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Remarkable reasons that will highlight the importance of hiring professional tile and grout cleaning

Beautiful and well-designed flooring will enhance the aesthetic value of your property. Moreover, it provides a healthy environment and makes you feel refreshed and happy all the time. Maintenance is even more necessary for these because it is so difficult to do as your schedule is tight, many people hire a professional tile and grout cleaning services in Melbourne to clean up their mess. At, Total Floor Service is the best one-stop destination provide Tile Cleaning in Melbourne services you can sustain the tile condition for a longer period. However, it is affordable more to do than to do it yourself, which also save time and energy you can spend on it. Moreover, professionals have tools and cleaners that you don’t have access to that can work better than you ever expected.  

Let’s take a look at the importance of choosing professional for tile cleaning services are:

Gives your tile new look

Professional tile and grout cleaning make use of specialist tools and equipment to remove the dirt and grime that can periodically accumulate. This revives the floor displaying its true beauty and you will be amazed at how the really old floor can be improved by thoroughly cleaning it.

Removes dirt, dust and bacteria

A professional cleaning tile and grout can remove dust and bacteria growth. With expert cleaning, all the tiles and grout in your home will give it a new look. It will make the rest of your home look like a glossy display you envisioned.

tile and grout Cleaning services in Melbourne

Clean each side of the corner 

The floor of your house will look clean with proper Tile Cleaning in Melbourne services. However, the small corners of your home, such as the area under the pantry or rugs, can be easily neglected. When you choose professional tile and grout cleaning, they will target these hidden spots and make your floor odour and dirt free.

Time and Cost Effectiveness

You may think that you can save money by choosing to clean your tiles yourself but over time you have considered the equipment, cleaning materials, and half the time you have to spend on proper work. A professional will get the job done faster than you do and in addition, it frees up your time to do something extra.


Maintaining your tile and grout can be difficult to try and can be frustrating especially with hundreds of different products on the market and cleaners and chemicals that claim to help. But with professionals who do grout cleaning uses the right tools and cleaners to get the cleaning done quickly and efficiently.

Summing up,

With years of experience from our professionals, you can count on Total Floor Service, perfect for handling tile cleaning in Melbourne service for any type of floor surface. Call us now for any questions you may have about the services we are here to help you and provide you with an accurate quote.

Why Should You Choose Professional Tile And Grout Cleaning Over a DIY

Would you like to walk on a slippery surface or hard terrain? No one would. And, it becomes even more stressful when your home tiles get slippery. After a few years of tiles installation, it requires enough maintenance. An option of tile replacement is later one but you can ask for professional Tile Cleaning in Melbourne to solve the matter.

tile and grout Cleaning services in Melbourne

With expert tile and grout cleaning services in Melbourne, your home will get the floor shine and strength back. However, stains on the tiles and grout can also be handled with DIY solutions.

You can try some home-made remedies to remove the stains but if it’s too stubborn to deal with then professional solutions will work. We at the Total Floor Service can handle the tile and grout cleaning related requirements with our highly-experienced and skilful team.

We have hard-core tile cleaning experts for residential places as well as for commercial tile cleaning solutions. We ensure to use chemical-free tile cleaning solutions that not harm pets, kids, or other mankind.

Here is why and when you should call to our expert tile & grout cleaning team

  • Your tiles will have the best cleaning solutions

This will depend upon the range of tiles and natural stones that are used in Australia including ceramic, travertine, porcelain, and marble. Such types of tiles have different rates of density means that you have to pay extra attention to cleaning these types of tiles with specific methods and equipment to avoid damages that may arise with time. The overall tile cleaning result will be determined by the temperatures and chemical solutions.


  • Professional tile cleaning can be a lasting solution

With regular vacuuming and mopping, you can keep your tiles shinier. You will require professional deep cleaning at least once in a year to prevent your tiles and grout from permanent damage. Moreover, it will remove mould and other harmful substances from the house. Manual cleaning could become time-taking and it is way more difficult to come up with the same effect as a professional service result.

