Timber Floor Polishing Melbourne

Want To Give A Makeover To Timber Floors – Just Polish!

Flooring is one of the most important parts of any home. It is a big deal when you need to choose the right flooring for your home. 

So, choose wisely! If you are thinking about having timber floors in your home and want to give them a makeover, just do Timber Floor Polishing Melbourne!

 The best way to keep your timber floors looking great is by polishing them regularly. But what exactly does that mean?


Timber flooring is a popular choice for indoor and outdoor spaces, thanks to its easy cleaning, maintenance and versatility. Timber Floor Polishing Melbourne can be used in a wide range of settings including residential homes, commercial premises and retail outlets.

Timber floors come in different finishes which include: oiled finish; water-based finishes; stain; waxes or oils & urethanes/polyurethanes.


There are many reasons why you should polish your floor. The most important reason is that it improves the look and feel of your timber floors, making them much more attractive. 

Timber Floor Polishing Melbourne

Another important reason is that it extends the life of your timber floors by removing dirt and oils from foot traffic. Also, it makes cleaning easier, as it lifts dust from surfaces and leaves behind a protective layer of wax or sealant which will repel future dirt buildup.


There are three basic types: waxes, oils and shellacs. Waxes are the most popular. They’re easy to apply and remove and they protect the floor while making it easy to clean.

Shellac is a liquid that hardens into a protective coating. It takes more time than waxing but it gives you an extra-shiny finish that’s perfect for bringing out the grain in hardwood floors.

Oil can be used as both an initial application or as maintenance after your floor has been polished with shellac or wax. 

Oil soaks into the cracks between boards and fills them with colour, thus providing an antique look without losing any protection from cleaning chemicals like bleach or dish soap (which will dissolve even wax). 

Oils aren’t recommended for use on polyurethane finishes because they may cause delamination problems during future refinishing efforts; however, oils are often used on older floors because they penetrate deep into wood fibers and provide excellent protection.


The first step is to use a floor buffer machine to apply a very thin layer of wax onto your timber floors. This happens in two stages:

  • First, you’ll spray an even coat with the buffer machine over your entire timber floor. This will help remove any existing dirt and grime from the surface and then pre-treat it for protection.
  • Then, once that’s done, you can go back over your timber floors with a second application of wax (this time manually) which will give you maximum protection against future wear and tear.
  • This isn’t just about making your timber look good though; there are plenty of other benefits too!

Timber Floor Polishing Melbourne is a specialised craft, an art form and a science.

It is also becoming big business for many companies that are more than happy to take your hard-earned cash.


If you’re looking for a new way to enhance the beauty of your timber floors, then polish is definitely the perfect option. It can be done by yourself at home or by hiring professionals from various companies.

 If you want to give your floor a natural shine without damaging its original beauty, then this is the best way to do it.