Budget-friendly tile Cleaning tips to use Today

Maintaining tile is crucial to preserve the beauty of the tiles and home. Every tile will need cleaning after some years even after regular cleaning. Tile cleaning doesn’t need to feel like a financial burden because it’s a matter of home cleanliness and reputation. Experts say to schedule the professional tile cleaning twice a year to preserve its beauty and shine. You never know regular cleaning might not be enough hence, get the tile professionally cleaned to have a hygienic environment. Hire the professionals for the best  Tile Cleaning in Melbourne today if you haven’t cleaned your tile for a long time.

Do you know your tile can be a home for bacteria and allergen to live? Every season brings new problems, even if you clean with a soft mop and disinfectants. There are some cool and quick ways by which you can clean the tiles using home remedies without tearing your pocket.

Keep on reading the blogs to know the cost-effective methods of tile cleaning!

Tile Cleaning Melbourne

1)       Vacuum frequently

With continuous and regular efforts, you can easily maintain the tile and grout properly. After certain years, tiles are likely to become discolored and dirty due to dirt accumulation. Frequent vacuuming can help to prevent dirt accumulation on the tiles. Daily vacuuming can also help to maintain the shine of the tiles and remove the unwanted particles from the tiles.

2)      Use vinegar

If you want to have cost-effective cleaning then use vinegar. Vinegar is the best cleaning agent and is widely used in plenty of cleaning products. Vinegar is perfect to clean the home tiles and kitchen tiles. As vinegar has a special quality of removing dirt and stain without harming the quality of the tiles. Vinegar is easily available on all offline and online stores. All you need is to prepare the solution of water and vinegar, just avoid using vinegar on natural stone because it can damage the tiles and result in tile discoloration. Vinegar is safe to use for all residential and commercial cleaning.

3)      Water cleaning

Yes, you read it right. Water is the cheapest and the best cleaner that cleans the tile without any damage. It can be the best choice if you are looking for a cheap and eco-friendly option. It can be used daily or every week without hassle. Water has the natural properties of removing stains and dirt. Use generous water and a soft brush to clean the tile and it is perfectly fine for cleaning mild to moderate dirt and stain.

4)      Baking soda

Bicarbonate soda is the best reliable tile cleaner, baking soda is capable to remove stubborn stains and cleans the tiles and grout effectively. Just make sure to rinse the tile properly or it might leave a white residue on the tile.

Endnote: hope you found the above reliable tile cleaning tips useful and helpful to clean your tiles efficiently. If you are looking for tile cleaning on whom you can blindly rely, hire total floor service today, we offer premium tile and grout cleaning services in Melbourne, book an appointment today.


How To Take Care of The Bathroom Tiles?

Bathroom tiles are exposed daily to water, residues, hot water, gunk and more. cleaning them is not just essential to keep the bathroom looking clean but also to ensure hygienic conditions in the bathroom. The bathroom may be a small space in the house but the Tile Cleaning in Melbourne task could be daunting.

Apart from the regular cleaning tips listed below, you can also hire tile cleaning experts for residential places to address the cleaning requirements of the house including the kitchen and bathroom.

1. Using The Right Cleaning Solutions

A cleaner that is not too harsh for the grouts and is effective to clean the tiles is an ideal choice. With so many advertised products available in the market it can get harder to pick one. You can take the help of our professional to get the best cleaner for the bathroom tiles. Do not always rely on the DIY cleaning solution as they can be ineffective or too harsh.

2. Taking Regular Cleaning Seriously

The floor upon no regular cleaning can get slippery due to soap residue build-up. It can pile up in the grout and remain damped for a prolonged period. This can lead to grout damage and leaks. It can also stain the grouts and make the bathroom look ugly.

Tile Cleaning in Melbourne

You can also schedule a full-fledged thorough cleaning session of the bathroom m tiles every weekend to get rid of anything that has escaped the regular cleaning.

3. Grouts Are the In the Priority List

This is a place where the damage would be done the most. Grouts have spaces that can hold on the moisture and residue. The moisture and the favourable temperature in the bathroom can induce mould growth in the tiles of the bathroom. It increases the health concerns, as well as the grouts could be damaged.  