 Tile Cleaning in Melbourne

  • We apply the best cleaning solutions

Here, we believe to walk on the right track and choose the right substances to bring the floor charm back to life. Throughout the time, we never approach any third party for tile and grout cleaning related needs. We handle these all things at our own. We have highly-trained technicians in handling cleaning products and equipment to reach the premium cleaning result.


  • We give special attention to each tile

At Total Floor Service, we handle a job that can be treated on a high priority. We are clear about the priority and we adhere to it. We never take more than one work at a time with a purpose to give our maximum time in a project and complete the cleaning job effectively and efficiently.

Bottom line,

Contact Total Floor Service, a top-notch Tile Cleaning in Melbourne based company with enough years of industry experience. We can turn your dull-looking tile & grout into shinier one. Reach to us today!

Total floor services- best services by professionals for flooring and cleaning

A total floor service, we offer the best services related to cleaning and flooring. We know it is difficult for you to choose the best professionals for tile cleaning in Melbourne, but we ensure you about the quality of the services.

When you regularly do mopping on your floor, you don’t have to worry about it. But if you get stuck in your work and family, floors can be ignored. In such a case, we will deliver the best cleaning services for you only. We also offer tile and grout cleaning services in Melbourne.

 Tile Cleaning in Melbourne

Here are few best quality services delivered by us-


  1. Timber floor sanding and polishing
  2. Floor polishing
  3. Concrete floor cleaning, polishing and resurfacing
  4. Tiles and grout cleaning
  5. Carpet steam cleaning
  6. Carpet dry cleaning
  7. Carpet laying, stretching, and repair
  8. Flood damage restoration services


Benefits of choosing professionals for cleaning and flooring related services-

  • Cleaning-

  • When there are so much dirt and stain on your carpet, it is always important to hire the professionals, because they have all the tools and they know all the techniques for cleaning the carpet.
  • They will deep clean the carpet and make it look new. If the carpet is not clean, there are chances of bacteria and molds on it, which is not good for the heath of the family. Professionals will use the right equipment for the same and all the bacteria and molds will be cleared from the carpet.
  • They are experienced and will understand the problem quickly and find a solution for the same.
  • You will save a lot of your time and energy because all you have to do is hire them and they will take care of the rest.
  • Hiring them is cheap rather than doing it yourself.


  • Flooring-

  • Hiring professionals for flooring services is the right thing to do. They will suggest you the right tiles for your house. They know the best for you.
  • With the years of experience, they have knowledge of all the new techniques and they will use the same for installing, polishing, or sanding the floor properly
  • The professionals will use the best quality material that will last for a long time. This is important because flooring is expensive and it will be done once because you cannot invest again and again to change or repair the flooring.

Tile Cleaning


Why choose us?

Here at total floor services, we believe that the quality of services and customer satisfaction is above everything. Our team is qualified and very well trained and they will solve all your problems and at the same time, they will fulfill all your requirements.


We assure you that our services will be the best and we will never fail you.



If you want to hire the tile cleaning experts for residential places or you want to hire the professionals for floor related service, you can consider us and we will deliver you the best services. To know more, visit our website, or give us a call, we will be happy to serve you with the best services.

tile and grout Cleaning services in Melbourne

An Important Guide For Removing Scratches From The Tile Floors

In high-traffic territories, for example, your restroom or kitchen fired tile takes bunches of misuse. Clay floors have it harder than the dividers – they’re strolled over and played on, so scratches appear quick. Earth and trash get into these scratches, making the tile look unendingly soiled even after you’ve cleaned it. If the scratches aren’t excessively profound, Tile Cleaning in Melbourne with a delicate grating is generally enough to dispose of them.

Floor tile support is significant on the off chance that you want to keep your floor fit as a fiddle. Now and again, scratched tiles must be supplanted; be that as it may, you might have the option to fix the harm at times.

Tile Cleaning in Melbourne

Total Floor Service brings up the tile and grout cleaning services in Melbourne that can be used to repair scratches.

Stage 1 – Identify Tiles

A scratched artistic tile shows up without any problem. It shouldn’t be tough to recognising the tile needing fix. It is a smart thought to analyse your floor cautiously to identify all rates of scratches. Along these lines, you can attempt to fix once instead of in ensuing stages. A well kept up artistic floor makes the room appealing and charming to be in.

