Handy Expert Guide For Preparing the Office for Professional Sanding

If you are inspired with wooden flooring and use wooden floors at the house and commercial offices then you might be familiar with the fact that it requires regular sanding and polishing for its maintenance. But before hiring floor sanding and polishing experts in Melbourne, your place needs to be prepared for sanding. Especially if you are the owner of a big organization, it requires a proper schedule and planning to prepare the office for floor sanding.

Any flooring project can be easily accomplished with the proper planning and knowledge, making a checklist before hiring the commercial floor sanding services in Melbourne can help to note down the important points and focus on the crucial areas of the project.

Follow below expert tips to prepare the office for floor sanding:

1)      Make sure to have a clean area and have a sufficient parking area to keep the machinery safely.

2)      Make sure to have a proper power supply for operating floor sanding equipment, also arrange proper lighting and water.

3)      Remove all furniture out of the room and ensure the floor area is clean and free from debris.

4)      Keep the food in a safer place in case of kitchen floor sanding because the smell of polyurethane can taint.

Basic general information to be aware

  • It is obvious that it’s impossible to remove the dust totally from the floor even if you use modern sanding machinery with dust collecting equipment.
  • Some rugs and carpets might leave a backing or design pattern when removed so, move the rug one to two weeks before you plan for sanding or polishing project, or else it might make permanent stains after the sanding project.
  • Accept the fact that you are going to get the difference in color and grain between new and old flooring.
  • Get a complete quote for the sanding project to get the correct cost estimation. Discuss your checklist with the contractor and know whether there are any extra charges.

Maintenance tips after completion of floor sanding

  • As polyurethane takes a maximum of one week to get harden, avoid walking on the floor for a minimum of 24 hours. Also don’t take furniture and other stuff inside the room up to 3 to 4 days to prevent polyurethane from getting damaged. So, avoid dragging furniture and move carefully inside the room after 3 to 4 days. Use furniture pads for placing furniture inside the room and prevent scratches.
  • Regular sweeping and mopping are fine as regular cleaning to maintain the floor in good condition. In case of any spills, clean it with a damp soft cloth immediately.
  • Avoid using domestic household cleaners for sanded floors. In case of any stain, oil or grime clean it with non-alkaline cleaner lightly using a damp mop.

Final words,

Hope you found the above floor sanding preparation tips valuable for your flooring project. Avoid steam mopping on the timber wood as they can make wooden swell. Choose total floor service for the guaranteed wooden floor installation services Melbourne and any kind of flooring services. We are the flooring and sanding experts that aim to transform every floor beautifully.