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Things You Need to Know Before Refinishing the Timber Floors

Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne gives your house or your commercial space flooring that is going to last for at least a century but that does not been that it would never need restoration or refinishing. After a while, there is always a need to make those timber floors look good as new again. The spaces with hardwood everyone in a while refinishing the floor to get rid of all the wear and tear, stains, dullness, or patches.

Before you get those elegant flooring refined you need to know some things. As no or little knowledge of this can cause you no benefit. These things are to be paid close attention to before you get the best Floor Sanding in Melbourne services or Commercial Floor Polishing in Melbourne. These things will help you preserve your family heirloom most effectively.

Refinishing or restoration?

It is a process that involves adding a fresh coat over the hardwood floor after sanding it out whereas restoration is removing the floorboards that are damaged or stealing the charm of the rest of the flooring. There is a huge difference between this two, refinishing gives a whole new look to the entire flooring whereas restoration depends on what floorboard you have replaced. Refinishing is a wise option when you are looking to have a fresh look at the flooring without the involvement of less labor and cost.

Floor Sanding in Melbourne

Budget allocation

After finalizing of being sure to refinish the floors. It is time to decide the budget for the floor. Various criteria may affect the cost of your sanding and polishing services depending on who you hire. Size of the job, region, needed repairs, cleaning, removing furniture, home location, and more. Though the coast is per square foot depending on these factors the coast pers square fit may vary. So, when finalizing a budget to keep all these factors in mind before you realize that it is out of your budget.

Who should you hire?

There are a lot of service providers out there waiting that you contact them and they lure you into attractive offers. Do not get blinded by those attractive offers as there is a lot that you need to know before hiring professional service providers. With the presence of businesses online, it has become easy to know more about their services and previous customers satisfactions, the methods and equipment they use for the process. What do they charge for the services? What is the additional free-of-cost services that they provide?

Whatever is the curiosity in the mind just ask or research but know it all before hiring the professionals? It will make you aware of how transparent they are about providing the quality of services requested.

We at Total Floor Service make sure the customers are fully aware of what services and quality they would be getting whether it is Floor Sanding in Melbourne or Commercial Floor Polishing in Melbourne.