Stage 2 – Mark the Tiles

When you’ve distinguished all the scratched tiles, mark them with a bit of chalk. It’s ideal to utilise chalk as it tends to be handily cleaned away when you’re set.

Stage 3 – Clean the Scratch

Fill the bowl with warm water midway. Include dishwashing fluid. Blend well to convey the cleanser in the water equally. Plunge a wipe in the blend and work on the scratch. Make sure to clean through the whole length of the scratch. That will wipe out all earth and little particles from the territory. Wipe the scratch dry with a delicate fabric when you finish.

Tile Cleaning

Stage 4 – Apply Brass Polisher

Put a limited quantity of metal polisher on a perfect, delicate material. On the other hand, you may utilise toothpaste or vinegar. Rub the item into the scratch and all the edges. It is ideal to use little, roundabout movements. Inevitably the scratch should not, at this point be noticeable.

Stage 5 – Apply Car Wax

Utilise a delicate fabric to apply some vehicle wax over the scratch, and it will help to seal the zone.

Stage 6 – Clean Chalk Marks

Utilise a clammy material to wipe away the markings prior made. Once fixed and cleaned, your clay floor should look tantamount to when previously introduced.


Look at the degree of harm brought about by scratch. If the damage goes past the surface shading coat, it is ideal for supplanting a scratched floor tile. Continuously purchase enough tiles to keep some as additional when you introduce your floor. They will prove to be useful should substitution needs emerge. It is hard to get the specific match to your current tiles when you buy a lot later after establishment.

Hence, with the expert Tile Cleaning in Melbourne services, you can maintain the tile condition for a longer period of time.

How to choose professional tile and grout Cleaning services

Whether residential or commercial people are taking less care when it comes to keeping the property clean and shiny, isn’t it? Because Total floor service knows and believes that owners are investing in other tasks which might be not necessary compared to Tile Cleaning in Melbourne. You cannot spend money on unwanted tasks because that will not help you to provide the charm like tile cleaning services.

You might have noticed that floor without cleaning has many problems like the dusty floor, dirty floor and other problem like allergens. These are the problems which create the chance of health disease, and that’s how you have to live in an unhealthy and unpleasant environment. And that’s why making sure of cleaning and appealing floor.

Tile cleaning experts for residential places is always worth it as they know how to do quality cleaning and also have knowledge of chemical that used to clean floor. Yes, you cannot ensure for the products you should use for kitchen tile, bathroom and outdoor means there are different chemical according to floor and material, and that’s the reason you should bank on professional than doing own.

Tile Cleaning in Melbourne

How to select professional tile and grout Cleaning services in Melbourne?

Collect references

The first and foremost thing you should eye on is a reference. Yes, you know and can understand that friend or family with reference would be fine as they know which company to choose. Total floor service knows and believes that hiring a company with positive references would be great as with you can ensure for perfection, and that’s why need to collect reference. Some people think that collecting references can be the wrong step as you don’t know whom you should prefer which is not as true as that’s how you can explore multiple options and can select one by inspecting every firm.

Question and answer

The second and most important thing you have to ask is a question, and getting answers. Yes, you know and can understand that every company with services will not good to hire as you have to ask appropriate questions because that’s how you can ensure for honesty. You cannot hire randomly because that’s how you might have to face the problem, and that’s why you always take care of while selecting the firm for your needs.

Tile Cleaning

How much experience they have?

The next and needed question to ask because a company without enough experience will not give you the standard work. You have to check whether the company is experienced because that’s how you can ensure for choosing the best work for your needs, and that’s why you need to eye on before hiring the company. You should check how much experience company have because that’s how you can ensure honesty and quality work for your company. Hence, check experience and then hire according to needs.


Summing Up!!!

Want to clean your residential and commercial tile floors? Then choose Total floor service as we are providing Tile Cleaning in Melbourne services with you can ensure for appealing floors.