Brushing each lining of the tiles in the bathroom is what you are imagining right? Well, that is a lot of work. Instead, you can take professional help to get rid of it and they stick to your regular cleaning regime for the tiles to eliminate the mould growth.

4. Make Sure That It Is Ventilated

The excess moisture content could be the reason for many problems related to the bathroom including mould growth. So, make sure that the bathroom is well ventilated to keep all the moisture away even from the grout. Ventilation would keep the bathroom dry and also away from musty odour due to moisture.

5. Hire The Experts

When it comes to the bathroom the leaks can be expensive when it comes to repairs. Which could be the result of the DIY solution that you tried without knowing that it might not work for the type of tiles installed in the bathroom? Leave this possibility aside by hiring the experts.

They have the skills and equipment to make the cleaning more effective. They can also inspect the tiles and grouts for any repair requirements. Tile cleaning experts for residential places is the best way forward.

How Could You Restore Discoloured Grout? Read a Full Guide

With the passing years, every bathroom suffers from tile and grout issues. No matter how much clean you prefer it to remain for a longer period or how effective products you use for cleaning, professional Tile Cleaning in Melbourne or anywhere in the world is a must matter.  

Total Floor Service has been serving people for the superior tile and grout cleaning services in Melbourne for the last many years.

And, now we have decided to spread awareness among people about how tile and grout cleaning can help them stay a healthy life.

Nothing remains the same for the longer period that we all know. Leaves shed, livings die, irons rusted, woods get rotten, and everything just changes with time. In the same way, our bathroom tiles and grouts also start getting stained by the time.

You may find yellow or black colours on the tiles and grouts. What are they? What do they indicate?

They simply tell you that they require professional cleanliness to get back into a good form.

By ignoring such demand, you may lose the overall charm of the area. Instead of renovating the whole place, it would be better to let the professionals work on it and bring back the sign.

Tile Cleaning in Melbourne

Professionals usually have effective detergents and tools to deal with stubborn stains, so that they can help you see the real MAGIC.

Grout Cleaning

A professional tile and grout cleaning company will help you with a thorough cleaning and help you by cleaning dirt and debris if they find them anywhere around the area. You may find it literally amazing as professionals can collect and wipe away the surface where they find dirt and debris. Even if you are not able to completely clean the tile and grout, then professionals can help you with the expected cleaning results.

Handle re-grouting

Many times, professional grouting isn’t an effective solution for handling discoloured grout. There can be chances that grouts have broken down or got damaged after many years of usage, or the grime needs to remove as soon as possible. If professional grout cleaning doesn’t work, experts prefer to remove the older grout and then replace it with the newer one.

The whole process that takes place to make your floor look stunning, is considered re-grouting. It will give a completely new look to the place, so the place where you apply re-grouting will look complete newer.

Such newer looking grout will prevent moisture stored in the cracks which will keep your tile and grout away from mould and mildew. It’s even possible to re-grout the surface using the same colour to give it a fresh look.

Grout staining

If grout makes your floor look good, but cleaning becomes hard on the grim, then what you can do. The right way to deal with such a situation is grout staining. Professionals apply a colour layer on the top of the grout to cover up everything that lies under the floor layer. Then, a stroke of paint offer outstanding results, but you need to make sure to apply the same properly. Never try doing it on your own as it could result in peeling off the surface by the time.    


Select the best Tile Cleaning in Melbourne Company that can help you with thorough tile and grout cleaning so that you never get embarrassed by your bathroom area. 

Tile Cleaning in Melbourne

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning for Healthy Home

Added aesthetics to the home by installing the tiles. Tiles – durable, low maintenance, moisture resistant, good home resale value, low fading, long term investment, great colours, creative textures, outstanding style, basically everything that your home needs. They are easy to clean but it is not like they do not need professional Tile Cleaning in Melbourne at all. when was the last time you noticed that the dirt in the grouts need attention?

Do you have a kid at home who is learning to roam around the house? Are the tiles safe for the health of the kids? Is the grout making your child fall sick? Have you ever thought that grout can make your child sick in the first place? If not then you must know why tile and grout cleaning services in Melbourne are essential.

