Do Carpet Restretching Really Enhance the Appearance of the home?

Do you know what is carpet stretching? You might have seen wrinkles and lumps on the carpet after certain years. The technique of removing wrinkles, lumps, and bubbles from a carpet’s surface is known as carpet stretching. People have come up with a variety of explanations for why a carpet develops an uneven surface, ranging from bad installation to inappropriate padding to delamination. Whatever the case may be, your carpet may eventually develop those unsightly kinks or wrinkles.

Carpet is an important part of your home, and it looked great when you first had it installed. If there are more wrinkles than a pug’s face, then it is completely unacceptable. You would not enjoy it if something got beneath your feet in the middle of the night. Consult the Carpet Restretching Melbourne experts if you find your carpet shrank and lumps on it.

There are various benefits of carpet stretching, keep reading the blog till the end!

  • Increased safety

Stretching, ripples, and bumps in the carpet can be dangerous. Jumping on the uneven carpet could cause significant injury to children, the elderly, pets, and anybody else in the house. Carpet stretching on a regular basis is an excellent approach to ensure a safe atmosphere for all members of your family.

  • Longer lifespan

Normal wear and tear are normal to occur on the carpet over time depending on the use. However, an improperly laid carpet is more likely to wear and tear unevenly over time, prompting many people to decide to replace the carpet sooner than intended.

Carpet Stretching Melbourne

Carpet stretching removes wrinkles and prevents soil and dust from settling in uneven areas hence, slowing the deterioration of the carpet.

  • Enhances the appearance

Your home’s beauty is harmed by a bumpy carpet. Stretching your carpet adds to the charm of your home and gives it a neat, well-kept appearance. Add a new, clean carpet to the mix, and your home will feel even cozier and more inviting.

How actually carpet restretching works?

The process of carpet stretching is applying multi-directional strain to a carpet in order to straighten and smooth it out. This procedure is now fully automated, with our personnel using power stretchers and a pole system. A power stretcher is just a carpet with specialized claws that burrow into the latex cushioning and exert a force of 674 pounds.

Winding-up: The trouble with cleaning a carpet before it is stretched is that you can’t get into the wrinkles’ nooks and crannies. If there are stains on the carpet, it can be cleaned; however, if there are creases, it should be restretched or stretched. The final alternative is to replace or repair the carpet. Hire total floor service for the high-quality Floor Polishing Melbourne services and other floor cleaning services. We value your property so, we regard your property as if it is our own, so you can rely on us confident that we will do all possible to ensure the best possible results for you.

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Beginner’s Guide to Floor Sanding and Polishing

If you are familiar with wood sanding, you can get the concrete Floor Polishing Geelong concept. I do not recommend doing this as well as a  Floor Sanding Melbourne. You need a robust to polish machine. This machine has an impregnation disc of gradual thin diamonds, which are used to slowly grind the surface as you want. You can get the brightness and smoothness you want. If you do not want to invest in your machine, there are more than happy contractors to help you get the effect you want. 

There are several other options that you want to consider when you are working with your concrete floor, but this is one of the most popular. You may have seen this with the local supermarket, the floor of the showroom, or something similar. When you invest in a Floor Polishing Geelong, you can have a big difference in the room.  

What is the process? 

  •  Sanding requires first drilling all nails below the floor surface. This is to ensure that the sanding process is not hampered. Starting with coarse sandpaper, the floor sander will be used to sand existing floor finishes, coatings, stains, and varnishes. Continuing with the use of intermediate sandpaper to further sand the previous coat, a special tool called a floor edge sander will be used for hard-to-reach edges that cannot be reached with the main floor sander.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

  •  After this initial sanding process, the holes will be filled with floor putty to ensure that the surface is smooth and non-porous. 

Finally, use high-quality sandpaper to finely buff the wood surface and buff off excess floor filler. If you are applying new stains to your hardwood floors, this is the time to apply them! 