Tile & Grout Cleaning Guide By Experts Every Homeowner Should Know

Whether you are working individuals who spend almost a full day in office work or a housewife with lots of home chore works to schedule, one thing is common which is – CLEANING. To maintain hygiene and focus on family health, it is important to inspect every corner of the home.

In between handling the entire house, homeowners usually forget to look into the bathroom and kitchen tiles & grouts. Thus, we Total Floor Service come up to share the importance of expert Tile Cleaning in Melbourne and all around the world.

 Tile Cleaning in Melbourne

One of the most important things about tile as a flooring option is that it can be easily cleaned and maintained.


But, you still need expert tile and grout cleaning services in Melbourne that can inspect the entire house and ensure hygiene. In this article, we are going through everything you need to include for cleaning the tile cleaning.


Before you start approaching tile cleaning experts for residential places, the first thing you need to know is the type of flooring tiles you have because this will make a big difference when it is about maintenance. If you make use of the same cleaner on the natural stone tile floor as you can include the ceramic tile floor and you can find at your own while doing more harm than anything good.      


The cleaning of porcelain or ceramic tiles  

The ceramic tiles are the easiest to maintain. Experts can handle the cleanliness needs without risking the charm of tiles. And they will not scratch easily. Most of the manufacturers recommend that you should use any mild cleaner mixed with warm water on the tiles.


Unluckily, ceramic and porcelain tiles hide the germs and dirt. So scrubbing them is so much important to the health of the family. If you are in need of deep cleaning, you need to consider using a mop that will not grind the dirt into the tiles. There are many models that are reusable and include pads that you can wash after the use.

 Tile Cleaning

Complete Information about Cleaning Grout Lines   

So many people or even experts prefer to use vinegar or peroxide for cleaning the grout. However, it is not the best option. The acid present in these chemicals can wear the grout down and may lose it. If you have stone tile then alkaline cleaners will affect the floors.


But without deep cleaning, grout will lose the colour and the tiles will look dirty. Luckily, there are many companies that have started producing the cleaning products without the inclusion of harsh chemicals.


You can get such chemicals online or from the home improvement stores.


At the end,

Total Floor Service suggests hiring the best Tile Cleaning in Melbourne or around your region for a good result. It would be good to rely upon experts as they have enough experience, skills, and equipment to deal with stubborn stains.   


Include These Tile & Grout Cleaning Guidelines For The Cleanliness

It is so much important to make sure that the tile & grout look clean for any homeowner. A clean & stain-less tile and grout means the owner pays more attention to the home cleaning. When any guest comes into the house, the first thing anyone would notice is tile. Whether we talk about kitchen, bathroom, or drawing room, expert Tile Cleaning in Melbourne is always a worthy investment.


The Total Floor Service is always ready to serve homeowners with expert tile and grout Cleaning services in Melbourne and all the nearby suburbs.

 Tile Cleaning in Melbourne

If you are facing issues with dull-looking tiles & grout and thinking to spend on the complete new tile installation then, wait for a few minutes. Just read on this guide.


Ask to yourself whether you need to clean grout or not

It is as simple as that. You need to call the expert. You need them because it’ll be helpful to gain success in keeping things from the development of mold and mildew in the home. Usually, grout becomes dirty and it will become even worse to deal with them alone. The professionals have enough tools and techniques to deal with the situation.


When is the right time to call experts?

However, the cleaning of grout and tiles is not an impossible task or something that you can’t able to handle. Many homeowners prefer it as a DOY job but if you are a working woman or man who doesn’t get enough time to pamper the tiles then experts can be your second hand.

 Tile Cleaning Melbourne

How to deal with mold?

Don’t panic. This is the first thing we always suggest to the homeowners. You can deal with them using the expert home remedies too. If you find it ineffective to the tiles then you need to call professionals. They can remove the mold & mildew and land you at the safe state.


Should I call to professionals?

Well, if you are unable to deal with the stubborn stains then you should definitely call the professional cleaning company. There are jobs that require help from the expert. In fact, experts can help you with a lower cost than you may understand.


Will it look new after the professional’s help?  