· Grout is Porous

The porosity of the grout makes it susceptible to sticking dirt, dust, debris, allergens, bacteria, virus and mould. Especially the areas like kitchen and bathroom have higher chances of having harmful micro-organisms that may be a threat to your health not just the kids in your house.

Tile Cleaning in Melbourne

· Eliminate Mould That You Were Unaware Of

Tiles may be water-resistant but grouts without water-resistant sealants are not. They can hold up the moisture from the water that was left in the grout from the tile mopping, warm temperature and constant moisture is where the mould grows. This is highly seen in the grout of kitchen and bathroom tiles. We are all very well aware of the serious health threat that moulds growth can induce in the house. Professionals can help you with these by thoroughly cleaning the growth with cleaners, getting rid of mould from affect grouts and keep the indoor air quality intact.

· They May Be Triggering Allergies

Apart from the vents and ducts, grouts also have the presence of allergens that can trigger your allegories and make you sick for reason that you might be unaware of. Professionals bring with them the set of professional cleaners that can get the micro-organisms along with the allergens out of those unreachable grout pores.

· Regular Maintenance  

Get rid of this microorganism is not a one-time thing, you need to take regular care of the tile and the grout. No to worry as you have professionals waiting to help you whenever you need the service. These professionals will not just take care of the beautiful tiles but also will clean the grout by keeping your kids and your safe.

Haven’t had the tile and grout cleaning services in Melbourne in a long time now? Get one as soon as possible as this may be the reason your child keeps falling sick for no reason. You can also have the tile cleaning experts for residential places to infect the condition of the grout and for choosing the appropriate sealant as per your home’s requirement to protect the grout from getting the dirt, dust, pet dander, microorganism and what not.

Tile Cleaning in Melbourne

Why Is It Important to Get Grouts Cleaned Professionally?

Tiles are an inevitable part of the house whether it be in the kitchen, bathroom or the entire flooring of the house. tiles are becoming a popular choice these days due to durability, colors, functionalities, style, texture, most of all due to their ease of cleaning. Sweep the floors, use cleaner for stains and dirt build-ups, mop with water and tiles looks fresh, neat and clean. One can also get the Tile Cleaning in Melbourne once in a while when the tiles are dirty and need to be cleaned by professionals.

Wait, something is missing here. It is just the tiles that need to be cleaned? Do professionals just clean the tiles? What about the grouts? This exactly why getting professional tile and grout cleaning services in Melbourne is necessary. We just overlooked the grout as if they do not exist. Matter of fact, they do and they need more cleaning than the tiles. This is what the tile cleaning experts for residential places are for. Here are some more reasons why getting the grouts cleaned by professionals is a must.

· Cleaning Grout by Yourself Is a Waste of Time

Cleaning the grout is a daunting task, you hope to clean the whole house holding a toothbrush and some cleaner. Don’t say you were just planning to do so. Are you sure you are going to get rid of all the dirt and the stains away by rubbing a toothbrush? Grout cleaning is not easy as tile and planning such a time-consuming task that is not worth the effort a time you are will to give. Why not let the professional do what they are best at? They have the right tools that can clean the grouts in less time and more effectively.

Tile Cleaning in Melbourne

· DIY Cleaning May Not Get Rid of The Allergens from The Grouts

The number of allergens, bacteria, fungi and sometimes moulds these grouts are holding is unimaginable. Getting the dirt and stains off won’t be enough. When using the DIY methods, you may see the dirt and stain coming off up to an extent but what about the microorganisms that you cannot see coming off? Through cleaning of the grouts with appropriate cleaned is necessary to maintain hygiene in the home.

· Professionals Make Sure That the Grouts Look Fresh Like the Tiles

You install beautiful beige tile in the kitchen, it goes perfectly with the neutral décor of the home. You do not want any guest asking you what was the idea behind having the beige tiles and dark brown grouts. That is embarrassing right. When professionals are here to save you from the embarrassment of the ugly looking grouts. They use effective methods to keep the grouts look refreshing and deeply cleaned.

Still, doubting that hiring tile cleaning experts for residential places? Just get the service den once and you will realise what you were missing all this time doubting if these services were worth getting or not.

