9 Useful Tips for Tile & Grout Cleaning

Clean, fresh, and hygienic shower is easy to dream but hard to get. You need to go for deep tile cleaning in Melbourne to keep the moisture and other dirt away from the grouts. Many people ask us how to keep the grouts clean without professional help and new answer them – regular cleaning. If you have recently gone for professional tiles cleaning your house, and wish to keep the cleanliness last for weeks, you need some useful tips.  

People often go for expert tile cleaning once in a month or even a year and many of them just avoid hiring professional tile and grout cleaning services in Melbourne.

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There could be abundant reasons for that but you must know that dirty bathroom or shower tiles are a breeding ground to mould and many other harmful bacteria.

  1. If you can see green or black mould already inside the grouts, it’s high time you clean them and maintain the hygiene in your bathroom. Mould will not only ruin the appearance of your tiles but can also leave a permanent mark on your floor.
  2. So, what do we do for that?
  3. Of course, cleaning is the only option here. But many people think that grout cleaning is harsh on tiles and can dislocate them which is true. Harsh cleaning does damage your tiles that’s why we are here with some useful tips for your grout cleaning.
  4. Avoid staining, use gentle tile & grout cleaning agents for periodical cleaning. Baking soda or white vinegar if applied gently and lightly on the tiles can help you to clean the tiles and maintain the hygiene.
  5. Prevent mildew and mould, use fans or dehumidifier for eliminating the dampness in your shower.
  6. Avoid installing carpets in your bathroom as they promote more humidity.
  7. Don’t go with DIY cleaning hacks that involve combining bleach solutions with chlorine or other cleaning solutions or detergents which can contain a high amount of ammonia. This mixture is no less than a toxic that will stay on your floor surface for days and might lead to various health issues.
  8. If there is mould on your tiles, don’t forget to use proper respiratory masks and hand gloves as exposing yourself to mould can lead to various lungs or respiratory-related diseases.
  9. Use professional sealer after cleaning your tiles to prevent soap and other build-up formation inside the grouts.

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Many mould and dirt can be difficult to remove. Even after following the above tips, sometimes, you might not see the satisfactory results. In such a situation, hiring professionals of Total Floor Service is the right move.

We have a team of professionals that will reach your place and start cleaning your tiles and grouts with high-quality products so that you get satisfactory results for a long time.

Our service is of top-quality and our prices are transparent. We don’t include any hidden charges for the sake of loyalty and trust.

So, when it comes to tile hiring cleaning experts for residential places, hire us!