  •  After finishing the polishing, the next step is polishing. Use a primer that can seal the wood, and let your hardwood floors dry overnight for best results. This seals the openness of your hardwood floor and gives you time to create the proper barrier, which will help the life of the finish you choose. It is worth noting that this primer may need to be sanded with ultra-fine sandpaper to even out the wood grain before applying a new coating. If you use a solvent-based solution, each layer of coating will take about one or two days to dry, while water-based polyurethane will dry quickly within 8 hours, and you should apply at least 34 layers. 

Generally speaking, if your hardwood flooring is installed correctly and well finished, and if you can meet the minimum Floor Polishing Geelong. Not only is it adaptable enough to match your evolving design needs over time, but when you absolutely need a fresh appearance but still want a beautiful hardwood floor, Floor Sanding Melbourne and polishing the floor will give you the look you desire without having to redo the flooring. Total Floor Service in Melbourne is a professional steam cleaning company that specializes in carpets and other hard surfaces. We are Melbourne’s leading floor cleaning company, providing a wide range of floor cleaning services.

Know about Low Maintenance water-proof floor Polishing Method

Maintaining the floor is a crucial part of home maintenance and cleaning. Floor sanding and polishing prolong the life of the floor and make it durable. Everybody desires to have a polished and beautiful floor, it might require little effort frequently to preserve its good condition. Almost every floor requires polishing whether it is timber wood, concrete, marble, or any other floor. Choosing the right floor polishing solution is important to make it glossy and clean. Never ignore the minor floor damage signs. You never know when minor floor damage turns into the poor floor. It’s important to get your floor polished and sanded once a year depending upon the floor sanding. Every floor will require to get polished after a certain time, if you are confused about whether your floor needs any kind of flooring service or not then take advice from the experienced Floor Polishing Geelong company to choose the right flooring solutions.

1)    Floor polishing solutions

  • The smooth and glossy floors catch everyone’s attention at first look. The floor is the first thing that every visitor will notice first and reflect your reputation. Whether it is workspace or home, floors should be always kept clean and polished.
  • Cementing floors can work as the best no-wax flooring material. A large machine with infused diamond disks can be used for easy grinding to achieve a smooth and shiny surface. In case of a wavy or extra rough floor, consult the professionals.
  • The smooth and glossy floors can be created by creating bands, grids, radial lines, or borders.
  • To transform your dull floor amazingly, try staining it with the color of your choice and see how it gives vibrant look.
  • There are many other ways of customizing the floor looks such as engraving, cutting, scoring, stenciling, and many more.

2) Waterproofing for floors

  • Excessive moisture can be harmful to the floor, it can cause severe damage if the water is penetrated deep inside the floor hence proper waterproofing is an important part of the flooring maintenance that helps to prolong the life of the floor.
  • You might be familiar with the waterproof membrane available in rolls or sheets that is applied to various types of subfloors. The waterproof membrane can be used in tiling the plywood floor.
  • Seal the installed floors with water-resistant materials to prevent them from water damages, crack, and other water seepage issues.

3)    Wet and dry floor polishing

  • Are you aware of the resin-bonded disks? Nowadays many manufacturers have moved towards resin-bonded disks rather than metal bonded abrasions and achieve better dry polishing.  Making the area dry properly is a vital part of the floor polishing. Getting rid of dust particles and drying the floor is the main important phase of the floor polishing.


Proper sanding and polishing involve proper planning, hope you enjoyed reading low-maintenance tips useful. Hire total floor service for the premium quality Floor Sanding Geelong service at cost-effective rates. Call us today to know more about our offers and exciting packages.

Why Consider Timber Floors – Can Improve Health Outlook for You and Your Family?

Flooring for homes and commercial establishments comes in various types to meet varying tastes and needs, depending on many factors. A timber flooring is a form of wooden made more durable and attractive, and highly practical for many homes. These can be used as decking for kitchens, living rooms or bedrooms and create a great looking natural and light-colored flooring that is easy to maintain, overusing carpet or other types of flooring.

We at Total Floor Service are recognized as a floor sanding Melbourne service provider of specialists in residential and commercial floor polishing in Melbourne. We specialize in timber floor installations in Melbourne to successfully bring impressive health benefits and make a significant difference to those who suffer from allergens.

So, before making that final decision to invest in a hardwood floor. Here are some benefits of installation:

##Timber is a natural product

Carpets are made using synthetic fibers. Moreover, the chemicals used to clean, harmful to the environment. 