This can be a perfect case. But contacting the expert will depend on the dirt and grime visible on it. Experts will help to give you complete cleaning solutions. Go through the tile cleaning experts for residential places or commercial places that you are in need of the cleaning.


Turn up!

Are you looking for an ideal Tile Cleaning in Melbourne Company? Total Floor Service can be the right choice for the tile and grout cleaning needs. Do you have any questions about cleaning or our services? You can connect with us through the comment section or directly call us.


A Step-by-step guide for Tile Cleaning in Melbourne

Tile Cleaning in Melbourne could be a bit tricky but not when you are following the right method.

Follow the given method to get sparkly tiles in a jiffy.

Steps to Clean Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

Tidy up free flotsam and jetsam: Sweep or vacuum your tile floors consistently to shield them from getting dull. Fired tiles might be impervious to earth, yet sand and coarseness can dull the coated surfaces.

Tile Cleaning in Melbourne

Clay and porcelain tiles are extraordinarily sturdy, and a couple of simple cleaning tips can keep these kinds of floors looking shimmering. Follow this basic procedure to clean fired and porcelain tile:

Buy the right mop for your tiles: Clean tile with mellow cleanser and clean water utilizing a cloth or chamois-type mop as opposed to a wipe mop. These mops are best for cleaning tile since wipe mops will in general drive grimy water into the grout lines, making them harder to clean. Make certain to change the water now and again while wiping; messy water rises to an overcast floor.

Be on the search for tile stains: If you discover staining, first attempt to figure out what sort of substance made the stain. Utilize the proper cleaner for the stain for the best perfect.

Pay attention to cleanser build-up: If your tiles look foggy considerably after cleaning, you may be managing sudsy build-up. Evacuate the film with a nonabrasive universally handy cleaner. You could likewise attempt a handcrafted cleaner with gentle corrosive, (for example, new lemon juice) on artistic or porcelain tiles (however never on stone tiles).


Dry the tiles: Don’t let your coated tile floors air-dry as the sitting water will shape water spots. Deal with that by drying the floor with a spotless, build-up free fabric following the washing

 TBest Tile Cleaning in Melbourne

The most effective method to Clean Stone Tile Floors

Be cautious when you’re working with characteristic stone tile like record, rock or marble. Synthetic substances in conventional cleaners can harm the outside of these materials. Rather, clean your stone tiles with cleaners made explicitly for common stone.

Stone Tile: Like record and marble tile, rock tile should be cleaned with a gentle cleanser that is pH-nonpartisan. Brutal cleaner dangers leave streaks or staining behind on the tile. You likewise might need to buff a cleaned stone floor to keep it looking sparkly and clean.

Marble Tile: Marble makes dazzling tile, but at the same time its high-upkeep. Abstain from cleaning marble tile with whatever has an acidic PH-level. Cleaners with lemon or vinegar ought to be kept away from, as they can carve the outside of the tile. Likewise avoid whatever may scratch the marble, for example, brushes with intense fibres or scouring powders.

Record Tile: You may likewise utilize a mellow cleanser on record tiles, as long as it doesn’t contain acidic properties, for example, lemon or vinegar. On the off chance that your record tile is covered, maintain a strategic distance from water spots by drying the tile immediately with a delicate towel.

If you don’t have time to follow the above procedures, it’s recommended to choose tile and grout Cleaning Services in Melbourne for quick assistance.


An Expert’s Guide On Removing Mold And Stains From The Ceramic Tiles

No matter how many times you prefer to clean the floor, mostly you will end up with stains and scratches on the tiles. This is the reason most of the cleaning company suggests for the Expert Tile Cleaning in Melbourne services to deal with the stubborn stains and hard scratches on the tiles & grouts.


The most common complaint of homeowners about tile flooring is the stains can penetrate the finish of ceramic or porcelain. Then, it will become difficult to remove them from the floor.


Usually, they make use of bleach and other oxidants to remove stains from the porcelain tiles and ceramic floor.


Total Floor Service shares a few important things to include for keeping the tiled floors in shape and remove the stains with the expert’s help!


As per professional tile and grout cleaning services in Melbourne before thinking about the removal services, it is important to include why the stains occur.

