How effective is Strip and seal for Tile Cleaning in Melbourne?

Close by profound cleaning, strip and seal cleaning is a significant piece of our work to plan understudy corridors for a new term, and a new round of excited understudies come term time. On the off chance that you haven’t gone over the method of strip and seal in Melbourne, it’s reasonable that you’re going to hear much more about it in the future as an expanding number of organizations and expert cleaners find the advantages of the interaction. 

So what precisely is strip and seal cleaning? What’s more, how could it be utilized to provide old floors with a fresh out of the plastic new rent of life? We felt that marry acquaint you with the method. 

What is strip and seal cleaning? 

At times, after a significant stretch of heavy use, there’s nothing for it except to strip flooring back to its unique state and start from the very beginning once more. This is the methodology strip and seals in Melbourne used to clean and reestablish the scope of ground surface sorts. 

strip and seal in melbourne

This upper surface is regularly contained sealer, which can gather soil, scrapes, and harm over the long haul. Frequently the vinyl under layer is solid, which implies that after the sealer has been stripped, another layer of sealer can be applied to reestablish the floor to its previous state, drastically working on its appearance and condition with no compelling reason to lay new ground surface. 

Before another layer of sealer is applied, the first layer is given a profound clean, eliminating all soil, residue, and buildup to guarantee the floor is in mint condition, prepared for a new layer of sealer. After the new sealer has been set, the ground surface can look all-around excellent, and the reapplied coat can save it in perfect condition for considerably longer. 

Would it be a good idea for me to utilize a strip and seal on my property? 

strip and seals cleaning

Suppose your property or premises use overlay, vinyl, tile, or tile deck, and you are thinking of tile cleaning in Melbourne. In that case, strip and seal could be a brilliant option to the outrageous, earth hostile, and tedious course of completely supplanting a story. Investigate your ground surface. Does it look dirty and somewhat worn out regardless of how hard you scour? Stripping back that upper layer of sealer can eliminate most of the soil and grime, while another layer of sealer will guarantee you keep up with that spotless, new floor search for at least a year. 

If you are thinking about tile cleaning in Melbourne and still have any questions regarding the same, contact Total Floor service experts. It’s undoubtedly worth requesting additional data about strip and seal cleaning if: 

  • You’re quick to give your ground surface a cosmetic touch-up.
  • Your ground surface has a dingy appearance yet is generally in excellent condition. 
  • You’d like to save money on the expense of putting in a new deck.
  • You’re searching for a speedy and robust method for working on the vibe of your insides. 
  • You like to broaden the life expectancy of vinyl or cover flooring. 

Never Miss to Ask a Few Questions before You Hire a Tile Cleaner

 Cleaning is a topic on which we can talk a lot but when it comes to handling an actual cleaning, it becomes nerve-wracking. It even becomes back-breaking if we have to deal with tile & grout that are full of stains and stinking. The only thing we could think of at a moment is to ask for help from the best Tile Cleaning Melbourne Company.

Total Floor Service is a company that handles all such types of tile, grout, Strip And Seal Melbourneand nearby areas in case you need our assistance at any time.

Tile Cleaning Melbourne

We know the importance of cleanliness and how such stains and dirt can affect the lifestyle and health of humans. Thus, we have a large team of cleaners to handle the job effectively. No matter how difficult the whole thing seems, we can complete them without many burdens.

But yes, there are many companies that offer the same services that we do and we want to make sure that in whatever region you are living, make sure that you invest your money into cleaning services wisely.

Ask them a few questions to evaluate whether they are suitable for your needs or not.

#1. Thorough experience in the field

Experience plays an important role in hiring anyone to do your work. No matter if you want to complete any small work or a complex one, you will always prefer to choose experts to do it and experts become the same after their years of expertise in the same field. An experienced person knows what to do when to do it, and how to do it. They know what they can do to complete a certain job. If any company doesn’t have experience in the field, it indicates that they are not worth spending your time and money on. No one would ever want to waste time or money on any company that has zero work experience or is new in the field.