While timber flooring is earth-friendly materials begin to look tired and worn, your timber floors will still look beautiful with the help of Floor Sanding in Melbourne service. 

##Better Air Quality

Well, because even tile and laminate have no fiber in the carpet. As mentioned above, unlike carpet, timber floor installation in Melbourne does not trap dust, pollen, particulate matter, pet dander or other common allergens. This means they are essential for allergy sufferers because they always improve the air quality inside you. Moreover, if you want to regain its glory and shine your floor, combined with sanding and commercial floor polishing in Melbourne, that means flooring can guarantee you a happy, healthy home and atmosphere for years to come.

##Softer and warmer than tile: Essentially, natural wood enhances the feeling of warmth both aesthetically and physically. In fact, the hardwood floor really feels warm from the foot. On the other hand, tiles often retain coolness that can refresh during the summer but feels unbearable when the winter moves. 

##Hardwood doesn’t trap allergens:

If there comes a time where you’re looking, allergies and infections happening through them are real and serious.

Especially if you have children and senior citizens with you, while other floorings attract allergens, dust mites are often the breeding grounds for such organisms, and hardwood is not tempted by any such factor.

##Easy to keep clean

Dust and dirt attract disease-causing bacteria and, in turn, can be very harmful to health. Other than that, some people are affected by household dust allergies. When it comes to regular care, Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne offers you a weekly cleaning routine is fairly simple. 

Turn up!!

There are many reasons for Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne, and health benefits are just one of them. We at Total Floor Service offers proper guidance, and Floor Sanding in Melbourne service saves you from troubles and will help you achieve a classic, timeless look for your floor all seasons. Call us today on 0469 939 227, and we can answer all your questions and help you make the right choice for your home.


Concrete Floor Polishing and Its Benefits for Your Home

Concrete certainly has become the popular choice for the floorings at home. So, if you are hunting for a new floor or they would surely make up to your expectations. The important aspect of the home is, and so is to upkeep these floors. Not always the daily cleaning would, eventually hiring the Floor Sanding Geelong becomes inevitable. 

One of the most affected parts of the flooring is the area with heavy traffic. The wear and tear become visible in no time, the polish seems off and the discoloration steals the charms of the floor. Apart from sanding the Floor Polishing Geelong is also an important process to keep the floor looking shiny and new. 

Taking off the concrete floor and its polishing, there is more to what polished concrete has to offer. Read further to find out.

Reflections would keep the space lighted

The polished concrete seems to reflect a good amount of light. For those who love the house to be light, this surely would be a great choice. 

They seem to make your house energy efficient too with more reflection there is no requirement of extra lights to keep the room well lighted. This would surely reflect on the energy bill too.  

Apart from it in winter, too much concrete would add more energy efficiency as it absorbs the heat and would keep the home warm for a long time. 

Floor Sanding Geelong

● You won’t end up having stains on the floor

Along with the fantastic visual appeal that these floors provide, the floors seem to be resilient to stains. It does not show much wear and tear too. The spills may not be avoided but the stains would not be a problem. 

This would help the visual aesthetic to last longer. Along with keeping the floor looking good as new. 

● Required lesser maintenance

One of the major aspects when it comes to flooring is its care and maintenance. Things that affect the floor, choosing the cleaner, adopting a method of cleaning that is best for the floor, and whatnot. You also have to ask the floor installation company regarding the specific cleaner and other tips for taking care of the floor.

As far as concrete floors are concerned. There is nothing much that you need to do except the regular cleaning like sweeping, vacuuming, mopping the floor and so on. So, there is not much additional cost of upkeep. This would save a lot of money in the long term.

What else?

The longevity, durability and strength of the concrete flooring have always been known. This makes it a good choice for the home floorings. Additionally, you can also get more benefits by choosing the survival that is reliable as well as the best fit for your budget. 

Do not forget to check for the reviews that state the quality of services. The references would work best. If you already have the floor but want to upgrade the visual appeal the Floor Polishing Geelong would be a great option to consider.

Timber Flooring – One of wise thing to do is to give your home a new floor.

