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Signs that hardwood floor needs refinishing

Having Hardwood flooring in the home makes the home look ravishing. All thanks to wooden floor installation services in Melbourne that have made it possible to get those beautiful floors at homes. We all know hardwood floors are for a lifetime, but this sentence does not involve the inclusion of criteria that can need maintenance if the floors have to deal with daily heavy traffic and other mishaps that can cause the floor to wear and tear.

Homes still have less traffic compared to the commercial floors. These floors have to deal with a lot daily. This is the reason why Wooden Floor Installation Services Melbourne are called upon more than at homes. We at Total Floor Service have the service available to you whenever you want but the major question is how do you know that it is time to call floor sanding and polishing experts in Melbourne? Can you know by seeing the floor that the floor needs refinishing?

That is what exactly this blog is about. There is a lot that you can say about flooring aging, and wear and tear. These are some of the indications listed here.

●     Grey boards

Just glance at the floorboard and try to remember how they looked when they were newly installed? Do they seem to turn grey over the years? Let us address a question here: why do they turn specifically grey and no other colors? Words seem to absorb the moisture from the atmosphere. Weather changes over the year and there are times when there is high humidity. On absorbing this moisture the word goes through a gradual process of oxidation and seems to turn grey as a result of it. So if your floors are grey then they need sanding and polishing.

Wooden Floor Installation Services Melbourne

●     Scratches

Floor polish is prone to scratches. These scratches could be from any neglected scenarios like pushing the furniture from one place to another and lifting it. Having hard debris under the door edged when opening or closing. Wearing heels in the home. Wearing shoes laden with dust and debris in the home and more. Other times these crashes increase and get easily visible. So before the guest notices, they get the floor refinished.

●     Moisture stains

Apart from absorbing moisture from the atmosphere, what about the moisture that we accidentally add to other floors? I mean spilling water, using web mops, pet’s urine and more. If we do not wipe the floor properly and on time that it could turn into ugly patches. So if you have patches around the home that do consider refinishing the floor. Sanding could be of great help here. 

●     Dullness and discoloration

Over time, due to wear and tear, the polish of areas that are directly exposed to the traffic is likely to get dull. If you want to find these out, just lift your rugs and carpet and see the difference between the floor under the rug and the floor which is not under the rug. Do you find a difference? That’s a sign that you must consider sanding and polishing the floor.


The floor does give signs that one needs to contact floor sanding and polishing experts in Melbourne to get the floor refinished. You just need to notice these signs.