#2. The products and methods they follow

There are many tile cleaning companies that prefer their own way of cleaning tile and grout. They use their own products for cleaning and doing the chore jobs. You need to make sure that the tile cleaners you select the products that they use, so there will remain no need to compromise on quality or tile damage. There are companies that use heavy machinery for tile and grout cleaning. Most of the professional tile cleaners use good quality materials to provide you with the best possible results without getting them affected. You should never get afraid of asking about the cleaning of tile or floors. So, you need to have a clear picture of the expert cleaners.

#3. Can they offer a guarantee of their work?

It is an important question as if you are not happy with the cleanliness. Also, you need to keep a backup to make sure that the money isn’t going to be complete with the work. There are many tile cleaning companies that have started providing guarantees of their work and complete cleaning with a full-on guarantee.       

Total Floor Service is a Tile Cleaning Melbourne based company that works hard to complete all your tile cleaning work.



What Are the Most Common Grout Cleaning Mistakes That You Could Make?

How much time do you spend on cleaning bathroom & kitchen tiles daily? Ideally, it takes around 1 to 2 hours to clean tiles & grouts of the home thoroughly. Homeowners who could not spend enough time on cleaning, approach Tile cleaning Melbourne Company to clean your tile and grout professionally & perfectly.

Total Floor Service is the top-most Floor Sanding Geelong based Company that makes sure that each and every customer that arrives at the door with cleaning requirements, gains satisfactory experience.

We have been in the cleaning industry for many years and have helped many homeowners with a thorough cleaning. But, there are a few homeowners that make tile & grout cleaning mistakes that they should not. Here are the most common mistakes that we could highlight here so you would never repeat the same.

  1. Usage of dirty mop water or coloured cleaner

Tile cleaning melbourne

Cleaning up the tile and grout on a regular basis is extremely important. If you are thinking of skipping a cleaning or don’t bother to spend on professional cleaning, tiles will start losing their shine after a few months or a year maybe. Also, it could harm your tiles if you have selected the wrong cleaners or continuously use dirty mop water for cleaning the tiles. Both tile and grout are porous surfaces which means that they can soak up liquids if they are not properly sealed. In case if you use dirty mop water, it could lead to stains on the surface of your tile and grout. Same way, if any cleaning agent has a colour, that colour can even end up staining the tile and grout.

  1. Make use of vinegar to clean the tile & grout

Vinegar is used as a home remedy and can be used instead of chemical cleaners. However, it has lots of uses that can help you in cleaning house, tiles and grout. It is natural and in acidic form so it could be dangerous to use it recklessly. If you ever try to use vinegar straight on the floor, it could affect the surface of tile or grout. So, it is a red alert if you are prone to use vinegar for your home tiles & grout cleaning.

  1. Cleaning tile & grout using bleach

You could find bleach in every home because all of us have it in our home. If you choose to clean your tile and grout using bleach then it could do more harm than good. So, you need to be aware of the harm that it could do to your floor or tiles before you start using it. Many companies prefer to use colour sealer while cleaning grout or tiles. Colour sealer is nothing but a sealer that has colour and it can turn your dull looking floor into a shinier one.

So, Total Floor Service would recommend you to avoid any of the above practices because it could harm the surface than good. Instead, seek the professional Tile Cleaning Melbourne services to make your tile & grout look awesome.

Why is it the right decision to hire a tile cleaning professional?

If you want to impress visitors and create a healthy environment, your tile floor should constantly be gleaming and clean. The tiles are biased for becoming dirty quickly, and cleaning them might be challenging at times due to spilled fluids. Instead of attempting home treatments and perhaps damaging your tiles, you should use Tile Cleaning Melbourne services to maintain them clean professionally.

As many measures should be in place in the Tile Cleaning Melbourne process, household chemicals might permanently damage the tiles. The difficulty with tiles floors is that stains constantly appear and ruin the grout, which is difficult to remove. Only expert cleaning services are capable of completing the task.

You don’t want your floor to look shabby and worn, whether it’s in your home or office. An unsealed base is more prone to unrepairable harm; Strip And Seal Melbourne is the best way of avoiding such damages. Dirt and dust particles from your shoes attach to the floor, and friction from walking rubs down the surface of your floor, leaving it torn. This is especially problematic in business places where employees and customers are constantly walking on the floor. 