Many factors to consider when choosing to floor for your home like many materials, styles, colours and polishes to choose from that it can be a very difficult task. Nowadays timber floor installations in Melbourne are becoming very popular, more and more people are enjoying the warmth and elegance of strong timber floors. When it comes time to choose the company and type of timber floor you are going to install, Then Total floor service is the best place to complete your flooring with satisfaction. We can restore the lost sparkle of your floor with floor sanding in Melbourne services. Our organization is well-known for providing commercial floor polishing in Melbourne and its benefits. 


Is timber flooring a reliable decision?


The most beneficial thing about a wooden floor is that it gives your home a natural appearance. It will make the room look warm and sheltered. You don’t need to add any other floor accessories like pillows and carpets as the floor itself is an attraction.


The unique pattern of the timber floor makes it more interesting. They also come in a variety of shades and design making it easy to find floors that will match your interior. Effective timber flooring can help increase the value of your home. That’s why you can call it an endowment.

Floor Sanding in Melbourne

Advantages of installing timber flooring in your home,


  1. Excellent durability, strong, long-lasting and good appearance also easy to install.
  2. Installation and Maintenance of this flooring is easy with some precautions.
  3. With timber flooring gives your feet a good feeling in any climate.
  4. It has a large number of designs according to colour and texture.
  5. One can rely on wood flooring as it is environmentally friendly.
  6. It is one of the popular and most reliable ways to make your home stylish and modernised in appearance, as it has many benefits along with it.
  7. It suits your requirements as well as the budget of the people which also makes this type of flooring more suitable and attractive.
  8. If you experience from allergies like asthma, then the wooden floor is best as it does not trap dirt or pollen in other allergens and is a safe addition to the bedroom and living area.
  9. Hygiene is essential because wood does not allow the growth of bacteria and can be easier to clean.
  10. One of the biggest advantages is you can recycle and reuse a timber floor.


Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne lasts even longer than other types of floors. Although timber flooring seems expensive, it has many advantages and you will not regret installing it on your property.




Considering all the advantages, it won’t be a bad decision to install a timber floor. At, Total Floor Services offers Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne services with 100% satisfaction so, you can have peace of mind. To know more, please feel free to reach us out. What are you waiting for? Call us today!

Know About the Circumstances Occur During Floor Sanding & Polishing Service

Do you ever think about how the Floor Sanding and Polishing Experts in Melbourne work? How would they do everything so consummately that appears to be incomprehensible for a typical individual?

All things considered, you will become more acquainted with about it today with this blog.

Floor Sanding and Polishing Experts

  • When to Have the Task Done?

One of the important choices made by experts is to choose when a particular task is finished.

You see, each venture is extraordinary. Some may have form, scratches, splits, and others may need to remove the whole floor and introduce the enhanced one. Floor fix, sanding and polishing incorporate different advances, and every one of these means spread the specific territory in a particular time, for state 300 feet per day. Like this, everything is considered before revealing to you the estimated time wherein the venture will be finished.

  • Refinishing

The Commercial Floor Sanding Services In Melbourne process isn’t something done expedite. The experts need to sand the surface until it is crude wood. Right around 500 to 600 feet are done every day. After the sanding is done, here comes an opportunity to clean it. Typically, the polishing procedure includes three coatings and 12-hours dry time. This implies it will take roughly 3 days (contingent upon the speed of your specialist co-op).

  • New Floor Installation

Wooden Floor Installation Services Melbourne includes much increasingly, for example, cutting and fixing the sheets. Sheets are cut with the goal that they can fit totally as indicated by your room’s floor measurements. In the event that you have all the little corners, you have to cut the sheets more. To put it plainly, floor establishment can take 200 feet of ground surface a day. Dry time is still totally in the wake of sanding and polishing.

  • What Do You Have to Do?

You can’t just leave everything on the experts. You ought to do the accompanying before the specialists even arrive at your area.

  • Take away all the furniture from the surface so the floor is free for changes and can be supplanted without any problem
  • If you have set a floor covering or sack strips or staples, take them out also. There must be perfection on the subfloor.
  • Remove vinyl or tile floor covering – Guarantee that the floor has nothing on it and the region doesn’t have anything delicate with the goal that the sanding and polishing procedure can be gone before without any problem. In the event that you live alone, approach the experts for help.
  • How Would You Be Able to Control the Residue?

