Know about Low Maintenance water-proof floor Polishing Method

Maintaining the floor is a crucial part of home maintenance and cleaning. Floor sanding and polishing prolong the life of the floor and make it durable. Everybody desires to have a polished and beautiful floor, it might require little effort frequently to preserve its good condition. Almost every floor requires polishing whether it is timber wood, concrete, marble, or any other floor. Choosing the right floor polishing solution is important to make it glossy and clean. Never ignore the minor floor damage signs. You never know when minor floor damage turns into the poor floor. It’s important to get your floor polished and sanded once a year depending upon the floor sanding. Every floor will require to get polished after a certain time, if you are confused about whether your floor needs any kind of flooring service or not then take advice from the experienced Floor Polishing Geelong company to choose the right flooring solutions.

1)    Floor polishing solutions

  • The smooth and glossy floors catch everyone’s attention at first look. The floor is the first thing that every visitor will notice first and reflect your reputation. Whether it is workspace or home, floors should be always kept clean and polished.
  • Cementing floors can work as the best no-wax flooring material. A large machine with infused diamond disks can be used for easy grinding to achieve a smooth and shiny surface. In case of a wavy or extra rough floor, consult the professionals.
  • The smooth and glossy floors can be created by creating bands, grids, radial lines, or borders.
  • To transform your dull floor amazingly, try staining it with the color of your choice and see how it gives vibrant look.
  • There are many other ways of customizing the floor looks such as engraving, cutting, scoring, stenciling, and many more.

2) Waterproofing for floors

  • Excessive moisture can be harmful to the floor, it can cause severe damage if the water is penetrated deep inside the floor hence proper waterproofing is an important part of the flooring maintenance that helps to prolong the life of the floor.
  • You might be familiar with the waterproof membrane available in rolls or sheets that is applied to various types of subfloors. The waterproof membrane can be used in tiling the plywood floor.
  • Seal the installed floors with water-resistant materials to prevent them from water damages, crack, and other water seepage issues.

3)    Wet and dry floor polishing

  • Are you aware of the resin-bonded disks? Nowadays many manufacturers have moved towards resin-bonded disks rather than metal bonded abrasions and achieve better dry polishing.  Making the area dry properly is a vital part of the floor polishing. Getting rid of dust particles and drying the floor is the main important phase of the floor polishing.


Proper sanding and polishing involve proper planning, hope you enjoyed reading low-maintenance tips useful. Hire total floor service for the premium quality Floor Sanding Geelong service at cost-effective rates. Call us today to know more about our offers and exciting packages.