Tile Cleaning Melbourne professionals use the appropriate cleansers to remove the stains that make your floor appear pale and dusty. You may not always be successful in eliminating spill stains. If the spill goes unnoticed for a long time, it might permanently harm the tile, requiring you to spend a lot of money to replace a considerable part of the floor’s tiles. This is due to the stains being more intense and sticky. Cleaning solutions for the home will not work on these tiles. An expert can only provide effective cleaning solutions.

Tile Cleaning melbourne

After a few years of use, tiles tend to grow dull, with certain tiles losing their luster sooner. Ordinary household cleaning products won’t work on these filthy tiles, and only a professional cleaning approach will restore the tile floor’s natural luster using the proper cleaning solution and procedure. Many repair shops also provide tile sealing services, and sealants are used to fix the leaking floors. However, if your tiles have been stained or damaged, this service should be your first choice.

Strip And Seal Melbourne can help prevent damage from constant friction while also reducing the effects of normal wear and tear. When selecting tile cleaning services, make sure the provider can provide you with additional benefits. For example, you may wish to hire leather cleaning Melbourne experts who have the knowledge and experience to restore the luster of your leather products at home. You can save money by using the same firm for tile cleaning and leather cleaning, and the company may be able to provide you with discounted services.

Make sure the Tile Cleaning Melbourne company you’re considering hiring has a lot of expertise in experience and knowledge. Compare its prices to those of other companies and choose the one that best meets your needs. Total Floor Services is a Melbourne-based floor cleaning company, we provide all types of floor cleaning services, and also follow Australian standards to provide full-floor polishing service by our expert professionals.

Why is it Essential to hire a Professional for Tile Cleaning?

Tile Cleaning in Melbourne is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. On days off or after work, most people who work all day don’t have the time or energy to clean their tiles. Hence hiring tile cleaning experts for residential places is the best option.

When looking for the best cleaning professional service, a few factors should be at the top of your priority list. Choosing the greatest isn’t as simple as dialing a phone number from a television commercial. Before contacting any expert firm for your tile needs, you should think about a few things.

1) Before signing up with any cleaning service, you should ask questions to see if the firm is genuinely interested in assisting you or is merely interested in your money. Most businesses who want to expand their consumer base will gladly answer a few questions to demonstrate that they care. It is usually preferable to choose a cleaning company that is prepared to help.

Tile Cleaning Melbourne

The sorts mainly know the cleaning cost of tiles, their size, and the number of tiles you need to clean. Many businesses give discounts and promotions to consumers who contact them via the internet, and the majority of companies offer discounts during the holiday season.

2) When looking for the best Tile Cleaning in Melbourne service for your needs, check if the company also provides other cleaning services such as grout, tile repair, cleaning, grout re-establishing, and mending settlement breakages.

3) When it comes to licences and certifications, a word of warning is that you must insist on checking the license/certificate rather than taking their word for it. While you’re studying, please make a note of the regulatory agency that issued the certificate and make sure the state recognizes it.

4) A good service provider would use a combination of procedures to thoroughly clean your Tile and grout in the absence of a one-size-fits-all solution. Similarly, the length of the process will be determined by the type of filth to handle, as this will impact the time spent on pre-treatment, spot cleaning, and so on.

5) When seeking a suitable tile and grout cleaning service provider, comparison shopping is the approach to use. Pricing, discounts, proximity to your home, and flexibility depending on the situation are some of the factors to consider. It would help if you insisted on a formal contract and correctly read the fine print before signing and concluding the deal.

Some companies provide tile cleaning and a wide range of other services; in fact, some pros will clean your entire house from top to bottom, inside and out.

After your floor gets cleaned, a good tile cleaning company will advise you on keeping it clean. It’s vital to remember that a professional cleaning company won’t try to sell you additional items or compel you to use cleaning services you don’t need.

For all of your carpet and tile cleaning needs, go to Total Floor Service; we are famous in Melbourne for all sorts of floor cleaning. So to guarantee that the best tile cleaning in Melbourne you get, hire the best tile cleaning experts for residential places.