The experts are furnished with dust contaminant sacks and vacuum cleaner, yet probably won’t be 100% successful. There are sure approaches to expel or forestall dust.

Floor Sanding Experts

These are:

  • Hang some plastic in the entryways
  • Clean your ledges completely
  • Seal all your food things and set it aside
  • Seal drawers and pantry creases with tape
  • NOTE: Confirm that the plastic is kept off the floors with the goal that it doesn’t get into the machines.

Final Thought

So why not recruit the dependable and experienced experts for Wooden Floor Installation Services Melbourne? If you need an expert’s help, then you can contact Total floor Sanding and Polishing company and get the desired result.

Is hiring Commercial Floor Polishing Company beneficial

By the time floor looks grimy and grubby or can say become ruined. The best way to get the floor restored is to avail Commercial Floor Polishing in Melbourne services because with you can easily get back the original look and no wonder will get the look like a new floor. Total floor service has already done many projects and has the experience to get the job done no matter how grubby your floor is, and that’s the reason you should eye on before replacing.

Residential and commercial properties often have beautiful floors, whether ceramic, wooden or marble. But at the same time need the care to keep charmed alive because no matter which floor you have whether Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne or ceramic you have to take ultimate care because that’s how you can ensure about having safe installation and charming floor.

Well, you check the durability and stability while installing the floor because that’s how you can ensure for strengthening flooring. You know or not but floor polishing and Floor Sanding in Melbourne is the best practice with you can keep the durability alive, and that’s how you can ensure for longevity too.

Timber Floor Polishing Melbourne

Reasons you need Floor Polishing for Home or Business,

#Reason 1

The first and foremost reason you should consider floor polishing is the replacement of the floor. Yes, you know and can understand that by the time floor looks dull and dirt which make flooring dull and there’s a chance you have to face problems. Some people think that replacement is the only option well it’s not the only because by floor polishing services you can restore those functions and that’s how you no longer have to worry about getting floor polished.

#Reason 2

Depend on the floor, and floor material you floor look shiny because if you have the floor with multiple cracks, then there’s a chance you have to face problems. Some people think that having the floor cracked can ruin the flooring and that’s why with floor polishing service you can reduce the chance of getting floor cracked and damaged. And that’s the second and convincing reason you should go for floor polishing services.

#Reason 3

The third and foremost reason you should consider floor polishing is restoration. You know and can understand that broken tiles, dust inside the surface and other problems are common while treating the floor and after sometime, which is why floor polishing is beneficial. Having experienced and professional floor experts will help you in such case as you no longer have to worry about getting dust inside surface and ruined floor because of such arises. Hence, with the help of a professional floor polishing expert, you can remove dust and create less chance to ruin the floor condition. 

Floor Sanding in Melbourne


Ending Up!!! 


Are you looking for Commercial Floor Polishing in Melbourne Company? Then Total floor service can help you as since the last few years we are serving to residential as well as commercial properties with polishing services. Also, aid peace of mind by giving permanent result for the prolonged problems. 


Contact us on 0469 939 227 and discuss your needs or visit at  to know more about us.  


How to use a professional floor cleaning services? A complete guide

Allow getting new carpets can help to make a house feel like home with FLOOR SANDING GEELONG. Rugs and carpets add embellishing techniques and give people the feeling that they are in a spacious and cozy surrounding through Floor sanding in Geelong. Place carpeting can also be a significant expense that can add value to your place, and you can best preserve that property by using commercial cleaning services to keep your floor coverings in great shape.

Even the act of office cleaning services covers a variety of cleansing areas in a commercial building. The setting may also include managing the different facilities in a house. The COMMERCIAL FLOOR CLEANING SERVICES are sometimes stretched to accommodate a wide array of establishments such as workrooms, elevators, eateries, shops, clinics, buildings, offices, and other business or commercial environments.

floor polishing in Geelong

Commercial Cleaning is a Specialty

Clients of offices, warehouse buildings, eateries, schools and many other exceptional enterprises often share the same cleaning service because they are all watching for the same thing-quality.