Tile Cleaning in Melbourne 2

Is Your White Grout Converting Into Brown? Check This Guide

We never know when and how our tile starts losing the charm. If you also feel that your tile started turning into brown colour, then you should contact the professional Tile Cleaning in Melbourne Company that can help you convert your floor in a good condition.

Total Floor Service, considered as the top-most tile and grout cleaning services in Melbourne that residents and industrialists prefer to contact. What’s your need?

Are you worried about the yellowish or brownish coloured tile & grout? Well, if this is the condition that you face recently, we bring up something worth considering for you.

Our tile cleaning experts for residential places, commercial places, and industrial sectors can be there with the right equipment to help you come out from the stressful condition.

Let’s find out the reason why your white grout turns into a grey or brown colour.

We all know that grout is porous in material or texture. Just like a sponge in highly used areas like floors and showers which start absorbing water and dirt particles that ever come in contact with the grout and tiles.

The more floor traffic you have the high chances your tile and grout will have to turn into brown or grey colour.

Tile Cleaning in Melbourne\

The situation may sound a bit awkward, but when you choose to clean the tile and grout on a regular basis, there will remain fewer chances for your tile to convert into dull colour in a frequent way.

You need to mix household cleaners and detergents with water to clean the tile and grout, our experts contribute to the dinginess.

Initially, water in conjunction with detergent mixture works effectively to connected surface grime deep into grout pores. Another important thing is when the water and cleaner dry, they start sealing in the dirt and that has been started by wiping and scrubbing during the cleaning procedure.

Damp showers will start producing brown grout more compare to other important areas

Usually, the usage of showers can become a major reason behind dampness that start producing grout discolouration. The cleaning procedures will not only start contributing to the surface contaminants penetration, but the wet environment can become the safest zone for mould and mildew to start growing.

If you have noticed, you may know that your grout turns into brown colour if you shower more in the bathroom. What does it indicate? It clearly indicates that mould spores and mildews are set up deep within the grout.

The most considerable thing is that Total Floor Service is here to handle the brown or grey grout easily with the help of the latest tools and techniques. It will still depend upon the level of change that you may require to get the grout to the intended colour.

End up,

Total Floor Service is here to help you with all the Tile Cleaning in Melbourne related needs. Kindly connect with us for any query or suggestions today.

Tile Cleaning in Melbourne

Read to Know How Tile Cleaning Help You Eliminate Tile Replacement Need

The need for tile cleaning can occur at any time. And, what you need to do in this situation is contact Tile Cleaning in Melbourne company that can help you shine your home.

You may think, why seek tile and grout cleaning services in Melbourne and how it can ensure that there will remain no need for tile replacement in near future? Understandable, because this question could pop up in any people’s mind.

Hence, we, Total Floor Service is here to help you find out the right solution to this question that may hamper any of your minds.

You may approach tile cleaning experts for residential places, commercial places, or even industrial sectors. And, they can help you with complete tile and grout cleaning services.

But, how it will minimize the need for tile replacement? To find the answer, we are here.

Tile and grout cleaning will ensure that the tiled surface will remain as it is for a longer period and it looks great every year. When you prefer tile and grout cleaning on a regular basis, it will reduce the chances of tile & grout damage on a frequent basis.

The condition of tile cleaning will become so much important in a high-traffic area, which means your floor has a lot of rush, you should contact professional tile cleaners.

Why You Should Choose Total Floor Service for Tile Maintenance

 Total Floor Service focuses a lot more on caring for tile and grout rather than any other areas. Here, we provide complete tile and grout cleaning services to anyone who knocks on our doors. So, if you are in a need of tile and grout cleaning, we can be your safer place. With the continuous usage of the tile and grout, there will remain high chances of it starting getting damaged soon. Hence, a professional tile and grout cleaner comes up with effective tools and techniques that can help you hold the charm of your tiles.

Tile Cleaning in Melbourne

Moreover, we aim to provide full-fledged care to every client that arrives at our door. Our tile and grout cleaning service is created to bring up the repair services.

