Know floor sanding truths to avoid pitfalls

Wooden floors are the choice of the majority of home and commercial owners due to their amazing properties. The wooden floors are in great fashion because they are durable and offer an appealing look to every place.  Wooden floors are likely to look dull after some years, Floor Sanding Melbourne plays a crucial role in preserving the quality of the floor. There are several myths and truths when it comes to floor sanding and polishing, it is always better to gather enough knowledge about floor sanding and other essential tips. Never experiment with the wooden flooring or else it can lead to other flooring issues, always keep the flooring job up to a reputed professional for the best result.

When it comes to floor sanding, you have two options: do it by hand or utilize floor sanding equipment to make the process quicker and faster. If you want to sand by hand, you’ll need a sanding block because it will retain the sandpaper and will fit nicely in your palm, making it easy to handle.

Continue reading the floor sanding truths and myths!

  • Dustless flooring doesn’t cause dust

While technological advancements in the field of floor sanding have allowed for a significant reduction in the quantity of dust left behind, expect to notice some dust once your project is over. Dustless sanding is itself called dustless for a reason but that doesn’t mean any dust. It can have a little bit of dust and it’s technically right. 

  • Flooring companies are tied to the products and equipment

Independent expert services are offered by the best-served professionals. This means they work on their own and are not affiliated with any franchisees or affiliates. The advantage is that they are not restricted in terms of the equipment and products they utilize. This enables them to fully customize their services for unique jobs, resulting in a superior, customized result.

  • Sanding floors too frequently

Floor Sanding melbourner

Many people believe that recoating their floor every two or three years will extend the life of their floor. The truth is that modern floor treatments are durable and long-lasting, so they don’t need to be refinished. This can only be anticipated if the floor sanding services performed well in the first place. Sanding your floor every three years is no longer necessary, depending on how well you maintain it. To be honest, you can keep it that way for up to 10 years before recoating. With regular upkeep, floors can last for up to 30 years without needing to be repainted.

  • The floor sanding process is expensive

The invention of machinery and products has made the floor sanding process much easier and cost-effective. Though it depends on the floor condition and how much sanding and coating does the floor requires. If you use carpet on the regular basis then your floor might be less dusty as compared to the open floor. 

Carpet tends to absorb moisture after a certain time and it might need restretching and cleaning within time. Consult total floor service to transform your floor amazingly, call us today to know about other services and information regarding Carpet Restretching Melbourne and another flooring requirement.