Budget-friendly tile Cleaning tips to use Today

Maintaining tile is crucial to preserve the beauty of the tiles and home. Every tile will need cleaning after some years even after regular cleaning. Tile cleaning doesn’t need to feel like a financial burden because it’s a matter of home cleanliness and reputation. Experts say to schedule the professional tile cleaning twice a year to preserve its beauty and shine. You never know regular cleaning might not be enough hence, get the tile professionally cleaned to have a hygienic environment. Hire the professionals for the best  Tile Cleaning in Melbourne today if you haven’t cleaned your tile for a long time.

Do you know your tile can be a home for bacteria and allergen to live? Every season brings new problems, even if you clean with a soft mop and disinfectants. There are some cool and quick ways by which you can clean the tiles using home remedies without tearing your pocket.

Keep on reading the blogs to know the cost-effective methods of tile cleaning!

Tile Cleaning Melbourne

1)       Vacuum frequently

With continuous and regular efforts, you can easily maintain the tile and grout properly. After certain years, tiles are likely to become discolored and dirty due to dirt accumulation. Frequent vacuuming can help to prevent dirt accumulation on the tiles. Daily vacuuming can also help to maintain the shine of the tiles and remove the unwanted particles from the tiles.

2)      Use vinegar

If you want to have cost-effective cleaning then use vinegar. Vinegar is the best cleaning agent and is widely used in plenty of cleaning products. Vinegar is perfect to clean the home tiles and kitchen tiles. As vinegar has a special quality of removing dirt and stain without harming the quality of the tiles. Vinegar is easily available on all offline and online stores. All you need is to prepare the solution of water and vinegar, just avoid using vinegar on natural stone because it can damage the tiles and result in tile discoloration. Vinegar is safe to use for all residential and commercial cleaning.

3)      Water cleaning

Yes, you read it right. Water is the cheapest and the best cleaner that cleans the tile without any damage. It can be the best choice if you are looking for a cheap and eco-friendly option. It can be used daily or every week without hassle. Water has the natural properties of removing stains and dirt. Use generous water and a soft brush to clean the tile and it is perfectly fine for cleaning mild to moderate dirt and stain.

4)      Baking soda

Bicarbonate soda is the best reliable tile cleaner, baking soda is capable to remove stubborn stains and cleans the tiles and grout effectively. Just make sure to rinse the tile properly or it might leave a white residue on the tile.

Endnote: hope you found the above reliable tile cleaning tips useful and helpful to clean your tiles efficiently. If you are looking for tile cleaning on whom you can blindly rely, hire total floor service today, we offer premium tile and grout cleaning services in Melbourne, book an appointment today.


How To Take Care of The Bathroom Tiles?

Bathroom tiles are exposed daily to water, residues, hot water, gunk and more. cleaning them is not just essential to keep the bathroom looking clean but also to ensure hygienic conditions in the bathroom. The bathroom may be a small space in the house but the Tile Cleaning in Melbourne task could be daunting.

Apart from the regular cleaning tips listed below, you can also hire tile cleaning experts for residential places to address the cleaning requirements of the house including the kitchen and bathroom.

1. Using The Right Cleaning Solutions

A cleaner that is not too harsh for the grouts and is effective to clean the tiles is an ideal choice. With so many advertised products available in the market it can get harder to pick one. You can take the help of our professional to get the best cleaner for the bathroom tiles. Do not always rely on the DIY cleaning solution as they can be ineffective or too harsh.

2. Taking Regular Cleaning Seriously

The floor upon no regular cleaning can get slippery due to soap residue build-up. It can pile up in the grout and remain damped for a prolonged period. This can lead to grout damage and leaks. It can also stain the grouts and make the bathroom look ugly.

Tile Cleaning in Melbourne

You can also schedule a full-fledged thorough cleaning session of the bathroom m tiles every weekend to get rid of anything that has escaped the regular cleaning.

3. Grouts Are the In the Priority List

This is a place where the damage would be done the most. Grouts have spaces that can hold on the moisture and residue. The moisture and the favourable temperature in the bathroom can induce mould growth in the tiles of the bathroom. It increases the health concerns, as well as the grouts could be damaged.  