Maintenance and Cleaning services are often looked upon as non-skilled labour, but nothing could be further from the truth. Just ask someone who has tried to make a go, including a cleaning service or someone who chooses to do the task themselves. The method may require the use of some substances and other cleaning accessories such as floor polishers and buffers.


 Individual advice- makes the newly cleaned floor

Amazing of the items that are needed for commercial floor cleaning is emptiness which comes in various sizes for the different needs and surfaces, extractors and detergents to get rid of all classes of dirt found in the commercial areas, dust brooms, sweepers and swabs as well as other organizations dedicated to crushing, shampooing and stripping the floors, depending on the substances used in the development of the building. You cleaner will be able to give you any particular advice to help you to make the most of your newly cleaned floor.

 Floor sanding Geelong

Allow getting the neat and professional look

They add beauty and glamour to a room and also give it a neat and professional look. Often, these services are available in conjunction with other commercial cleaning services such as the floor, furniture, furnishings and upholstery cleaning and the organization can get into a regular preservation contract with those one-stop offices that offer the range of cleaning services.

The cleaning service is chosen usually offers a customized solution to each organization’s unique carpet-maintenance issues.

Wind-up lines,

Today, with the importance of environment-friendly FLOOR SANDING GEELONG, most settings offer green sanitation materials and practices, assuring that people are not presented to toxic substances, perfumes or residue. Quick-drying is necessary. Upholstery-cleaning and cloth-walls require different cleaning methods, and your service provider may also offer these. Professional FLOOR POLISHING GEELONG are trained so that they do not create a new mess during the floor cleaning process, and if they do create any waste by-products, these will be removed from your home at the end of the cleaning.

5 Timber Floor Trends you can’t afford to miss

Hardwood or timber floor installation in Melbourne is trending like nothing else. If you ar3e planning to install the same for your home or office, a few trends are worth knowing.

Today, we will discuss the most famous trends of the year that will help you to get the most attractive and incredible flooring of all the time.

So let’s get started!

timber floor installation in Melbourne

  1. Wide Planks

Last decade was all about increased width flooring and this year it’s all about wide hardwood as well. Around 12 inches plank is trending nowadays and the final look that you get from them is amazing. You can make any space look bigger with wide wooden planks. It also allows you to appreciate the natural pattern.

  1. Earthy Tone

If you need a timeless look for your home, earthy tones are the best for you. This colour choice is the most popular and many homeowners have been going for it for many years. The simplicity and elegance that you get from an earthy tone are the ones to count on. You can add whitewash to the grains of the wood and you can also introduce some neutral colours to it as well.  You can also go for enhanced colour treatment that might cost you a bit extra but the final result will worth the investment.

Best timber floor installations in Melbourne

  1. Eco-Friendly

Many manufacturers are going for eco-friendly martial that is a greener option in comparison to others. Refurbished planks are trending and many homeowners are buying them as the most natural and inexpensive option. Natural sealants are also becoming popular because of its robustness and shiny texture. Cork and bamboo are also the choice of many people mas they can easily be renewed.

  1. Quality of Air

People are becoming more concerned about the effect of VOCs and formaldehyde in the indoor air. Having fresh and rich air quality inside your home is the major key to make your and your family’s health better. With flooring that has Green Guard certification or Carb 2 compliance is the best choice as it doesn’t affect the indoor air much. You can also choose the air-purifying finish that helps in enhancing the indoor air quality. 

Expert timber floor installation Melbourne

  1. Distraught Wood

The distressed look isn’t limited to just clothes. It’s famous for the floors as well. With a bit of scratching and scrapping, the distressed look can be achieved. Even if you have a bit scratch or crack on your wooden floor, as experts to give it a stylish distressed look. All they will do is a little sanding and polishing and your floor will be ready. Many distress techniques are available to make your timber floor distressed.

At Total Floor Service, we offer residential and Commercial Floor Polishing in Melbourne. Our wide range of services and a team of qualified & trained professionals will help you to implement any of the above trends.

All you have to do is just get in touch with us.

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