We also accomplish each of the cleanings with a professional tile cleaning method and until our client gets satisfied with the services. With our regular maintenance, you can have a clean tile and grout.

Since there is nothing wrong in calling out tile replacement experts but it is when your tile starts losing the charm even after you pamper it a lot. And, also if your tile and grout are older than 6-7 years. You could even not imagine the damage that your tile and grout can have if you ignore it for many years.

Bottom line,

Total Floor Service is here to help you with a thorough Tile Cleaning in Melbourne requirements. We ensure that your tile will remain in a good condition for many more upcoming years.

Tile Cleaning in Melbourne

Considerations for cleaning 3 tile styles you can find in your facility

It goes without saying that maintaining the Tile Cleaning in Melbourne is the best way to keep them looking fresh and in good working order. Every commercial cleaner like us at Total Cleaning Melbourne understands the value of doing the job right, from lobbies to commercial kitchens to public restrooms.

Total Floor Service Melbourne, with years of experience in the industry, our technicians are highly qualified and can efficiently handle any restoration service for any type of floor surface. Here are some main considerations for cleaning three tile styles you can find in your facility: natural stone, porcelain, and nonslip to help you master the cleaning and maintenance of tiles in commercial spaces. These factors will provide you with the knowledge you need to deal with difficult dirt and regular floor maintenance.

  1. Natural stone tile

Nothing compares to the natural beauty of stone, but due to its fragile nature, natural stone tiles must be maintained on a regular basis to keep them safe and clean. To get the best results, choose the right tile and grout cleaning services in Melbourne that provide quality products for the material when removing tough stains and dirt, particularly in commercial kitchens or high-traffic areas.

Despite natural stone’s hard exterior, regular cleaning agents can be too acidic, removing the sealant coating or damaging the stone itself.

Tile Cleaning in Melbourne

  1. Porcelain tile

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are common in commercial settings because they are durable and need little maintenance, making them suitable for high-traffic areas. However, cleaning these tough tiles once or twice a week is recommended to ensure their durability.

When dealing with porcelain tiles, you must first determine which kind you are dealing with: polished, textured, or matte? Knowing this will assist you in determining the best cleaning tool to use.

  1. Nonslip tile

Nonslip tiles, like textured porcelain, take some extra attention. Because of the antislip properties, the surface isn’t fully smooth and can hold more dirt than regular tiles. To the uninitiated, the first instinct that comes to mind when dealing with this dirt is to reach for an industrial-strength detergent, as mild cleaners seem to be unable to cut through the grease and grime. This isn’t the case; harsh chemicals could compromise the tile’s integrity and nonslip properties.

We’d sweep or vacuum the surface dirt away, then dampen the floor by pouring a small amount of water on the tiles and gently moving it around with a soft-bristled brush. This will give the tiles a deep clean without leaving a film on them, which can trap dirt underneath and make them look dingy.


When it comes to choosing tile cleaning experts for residential places, do your homework first to avoid abrasive cleaning methods that could harm the tile and result in a less-than-impressive end result. We at Total Floor Service believe, with the right cleaning tools and equipment for the tile style and routine maintenance, even large-scale cleaning operations would be a breeze, leaving you with gleaming tiled walls and floors for years to come.

Tile Cleaning in Melbourne

know why tile and grout cleaning is worth it

Tiles and grout come in different styles and designs so, it gives unique look to tiles, but this is the area that turns dirty and discoloured in the future. Tiles and grout are mostly used in the bathrooms, kitchens, and pantry areas to prevent slipping and unusual accidents. With the passing time, grout area becomes more vulnerable area for dirt accumulation and breed growth so, it is important to have regular check-ups by the Tile Cleaning in Melbourne experts for residential places to maintain healthy space.

It’s not a good idea to clean tiles and grout by self by scrubbing and cleaning because it’s not effective and grouts are especially difficult to clean because they are hard. If you clean tiles and stones by yourself, you will end up wasting your time and energy with unsatisfied cleaning. Choose Total Floor Service for the high-quality tile and grout cleaning services in Melbourne with the assured satisfaction work.

There are various benefits of having professional tile and grout cleaning:

  • Experts remove all stubborn stains and dirt

Experts have years of experience in tiles and grout cleaning so, they have deep knowledge to clean various kinds of tiles and grouts without spoiling its shine.

