Everything You Need To Know About Floor Polishing Services

Floor polishing or “floor sanding” is a process for removing the finish from your hardwood floors, improving the consistency and gloss of your floor, and ironing out scratches. This article gives you information on how to get started with this service, what companies you should choose, and other pros and cons.

How Does a Floor Polishing Service Work?

Floor Polishing Melbourne services work by laying polish or wax on the floor and then buffing it with a dual-action machine. After this, the floor is usually soaked in water to reduce dust and surface dirt. Then it is dried with a clean cloth, leaving a shiny new polish. The best firms use a high-tech machine to do the finishing.

Types of Floor Polishers

A floor polisher is a tool that helps polish the floor of a building. It is usually a long tubular device with multiple spinning discs or brushes on one end. Most Floor Polishing Melbourne has six to twelve discs located around their circumference and installed at each end. It can be a simple floor polisher, or it can include features like cordless operation and more than one disc, and unique tools that help you move the floor polisher around the floor.

A stationary floor polisher is a device with rotating vanes built to run on a fixed base. The vanes polish the floor in one direction only – forward or backward, depending on how you use the machine – and allow the polishing direction to be changed later. The primary benefit of a stationary floor polisher is that it can move around the room with ease, perhaps affecting an undesirable spot at just the right moment of use. Many people also prefer this kind of floor polisher for its low noise level and ease of service. 

Removing Painted Over the Hardwood Floor

Before painting on the hardwood flooring, it is necessary to clean and polish with a mop or vacuum cleaner to remove any dirt and dust particles.

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Multiple factors could cause paint over the wood floor to flake off; these include exposure to ozone, humidity changes, temperature fluctuations, and pesticide exposure from spilled plants or dirt. Repainting the layer of paint to be durable and water-resistant requires harsh abrasives. You can use a solution made up of two cups of boiling water mixed with four tablespoons each of vinegar or lemon juice and one teaspoon each of trisodium phosphate and detergent.

Choosing the Perfect Flooring Type and Color

Even if you think you’ll never need a floor polishing service, it’s essential to realize that your choice of the colour and type of flooring in your home will impact energy efficiency and the list price. The right color is critical because HVAC systems cycle on a timer, so if they cannot adequately heat or cool every room in the house, it can drive up the annual cost of living. 

A dark color like black will heat up much faster under light bulbs than lighter colours, so choose wisely! On the other hand, an eco-friendly option may be more affordable long term. An accent wall is a great way to add color and a pop of texture to any room. It’s also the perfect spot to hang frames or a simple painting or patterned fabric if you want to avoid busy walls altogether.


Floor Polishing Melbourne services are ideal for homeowners who want to use a cleaner, more effective alternative to traditional floor washing. They also come with many benefits over the conventional method of cleaning floors, including minor heat damage, quicker drying times, and a better environment for your home. Hence with the help of the above tips choose the most reliable company. Total Floor Services specializes in-floor cleaning and provides a variety of floor cleaning services. We offer a comprehensive range of services, with a concentration on concrete, tile, vinyl, and timber floor cleaning and polishing.