out outlook perfect.

Styles matches the requirements

A different method is available under the platform of timber flooring, offering a comparatively easy installation. Overall the main benefit with this style of flooring is the fact that customer can install a flooring incorporation a pattern which suits the style and best matches the requirements. There are structure timber floors would be the typical type of another timber flooring that many people envision when they say it’s a wood floor.

  • Known about timber flooring is actually laid on the bearer and joists of the home.
  • This platform usually created by a professional and can be a long process as the timber will need to acclimate to the environment before it can be laid.
  • Timber flooring is making a comeback, so if this is something that appeals to you, that you should definitely set out to find the right flooring for the home.

Taking everything into account,

Decades ago, timber flooring was the most common because it was the most obvious choice. But today timber floor installation service in Melbourne is a real trend in the home decorating sector to get back to basics.  To keep them looking good and aid in maintenance, all timber floor needs a protective coating. Regular maintenance is a priority to keep the timber floor looking its best. Different action performs such as dusting, mopping, and vacuuming stops grit and dirt building up from the finished surface.


Vinyl Floor Polishing Melbourne

A Straight Guide To Seek Cleaning Vinyl Floor Effectively & Efficiently

Let’s accept it – We always want our home to be looked clean, classy, and trendy. People mostly prefer vinyl floor in their house for the aesthetic home value. When you found a need to keep the floor clean, you should go through professional Vinyl floor cleaning in Melbourne & polishing in Melbourne approach because, no one can handle the cleaning process as effectively as professionals can.


Let’s look into the working procedure of floor sanding and polishing company in Melbourne. Get the deep in-sight on the sanding & cleaning process. – Content handled by the Total Floor Service Company!


A professional company will remove dirt, and stains from the vinyl floors with the cleaning and maintaining tips. Vinyl floor cleaning depends upon many factors like, it depend on the room traffic, and it requires more care and cleaning for the better floor health. Thus, this guide can be a perfect choice to you before moving further and hire any floor sanding and polishing company.


A guide to clean a vinyl floor

When you think about cleaning the vinyl floor, it will require knee-deep efforts but still, you can handle the stain marks with the efficient tools and products. Here are few things you should include while keeping the floor clean.

  • Baking soda
  • Bucket
  • Water dish soap
  • Vacuum
  • Knife to handle the cleaning job
  • Mop and clothes


Once you complete the supply process, the next step would be vacuuming and sweeping the vinyl floor. If you choose to keep the floor clean with vacuuming then, ensure that you have it on the right setting to remove the scratches and stain from the floor. If you choose to vacuum the floor then you should ensure to protect the floor against scratches because you need to vacuum the floor so you can walk with bare foot.


A Straight & Simple Steps To Clean Vinyl Floors.

Dirt minimisation can keep the vinyl floor at its best. With the time, dirt and dust can decrease and it can affect the vinyl floor. So, you should clean the spills and stains before it can damage the floor.

  • First you should dry mop or vacuum the floor to remove dirt and dust from the floor
  • Once you clean the floor, you should use wet mop with commercial cleaning experts. You should then mix it well with the apple cider vinegar with water. Because of the acidic characteristic it can remove the dirt with soapy firm.
  • Then, you should mix up a bucket of hot water with cider vinegar and then apply on the floor & start moping.
  • In case, if you require to clean the floor you should use few drop of water & vinegar mixture. This can clean the floor completely.


Final Thoughts!

You should seek professional Vinyl floor cleaning in Melbourne & polishing in Melbourne Company for better floor and home atmosphere. Thank you for reading this article and we will be there to help you on any of your queries.

Vinyl Floor Polishing Melbourne

Few Noteworthy Tips & Tricks To Keep Floors Cleaner And Shinier This Year

Who wants to spend the weekend in knee-deep dust and germs? No one would like to spend a week-off with home chores. How will you keep the home atmosphere healthy without promoting regular cleaning in your home? Cleaning is must! Because, if you can’t keep the place clean, it may affect your family member’s health. This is the reason you should approach the right Vinyl Floor Polishing Melbourne based company that can handle the cleaning job on your behalf.


A Complete Guide You Should Incorporate While Searching A Professional Floor Sanding Geelong Company – Total Floor Service!


We at the Total Floor Service Company has the solution to your floor stains & germs whether it is laminate, tile, cork, or any other, we can fight against the stain in an affordable cost. When vinyl floor can be a good option for people who prefer keeping the floor maintained. Vinyl floor can be a good option for people who prefer the time in thorough floor cleaning and maintaining. Here we share a guide to help you make a way!


Where to lay down vinyl floors?

When it comes to vinyl flooring then it is a good choice for the commercial building like schools because of the cost, durability, and maintenance. Modern vinyl floor are popular to place it in many homes. Also, you can go through regular vinyl floor cleaning. There are various types of vinyl flooring require to maintain the polish that can protect the floor from any floor damage.


When you lay the floor, it will be sealed with a purpose of protection. Regular floor cleaning can remove light dust through mopping or removing the small soil particles. If the floor has dirt and dust due to the traffic, you will require the in-depth floor cleaning. You will require a good preparation and maintenance to ensure the high standard floor look.


How will you maintain vinyl floors?

Various cleaning techniques use for cleaning the vinyl floors which depend upon various floor condition and if the floor is sealed or not. If it is relatively laid then you should go through simple floor cleaning technique.

