Why Consider Timber Floors – Can Improve Health Outlook for You and Your Family?

Flooring for homes and commercial establishments comes in various types to meet varying tastes and needs, depending on many factors. A timber flooring is a form of wooden made more durable and attractive, and highly practical for many homes. These can be used as decking for kitchens, living rooms or bedrooms and create a great looking natural and light-colored flooring that is easy to maintain, overusing carpet or other types of flooring.

We at Total Floor Service are recognized as a floor sanding Melbourne service provider of specialists in residential and commercial floor polishing in Melbourne. We specialize in timber floor installations in Melbourne to successfully bring impressive health benefits and make a significant difference to those who suffer from allergens.

So, before making that final decision to invest in a hardwood floor. Here are some benefits of installation:

##Timber is a natural product

Carpets are made using synthetic fibers. Moreover, the chemicals used to clean, harmful to the environment. 

While timber flooring is earth-friendly materials begin to look tired and worn, your timber floors will still look beautiful with the help of Floor Sanding in Melbourne service. 

##Better Air Quality

Well, because even tile and laminate have no fiber in the carpet. As mentioned above, unlike carpet, timber floor installation in Melbourne does not trap dust, pollen, particulate matter, pet dander or other common allergens. This means they are essential for allergy sufferers because they always improve the air quality inside you. Moreover, if you want to regain its glory and shine your floor, combined with sanding and commercial floor polishing in Melbourne, that means flooring can guarantee you a happy, healthy home and atmosphere for years to come.

##Softer and warmer than tile: Essentially, natural wood enhances the feeling of warmth both aesthetically and physically. In fact, the hardwood floor really feels warm from the foot. On the other hand, tiles often retain coolness that can refresh during the summer but feels unbearable when the winter moves. 

##Hardwood doesn’t trap allergens:

If there comes a time where you’re looking, allergies and infections happening through them are real and serious.

Especially if you have children and senior citizens with you, while other floorings attract allergens, dust mites are often the breeding grounds for such organisms, and hardwood is not tempted by any such factor.

##Easy to keep clean

Dust and dirt attract disease-causing bacteria and, in turn, can be very harmful to health. Other than that, some people are affected by household dust allergies. When it comes to regular care, Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne offers you a weekly cleaning routine is fairly simple. 

Turn up!!

There are many reasons for Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne, and health benefits are just one of them. We at Total Floor Service offers proper guidance, and Floor Sanding in Melbourne service saves you from troubles and will help you achieve a classic, timeless look for your floor all seasons. Call us today on 0469 939 227, and we can answer all your questions and help you make the right choice for your home.