Timber Floor Polishing & Sanding Melbourne

Our team at Total Floor Service aims to surpass the expectations our clients set for us throughout the duration of their project, assuring that they will be completely satisfied with the final product each and every time. We specialise in timber floor sanding and polishing services that revitalise your flooring, and effectively remove any previous damage as well as provide protection from any that may incur in the future. All of our timber floor polishing Melbourne methods are hassle free, affordable, and conducted by a team of skilled experts that you can rely on.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Us for Your Flooring work:

  • Customer satisfaction is our top priority
  • We maintain the highest standard of professionalism
  • Prompt service and quality timber floor polishing Melbourne work
  • We provide fast, affordable and efficient floor sanding & floor polishing Melbourne service to suit our clients’ needs.

Benefits of Floor Sanding Melbourne

Over time, flooring becomes damaged by unavoidable everyday use. Marks and scratches begin to appear on timber floors which deteriorate their visual appearance. If your floors are getting wear-off with the passage of time then floor Sanding Melbourne is a fantastic method to use to not only repair these damages, but also to prevent them from occurring. Furthermore, it is incredibly cost-effective when considering long-term effects; instead of having to replace your entire flooring—which can often cost a fortune—you can use sanding and polishing techniques to return your floor’s original vibrancy and allow you to remain within a reasonable budget.

Quality of Product and Procedure

In order to ensure that we provide the best results possible, we place an emphasis on utilising superior quality products and cutting edge technology. Through these techniques, we are able to minimise any exposure to toxic fumes or dust, keeping you and others safe from any harm. In addition, we make every effort to disrupt your daily routine as little as possible. We take the time to examine your floor plan thoroughly, and in many cases, our clients are not required to leave the premises.

Total Floor Service is the leading solution to all your timber floor needs in Melbourne. Contact us online  call us on 0469 939 227.
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We begin our process by providing our clients with an initial assessment through which we can evaluate a clear and accurate quote. During this step we also provide an estimated timeframe for project completion. Although project sizes may vary, typically our timber floor polishing Melbourne services should last between two to four days. We inform you of progress throughout the duration of the project, and will promptly follow up your initial query with an e-mail as well as a personal call.

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