Carpet and Upholstery Protection

Our Mission Statement: Affordable Price with the Best Quality
Total Floor Service offers the most advanced and effective carpet and upholstery protection. Using our protection for your carpet and upholstery ensures each fibre will have the ability to resist oil and water based stains in the future and reduces the effects of harsh UV light.

Your carpets and furniture will remain cleaner for much longer and marks and stains will be easier to remove. With regular vacuuming, protection can remain effective for up to three years.

Our Carpet and Upholstery protection method will give your fabric the following advantages:











        • Protects against resioling and water-based stains

















        • Helps carpet fibres keep their colour

















        • Ensures carpet and upholstery fabrics resist stains

















        • Will keep carpet and upholstery cleaner for longer

















        • Creates a barrier between the fabric and the stains

















        • Helps in the Prevention of dirt sticking to fibres in fabrics






… This method will definitely add more life to your fabric and you will enjoy the good look for much longer, please contact us for a free quote to protect your Carpet and Upholstery when you book for cleaning them, it will worth the cost down the track, please ask our technician about a free test to show the effectiveness of our method to protect your fabric.

protected&unprotected carpet                                     TREATED-UNTREATED-IMAGE