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4 Things you need to know before DIY floor sanding

It is nothing new to hear that you want to sand the floor all by yourself. Even the wooden floor installation services Melbourne have heard many of their customers saying they are doing the floor sanding by themselves. So this is not much of a surprise but not doing it right could be devastating. We, the Sanding professionals at Total Floor Service, do not want you to ruin that beautiful hardwood floor.

Floor sanding is a very exhaustive and skilled task. People often consider doing it themselves at home but they cannot in their commercial spaces, as it is practically a very huge task. Do not even think about doing it just get the commercial floor sanding services in Melbourne. Even for the home here is what floor sanding and polishing experts in Melbourne have to say about the DIY floor sanding.

Let’s get started with what you can end up doing wrong by sanding the floor yourself.

●     Sanding equipment

The first and foremost thing you have to think about for floor sanding is what equipment you are going for floor sanding. The drum sander used by the professionals is expensive and hard to find in the rental store. You can either go for an edging sander or some other alternative machine that is generally found in this rental store. The effectiveness of these sanding machines is not that of what professionals use.

●     The grit of the sandpaper is important

The grit of the sandpaper is what people don’t know about. They don’t know the impact of the change in grit on the sanding of the floor. One cannot get the appropriate or desired results when using the wrong grit sandpaper. The different grits are for addressing the different requirements of the hardwood floor for effective sanding. Apart from the grit, sandpaper also needs to be changed enough to have effective sanding.

Wooden Floor Installation Services Melbourne

●     Measures need to be taken

Just having sanding equipment and the willpower to do sanding is not enough. Do you know that when you are sanding the floor with the machine you can end up damaging the sanding machine and further the hardwood floor? Every nail on the hardwood needs to be checked and punched down with a hammer. Not doing so or not knowing about it could be a bit of a problem for the equipment, floor and ultimately you. Also, do not forget the dust makes and earplugs or else you will end up triggering allergies.

●     Not sanding properly

There is a lot to be considered when sanding the floor. People are not aware of when the sanding of the floor is enough, unlike professionals. The professionals can look at the floor and easily tell if enough sanding is done or not, but you can’t. Other than enough sanding not sanding diagonally and unable to properly sand the edges makes it look incomplete.

Bottom line!

Our floor sanding and polishing experts in Melbourne recommend that instead of trusting the instincts that you can do it, sometimes it is better to leave the job on the professional who knows how to do it. So, quickly seek wooden floor installation services in Melbourne for a better result.