  • You should sweep daily to control the mud and dirt arise at the grout
  • Make sure, the room has proper ventilation for proper air circulation
  • Try to mop regularly to remove the dirt
  • You can polish and wax the vinyl floors using professional approach and seek for the effective outcome.


Words in a nutshell!

When you need to seek the Vinyl Floor Polishing Melbourne based company, you will have to spend some more attention. Floor cleaning is one of the most mind-freaking job in the home chore. For better result, you should hire the right home cleaning company. Do you understand what kind of cleaning company become the best? Contact us for better guidance and information at the Total Floor Service.

Floor Sanding Geelong


Flooring done with wood could add style and elegance to any property, varying greatly from contemporary to traditional. Thus affordable flooring solution is initial outlay more alternative of the carpet but on the other hand their longevity. Floor sanding Geelong service allows the property to create a unique space through stain and surface options.

As time moves on, flooring tends to get dull and lost the lustre; need to do a little floor sanding and floor polishing service to bring back the original look of the floor.


At the platform of integration, the property with wooden flooring suits most of the décor and design; to have Affordable Flooring Solutions for home and offices alike. These professionals are equipped with a wealth of experience in dealing with the different types of wooden floors.

Thus the wood floor sanding Geelong professional gain the best possible long-lasting finish for the walking flooring surface. Prove an active service means that the stress of gaining spectacular result is completely removed with the comfort of cleaning a healthier.

  • While wooden flooring over time can appear dull and pitted as an area of the property is used by people to walk. It is necessary to have correctly understood and appreciate the care and maintenance requirements of flooring choice for a walking surface.
  • This service offers real value with the extraction of the dust. Get your home or office wood floors as it improve the look and even maintain the durable.


The activity of floor sanding and restoring wooden flooring can transform a whole room from looking dull and dirty to look new, fresh and very trendy. Most of the people got for wood flooring, although it is costly material for flooring. There is different Floor Polishing Services offer for making the use of high-powered tools that offer a seamlessly floor and build-up of particles to reduce the effectiveness of any working machinery.

  • The second stages of the sanding process, involving the use of sandpaper are used until the blocks are fully sanded.
  • Making the use of modern equipment and are expertly trained in the dust-free floor sanding process.
  • Know about floor sanding and refinishing process is vital as different its approach. The professional platform will understand the best products to complete the work with on different types of wood flooring.
  • Make the use of modern equipment and are expertly trained the dust-free flooring sanding process.

Some words to read as a summary:

Modern times have increased the popularity for wood floors; as they are attractive, timeless and even much easy to clean and maintain. Professional platform proves the service for floor sanding Geelong; that could add on the value of the innovative approach. As a result, achieved after Floor Polishing Services is genuinely spectacular.

concrete polishing Melbourne

Ideas To Make The Concrete Floor Attractive & Functional

Mechanically made concrete floors aren’t simply ideal for industrial uses, the concrete polishing Melbourne service is additionally excellent for the residential as well as commercial applications. If you were in every of the different type of the various flooded basement this year, these engaging and sturdy flooring choices may simply be the solution to your issues.

But, after that how can you make the concrete floor attractive? – Concrete floor cleaning & buffing Melbourne service can help you. Spruce up your flooring is required to make the concrete floor more attractive.

 “Making concrete surfaces engaging with the impressive one” Additionally need those surfaces to make the easy. Consider the area for the flooring and make this self- propelled with the different concrete floors polishing & cleaning Melbourne with the service with the producing of the polishing floor. You can do this by own, with the complaint concerning however rough the floors and then polish?

Make The Floor User-Friendly,

This is good to deteriorate with the different stains as well as scratches, consider the good polishing to deteriorated growth of the joints. Particularly if there’s constant significant traffic in those areas so this is good to adopt it.  This could be really uncomfortable expertise for concrete polishing Melbourne workers that operate the instrumentality on a daily basis. The polishing can lead the floor to a swish, sturdy and lasting growth of the concrete. This can be price-effective as well as economic. So, thanks to fixing the matter with the cost of exchange large areas of the concrete floor.

Attractive And Sturdy Workplace Floors,

So, for this, we build the underlying concrete stunning and straightforward to keep up and this is good to have the Polished concrete coating to maintain the sturdy and stunning workplace floors. On high of this,  you can consider residential homes of all types: basements, garages, driveways and patios.

How Concrete Floors Are Useful In Basements?

Concrete floors work stunningly in basements and if they’re low maintenance, durable, engaging and eco-friendly then, of course, it is good to adopt. Also, you can consider they are water-resistant, therefore any standing water or spill will simply be mopped up with none injury to the underlying concrete.

 Also, they’re stain and dirt resistant.

“I Believe To Use The Concrete Floor Because I Personally Don’t Like To Get The Finish That Can Spills My Legs And Scratch Up The Floor With That Is Not Good. The Spills And Different Injury Can Make My Walk Over Very Bad So, Unsurprisingly I Would Love To Prefer The Concrete Floor And Also  Concrete Floor Cleaning & Buffing Melbourne Service From The Total Floor Service Since Unbelievably Best With The Absorb Odours.”

This is what one of the great clients said for the best concrete polishing service.

So consider this for the automatically polished concrete floors supply a sleek, shiny, up to date look, however, stains also can be added for colour.

Final Thought, 

These coatings may additionally be honest various for your home with the concrete floor. This can be tailored if you want to look out your home attractive.