Floor Sanding in Melbourne

Why the floor sanding service needs to be considered to restore the timber floor

Many houses have timber flooring in each room. Mostly, however, Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne can be the best choice for living rooms, dining rooms and nice rooms. One problem you can run is how to revive an old wooden floor? Then come to Total Floor Service we are well known and established a company providing floor sanding in Melbourne service for your floor. This service can help you regain the lost look and shine on your floor. It enhances the aesthetic value of your home or office by making your flooring look new and fresh. It is also done to keep the floor intact and safe. It also helps keep the floor free from mildew and other fungal infections. It also protects the floor from dirt and dust.

Floor Sanding in Melbourne

Sanding your timber floor can be time-consuming and can be a little expensive if you decide to hire our professional expert to do the job. If you can save time, you can choose to do it yourself. Either way, all the necessary equipment is available at almost all rental home depot centres. Also, the steps you have to take are straightforward so that you do not find the sanding too difficult. However, before you start work on your own, you can consult our professional expertise to an estimate the total cost of the project. 

Due to the high cost of sanding all the floors of the house, some decide to cover the old hardwood floor only with carpet. But it would be such a waste, to put a beautiful timber floor out of sight, right? That’s why most people go through awkward sanding jobs to cut costs. Sanding can be scary for some who afraid to ruin their floors, especially if you have Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne. If you are not careful enough, you can easily damage your floor with a saw. You can hire our professional expert to do this for you if you wish, but the truth is that there is nothing you cannot do here yourself. It takes a little patience to sand the timber floor and follows a specific process to get the results you want.

Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne

Preparing for sanding

It is best to fill in any cracks or gaps in your floor before you sand your timber floor. It is up to you as a homeowner to decide which of these cracks and gaps to fill. You should also keep in mind that the moisture will expand and shrink the floor as a result so you need to leave space for this to happen. 

The best serving professionals are now able to provide a dust-free floor sanding in Melbourne service that creates virtually no dust. Our professional experts are trained in using equipped and regular maintenance plan that will make you see the wooden floor longer. 


If you want your house flooring to look good and ravishing, then it is a good idea to go with Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne with help of Total Floor Service. We provide convenient and efficient Floor Sanding in Melbourne service means the stress of getting stunning results from the comfort of creating a healthy environment for your family.