5 Timber Floor Trends you can’t afford to miss

Hardwood or timber floor installation in Melbourne is trending like nothing else. If you ar3e planning to install the same for your home or office, a few trends are worth knowing.

Today, we will discuss the most famous trends of the year that will help you to get the most attractive and incredible flooring of all the time.

So let’s get started!

timber floor installation in Melbourne

  1. Wide Planks

Last decade was all about increased width flooring and this year it’s all about wide hardwood as well. Around 12 inches plank is trending nowadays and the final look that you get from them is amazing. You can make any space look bigger with wide wooden planks. It also allows you to appreciate the natural pattern.

  1. Earthy Tone

If you need a timeless look for your home, earthy tones are the best for you. This colour choice is the most popular and many homeowners have been going for it for many years. The simplicity and elegance that you get from an earthy tone are the ones to count on. You can add whitewash to the grains of the wood and you can also introduce some neutral colours to it as well.  You can also go for enhanced colour treatment that might cost you a bit extra but the final result will worth the investment.

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  1. Eco-Friendly

Many manufacturers are going for eco-friendly martial that is a greener option in comparison to others. Refurbished planks are trending and many homeowners are buying them as the most natural and inexpensive option. Natural sealants are also becoming popular because of its robustness and shiny texture. Cork and bamboo are also the choice of many people mas they can easily be renewed.

  1. Quality of Air

People are becoming more concerned about the effect of VOCs and formaldehyde in the indoor air. Having fresh and rich air quality inside your home is the major key to make your and your family’s health better. With flooring that has Green Guard certification or Carb 2 compliance is the best choice as it doesn’t affect the indoor air much. You can also choose the air-purifying finish that helps in enhancing the indoor air quality. 

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  1. Distraught Wood

The distressed look isn’t limited to just clothes. It’s famous for the floors as well. With a bit of scratching and scrapping, the distressed look can be achieved. Even if you have a bit scratch or crack on your wooden floor, as experts to give it a stylish distressed look. All they will do is a little sanding and polishing and your floor will be ready. Many distress techniques are available to make your timber floor distressed.

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