Brushing each lining of the tiles in the bathroom is what you are imagining right? Well, that is a lot of work. Instead, you can take professional help to get rid of it and they stick to your regular cleaning regime for the tiles to eliminate the mould growth.

4. Make Sure That It Is Ventilated

The excess moisture content could be the reason for many problems related to the bathroom including mould growth. So, make sure that the bathroom is well ventilated to keep all the moisture away even from the grout. Ventilation would keep the bathroom dry and also away from musty odour due to moisture.

5. Hire The Experts

When it comes to the bathroom the leaks can be expensive when it comes to repairs. Which could be the result of the DIY solution that you tried without knowing that it might not work for the type of tiles installed in the bathroom? Leave this possibility aside by hiring the experts.

They have the skills and equipment to make the cleaning more effective. They can also inspect the tiles and grouts for any repair requirements. Tile cleaning experts for residential places is the best way forward.

How Could You Restore Discoloured Grout? Read a Full Guide

With the passing years, every bathroom suffers from tile and grout issues. No matter how much clean you prefer it to remain for a longer period or how effective products you use for cleaning, professional Tile Cleaning in Melbourne or anywhere in the world is a must matter.  

Total Floor Service has been serving people for the superior tile and grout cleaning services in Melbourne for the last many years.

And, now we have decided to spread awareness among people about how tile and grout cleaning can help them stay a healthy life.

Nothing remains the same for the longer period that we all know. Leaves shed, livings die, irons rusted, woods get rotten, and everything just changes with time. In the same way, our bathroom tiles and grouts also start getting stained by the time.

You may find yellow or black colours on the tiles and grouts. What are they? What do they indicate?

They simply tell you that they require professional cleanliness to get back into a good form.

By ignoring such demand, you may lose the overall charm of the area. Instead of renovating the whole place, it would be better to let the professionals work on it and bring back the sign.

Tile Cleaning in Melbourne

Professionals usually have effective detergents and tools to deal with stubborn stains, so that they can help you see the real MAGIC.

Grout Cleaning

A professional tile and grout cleaning company will help you with a thorough cleaning and help you by cleaning dirt and debris if they find them anywhere around the area. You may find it literally amazing as professionals can collect and wipe away the surface where they find dirt and debris. Even if you are not able to completely clean the tile and grout, then professionals can help you with the expected cleaning results.

Handle re-grouting

Many times, professional grouting isn’t an effective solution for handling discoloured grout. There can be chances that grouts have broken down or got damaged after many years of usage, or the grime needs to remove as soon as possible. If professional grout cleaning doesn’t work, experts prefer to remove the older grout and then replace it with the newer one.

The whole process that takes place to make your floor look stunning, is considered re-grouting. It will give a completely new look to the place, so the place where you apply re-grouting will look complete newer.

Such newer looking grout will prevent moisture stored in the cracks which will keep your tile and grout away from mould and mildew. It’s even possible to re-grout the surface using the same colour to give it a fresh look.

Grout staining

If grout makes your floor look good, but cleaning becomes hard on the grim, then what you can do. The right way to deal with such a situation is grout staining. Professionals apply a colour layer on the top of the grout to cover up everything that lies under the floor layer. Then, a stroke of paint offer outstanding results, but you need to make sure to apply the same properly. Never try doing it on your own as it could result in peeling off the surface by the time.    


Select the best Tile Cleaning in Melbourne Company that can help you with thorough tile and grout cleaning so that you never get embarrassed by your bathroom area. 

Tile Cleaning in Melbourne

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning for Healthy Home

Added aesthetics to the home by installing the tiles. Tiles – durable, low maintenance, moisture resistant, good home resale value, low fading, long term investment, great colours, creative textures, outstanding style, basically everything that your home needs. They are easy to clean but it is not like they do not need professional Tile Cleaning in Melbourne at all. when was the last time you noticed that the dirt in the grouts need attention?

Do you have a kid at home who is learning to roam around the house? Are the tiles safe for the health of the kids? Is the grout making your child fall sick? Have you ever thought that grout can make your child sick in the first place? If not then you must know why tile and grout cleaning services in Melbourne are essential.

