Things Everyone Should Know About Popular Wooden Flooring

There are so many things you can include while it comes to install the floor. Among various floor material varieties, what will you choose will impact on the home. Usually, the floor plays an important role to make the home look stunning. You may have read various blogs on Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne services and how it gives an appealing look to the home.


Also, Timber Floor Service has shared various write-ups on Floor Sanding in Melbourne and the benefits of it. So, what’s today? What are we coming up with? You must eager to know.

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Among various Commercial Floor Polishing in Melbourne companies, Total Floor Service is just the best. But how? The answer to this is, we provide all types of material choices that the customer chooses from. Whether they want timber material, wood, or any other we have all of them in our store. And we have an experienced and skilled team that can handle the entire installation process with care and comfort.


Total Floor Service Share The Most Popular Wooden Flooring Types

Before anyone includes the wooden flooring characteristics, go through the most popular wooden floor choices here.

  • Hardwood floor

The choices of timber flooring are made of real wood as a complete quality. It is harvested from the trees like pine, walnut, and oak. Why choose the material for durability? The material is extremely durable and it lasts for a long time. These wood choices can be refinished many times over a lifetime. Most of the hardwood comes up pre-finished like they are available with a protective top layer and you should keep it away from the moisture.   


  • Engineered wood

This type of wood flooring is a veneer of real wood that glued to different layers of wood. The range can be plywood. This thing can give wood stability with the time. They are durable too which is the reason they can be a good choice for home-usage. Also, it holds up the moisture better than another hardwood handle.

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  • Laminate wood

The laminating wood or floating wood is made up of a synthetic material that stimulates the wood look which can then be laminated. The material is completely durable and one big advantage of it is that it can be installed simply.


Pro tip: However, hardwood is a good choice; the material is a cost-effective and strongest alternate option of laminate. It is available in various wood floor designs and it is mold and bacteria resistant. Thus, before you make this a final choice; you need to include all the pros and cons of the material you choose for the floor installation services.


End up!

With lots of different choices, what you will choose can depend upon the needs and budget. The Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne can be possible with Total Floor Service Company. We are known for our outstanding services so approach us any time and get the floor installed without much hassle.