Even after cleaning the floor and grout every day, molds will appear on the tiles often because they are caused by different bacteria. There are endless reasons why such bacteria develop on the ceramics like an increase in the room temperature, moisture the bacteria, and cause humidity.


However, those tiny bacteria are all around us, and getting the protection from them is almost impossible. There is a way to stop them arriving into the home – professional tile & grout cleaning at least twice to thrice in a year.  


Few tried & tested ways to avoid stains on ceramic tiles in the kitchen

Below are a few steps that can help you avoid stains on the ceramic tiles in the kitchen area.

  • Include the mopping of the ceramic tiled floor at least once a week.
  • Ensure to wipe up the food and drink as quickly as possible to avoid them settling and wipe the surface with the clothes.
  • For instance if you have stains and molds that remain stubborn for a longer period of time then try mixing half a cup of vinegar with a gallon of water and mop the floor normally. Then, rinse the floor with warm water after cleaning the stain and then remove the liquid from the tiles. After the cleaning procedure, you will get the same results using the same for ceramic wall tiles, grouts, and kitchen countertops.  


The Total Floor Service has given advice so far that it would be better to purchase ceramic tiles with antimicrobial protection that are designed to the growth of stain and bacteria that cause mold. The ceramic tiles will keep the surrounding hygienic for a longer time.


The choice is yours!

There exist many tile cleaning experts for residential places and commercial places you can count on for cleaning purposes. Total Floor Service is one of them that cater the customers with fully-fledged tile and grout cleaning services with complete satisfaction and at a defined amount, no extra charges!


9 Useful Tips for Tile & Grout Cleaning

Clean, fresh, and hygienic shower is easy to dream but hard to get. You need to go for deep tile cleaning in Melbourne to keep the moisture and other dirt away from the grouts. Many people ask us how to keep the grouts clean without professional help and new answer them – regular cleaning. If you have recently gone for professional tiles cleaning your house, and wish to keep the cleanliness last for weeks, you need some useful tips.  

People often go for expert tile cleaning once in a month or even a year and many of them just avoid hiring professional tile and grout cleaning services in Melbourne.

tiles grout cleaning melbourne

There could be abundant reasons for that but you must know that dirty bathroom or shower tiles are a breeding ground to mould and many other harmful bacteria.

  1. If you can see green or black mould already inside the grouts, it’s high time you clean them and maintain the hygiene in your bathroom. Mould will not only ruin the appearance of your tiles but can also leave a permanent mark on your floor.
  2. So, what do we do for that?
  3. Of course, cleaning is the only option here. But many people think that grout cleaning is harsh on tiles and can dislocate them which is true. Harsh cleaning does damage your tiles that’s why we are here with some useful tips for your grout cleaning.
  4. Avoid staining, use gentle tile & grout cleaning agents for periodical cleaning. Baking soda or white vinegar if applied gently and lightly on the tiles can help you to clean the tiles and maintain the hygiene.
  5. Prevent mildew and mould, use fans or dehumidifier for eliminating the dampness in your shower.
  6. Avoid installing carpets in your bathroom as they promote more humidity.
  7. Don’t go with DIY cleaning hacks that involve combining bleach solutions with chlorine or other cleaning solutions or detergents which can contain a high amount of ammonia. This mixture is no less than a toxic that will stay on your floor surface for days and might lead to various health issues.
  8. If there is mould on your tiles, don’t forget to use proper respiratory masks and hand gloves as exposing yourself to mould can lead to various lungs or respiratory-related diseases.
  9. Use professional sealer after cleaning your tiles to prevent soap and other build-up formation inside the grouts.

tiles grout cleaning in melbourne

Many mould and dirt can be difficult to remove. Even after following the above tips, sometimes, you might not see the satisfactory results. In such a situation, hiring professionals of Total Floor Service is the right move.

We have a team of professionals that will reach your place and start cleaning your tiles and grouts with high-quality products so that you get satisfactory results for a long time.

Our service is of top-quality and our prices are transparent. We don’t include any hidden charges for the sake of loyalty and trust.

So, when it comes to tile hiring cleaning experts for residential places, hire us!