· Grout is Porous

The porosity of the grout makes it susceptible to sticking dirt, dust, debris, allergens, bacteria, virus and mould. Especially the areas like kitchen and bathroom have higher chances of having harmful micro-organisms that may be a threat to your health not just the kids in your house.

Tile Cleaning in Melbourne

· Eliminate Mould That You Were Unaware Of

Tiles may be water-resistant but grouts without water-resistant sealants are not. They can hold up the moisture from the water that was left in the grout from the tile mopping, warm temperature and constant moisture is where the mould grows. This is highly seen in the grout of kitchen and bathroom tiles. We are all very well aware of the serious health threat that moulds growth can induce in the house. Professionals can help you with these by thoroughly cleaning the growth with cleaners, getting rid of mould from affect grouts and keep the indoor air quality intact.

· They May Be Triggering Allergies

Apart from the vents and ducts, grouts also have the presence of allergens that can trigger your allegories and make you sick for reason that you might be unaware of. Professionals bring with them the set of professional cleaners that can get the micro-organisms along with the allergens out of those unreachable grout pores.

· Regular Maintenance  

Get rid of this microorganism is not a one-time thing, you need to take regular care of the tile and the grout. No to worry as you have professionals waiting to help you whenever you need the service. These professionals will not just take care of the beautiful tiles but also will clean the grout by keeping your kids and your safe.

Haven’t had the tile and grout cleaning services in Melbourne in a long time now? Get one as soon as possible as this may be the reason your child keeps falling sick for no reason. You can also have the tile cleaning experts for residential places to infect the condition of the grout and for choosing the appropriate sealant as per your home’s requirement to protect the grout from getting the dirt, dust, pet dander, microorganism and what not.

Tile Cleaning in Melbourne

Why Is It Important to Get Grouts Cleaned Professionally?

Tiles are an inevitable part of the house whether it be in the kitchen, bathroom or the entire flooring of the house. tiles are becoming a popular choice these days due to durability, colors, functionalities, style, texture, most of all due to their ease of cleaning. Sweep the floors, use cleaner for stains and dirt build-ups, mop with water and tiles looks fresh, neat and clean. One can also get the Tile Cleaning in Melbourne once in a while when the tiles are dirty and need to be cleaned by professionals.

Wait, something is missing here. It is just the tiles that need to be cleaned? Do professionals just clean the tiles? What about the grouts? This exactly why getting professional tile and grout cleaning services in Melbourne is necessary. We just overlooked the grout as if they do not exist. Matter of fact, they do and they need more cleaning than the tiles. This is what the tile cleaning experts for residential places are for. Here are some more reasons why getting the grouts cleaned by professionals is a must.

· Cleaning Grout by Yourself Is a Waste of Time

Cleaning the grout is a daunting task, you hope to clean the whole house holding a toothbrush and some cleaner. Don’t say you were just planning to do so. Are you sure you are going to get rid of all the dirt and the stains away by rubbing a toothbrush? Grout cleaning is not easy as tile and planning such a time-consuming task that is not worth the effort a time you are will to give. Why not let the professional do what they are best at? They have the right tools that can clean the grouts in less time and more effectively.

Tile Cleaning in Melbourne

· DIY Cleaning May Not Get Rid of The Allergens from The Grouts

The number of allergens, bacteria, fungi and sometimes moulds these grouts are holding is unimaginable. Getting the dirt and stains off won’t be enough. When using the DIY methods, you may see the dirt and stain coming off up to an extent but what about the microorganisms that you cannot see coming off? Through cleaning of the grouts with appropriate cleaned is necessary to maintain hygiene in the home.

· Professionals Make Sure That the Grouts Look Fresh Like the Tiles

You install beautiful beige tile in the kitchen, it goes perfectly with the neutral décor of the home. You do not want any guest asking you what was the idea behind having the beige tiles and dark brown grouts. That is embarrassing right. When professionals are here to save you from the embarrassment of the ugly looking grouts. They use effective methods to keep the grouts look refreshing and deeply cleaned.

Still, doubting that hiring tile cleaning experts for residential places? Just get the service den once and you will realise what you were missing all this time doubting if these services were worth getting or not.