  • Professional cleaning prevents tile and grout from future staining

As experienced tile and grout cleaners, they won’t leave stains or greasy residue behind from the soap solution. Grout is generally a material that soaks up stains like a sponge. So, to prevent future staining, it’s important to apply sealant to the grout.

  • Experts work smarter

Tiles and grout absorb the liquid and dirt so, instead of wasting time in scrubbing and cleaning grout, professionals always tend to work smarter by using their advanced machinery and equipment to get tile and grout cleaning efficiently in lesser time.

  • Most professional tile and grout cleaning are reasonable

Mostly tiles and grout cleaning services are long lasting and comes with the guarantee. So, it’s completely worth the investment. It’s advised to get tile and grout cleaned every one to two years to make tiles shine and brighter.  It’s also fine to have tile and grout cleaned according to seasons and needs.

  • Tile and grout cleaning contributes to healthy home

Home is the place where we spend our maximum time. So, always get your tile and grout clean to maintain a healthy and clean environment. Studies shows that professional tile and grout cleaning kills 99% of germs and allergens from the stone and tiles. Application of sealant is proven to block the germs and bacteria and preserve longer life of the tiles in future.


Tile and grout cleaning makes the home looks sparkling white and brighter, so if you are looking for the Tile Cleaning in Melbourne, choose total floor service. We are the highly experienced professionals specialized in all kinds of floor cleaning service. There are many cleaning companies that will promise you to offer the best cleaning service but we are the certified cleaning company dedicated to providing excellent cleaning service. Call us today for all floor cleaning needs.

Tile Cleaning in Melbourne

What are the major tile cleaning mistakes?

Are you planning to have Tile Cleaning in Melbourne? Are you doing it yourself? Or are you hiring a professional for the same? We have listed the major mistakes that the majority of people make. Read the following to see if you are making the same mistake.

Using soap for tiles

The biggest mistake anyone can make with tiles is using soap for cleaning them. Not many people know that soap contains harsh chemicals and ingredients which might clean your dish but are harsh on the tiles. The soap will ruin the tiles completely. Also, you will be left with a greasy and weird tile that will feel unusual whenever you will walk on them. So use professional tile cleaning products for cleaning the tiles instead of relying on dishwashing soap.

You can buy a complete cleaning kit that includes everything that is required for the proper and safe tile cleaning.

You can simply choose the best tile cleaning experts for residential places who will come to your place and make sure that your tiles are as good a new.

Focusing on grouts only

Some people just pay attention to grouts only. The truth is your tiles need the same amount of clean so that of the grout. Also, some people use harsh brushes and give some hard strokes on the grouts, which loosens the grouts and makes them come out. If you do the same and the grouts of your tiles are coming out, it’s time to stop doing this and change your tile cleaning technique.

Tile Cleaning in Melbourne

Some people use vinegar, baking soda, and salt on the tiles. This might sound right, but in reality, you are damaging your grouts and tiles. Your tiles don’t require any home remedy, it needs professional tile and grout Cleaning services in Melbourne, which will revive them and make them dirt-free.

Moreover, you might have seen some people using sharp objects to remove the dirt from the grouts. This is like royally damaging your tiles. No tiles and grouts can survive this behavior. Your toles require gentle cleaning techniques that involve cleaning products that are gentle on tiles but harsh on dirt and stains. The harder you clean them, the poorer the tiles become. In the end, you would have only one choice of re-installing your entire floor or change the entire flooring.

Not getting your tiles professionally cleaned

When was the last time you get your tiles cleaned by the professionals? Can’t remember? If this is the case, you need professional help right now. You might have been trying various DIY methods, which might have been damaging your tiles to the extent that they have started looking dull now. If you can see visible spots, permanent darkness, and mould on your tiles, it’s time to get n touch with the professionals. Only they can save your tiles.

Are you making any of the above mistakes?

If yes, it’s time to get in touch with the professional Tile Cleaning in Melbourne agency for deep cleaning.

So don’t just read. Get in touch with the experts right now, and get your cleaning service started.