Widely Known Myths Pertains to Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

In the home construction, one thing is common for everyone’s home that is tile flooring. Tile is a common flooring material and preference for middle age people who have little budget for their house. Installing tile is common but is Tile Cleaning In Melbourne service also simple task? When we come at Total floor Service company, then you get professional help for clean, seal, maintain, replace or repair services with expert advice.

But if you want to attempt Tile and Cleaning Service in Melbourne yourself, then it is very difficult to handle it and getting expected result. After some time, the tile and grout lose their glory and shine, so its dull look appears which make you unhappy. So, you take expert services or DIY to make it clean.

In the tile & grout cleaning services, there are so many myths that spread in the market which you should know before you start your cleaning services yourself.


  • Rubbing with A Mop Is the Best Way for Tidy Clean

Generally, we clean our floor with mopping for deep cleaning, but is it really effective??? The answer you also know that’s why you are here. With the mop rubbing you clean the surface dirt and stain which comes. On the other hand, the grout grim become far from your reach out of the range.

  • Exceed Water Requires

Many people believe that water and cleanliness are correlated with each other from basic. When you spread water on the surface, then it makes your floor completely clean without putting extra efforts. This thing is right in a certain situation, but it does not work for grout because it is porous. These porous will absorb the exceeding water and damage the surface of tile by breaking it.

  • For Stain Removal Bleach Is Idea

We think ourselves like Tile Cleaning Experts For Residential Places so that we predict bleach is ideal for our grout cleaning because it shows instant result. Are you aware that such type of cleaners damages your tile and grout over time? The bleach also makes the week so that it will break the tile in less time. The material of bleach also destroys the shine of tile if you use it regularly or anytime.

  • Wire Brush Is Best Tool for Cleaning

We use a wire brush as one tool to clean the grout joint’s grim and achieve the desired result one time or several times, correct? But this is not the right way because the wire brush damages the surface of the tile in frontally and also internally. The harshness of the wire brush can damage the joint part and after the time pass it become week and more week. Hardness is dangerous for every tile and grout.

  • Acidic Cleaners Preferable Over Grout Cleaner

We think that acidic cleaner is good grout cleaner despite the expert suggestion. The acidic cleaners have high pH, which is dangerous for grout’s porous because with such chemical it becomes bigger, which is not better for tile and grout in the longer duration.

Summing Up,

Above we discuss, common myths about the Tile Cleaning In Melbourne services, so avoid them and be gentle with your tile as well as grout also. For better advice, you can contact Total Floor Service Company anytime.