Know about five Interesting facts about wooden flooring

There is no doubt, wood is always the classic and rich option when it comes to choosing the right flooring for the home décor. The majority of homeowners and florists personally love the wood because of its versatile look and amazing feature. Hardwood flooring blends with every residential and commercial place and adds value to the property. According to experts, the property with wooden flooring is most likely to sell faster and is preferred by most buyers because of its classic nature and look.

Keep on reading the blog to know about the interesting facts about wooden flooring if you are planning to have wooden floor installation services melbourne in the future,

1) Increase property value

Everyone knows that wooden flooring increases property value. It can be expensive at the time of home building but it will make your home investment-worthy. Even buyers know that hardwood floorings are expensive and known for their classy look so, it makes it easy to convince the buyer and get the best price from the property. If you are planning to sell the home in the future, then invest in hardwood flooring and it will help to get the best price from the hardwood floor installation.

2) Makes things classy in the room

Wooden floor installation services

Hardwoods have versatile nature that almost blends with every item of the home décor and other items of the home. There is no doubt that the hardwood floor transforms the overall look of the room. Whether it’s stained wood or light shade wood, it blends with everyone. You can create a unique combination in the room.

3) Keep toes warmer in winter

Hardwood floor banishes the cold that is it helps to keep the foot warm. Hardwood flooring is the perfect option if you live in the colder regions.  In winter, it gives a cozy and warm feeling to the room. Hardwood floors are long-lasting and last for longer years with the low-maintenance. It can be kept in good condition with regular sweeping and mopping.

4) Always feel brand new

It always gives a brand-new vibe because it is durable and its shine doesn’t get dull over time.  And it can easily be sanded and polished over time to preserve its quality and performance. In case of scratches and stains, it can be refinished and it is like new again.

5) Musical floors

You might have experienced acoustic sound if you walked on the hardwood floor. It gives a musical effect to the entire house when you walk on it. This becomes a benefit for the one who loves acoustic and piano music flowing through the building.

Final words,

Hope you found the blog informative and inspired you to have hardwood floor installation. You can consult a reputed interior designer. A total floor service, we are the floor sanding and polishing experts in Melbourne that specialize in all types of flooring service. Hire us for premium quality commercial floor sanding services in Melbourne, call us today.

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Why is it so Important to keep your Floor Polish in Good Condition?

Everybody loves it when their floors look clean and sparkling with wooden floor installation services in Melbourne. No matter what flooring you have, they tend to get dull and lose their luster with time. This is when you need to do a tiny floor sanding and polishing to bring back the original look. It may sound like it will take days to finish and that you will have to put in a lot of effort. You couldn’t be more wrong, and you’ll be glad you did it when you see how nice your house looks once it’s finished.

Using state-of-the-art fitting and sanding machines is the best way to complete a wooden floor installation services Melbourne. The wooden floor sanding equipment to perform wooden floor sanding has advanced significantly over the years. The most recent technologies allow for virtually dust-free floor commercial floor sanding services in Melbourne for the customer. Furthermore, conducting such modern and highly floor sanding and polishing experts in Melbourne is by far the most cost-effective alternative.

Wooden Floor Installation Services Melbourne

Floor Polishing is vital

Sanding and polishing a floor are two essential things that can keep it in good shape. We’ll use a coat to protect your wood when we’ve finished sanding it. Once this is dry, we may polish your floor to give it the ultimate gloss that everyone will adore. It may take a few days, but it will last longer if you hire the correct people to execute it.

Extra Attention to Your Floor

You can fill the spaces between the boards in addition to sanding and polishing the floor. Varnishing also protects and extends the life of your wood. Some people want to modify the look of their floors, and staining is the solution. When done correctly, the end product will look as though you’ve recently put new floorboards.

Sanding for floor

Sanding wooden floors is one of the most effective ways to increase your home’s amount of light and warmth. Polishing can also provide fashion and artistic appeal if done correctly. Sanding should always do before polishing since polish might draw attention to flaws. Sanding floors is not a difficult task, and it doesn’t matter if you do it yourself or hire a professional.

Experts quickly prepare your floor and may as well move your furniture while they’re at it. The professional floor polishing and sanding firm can remove any scratches and repair or replace any damaged boards, making sure they match the rest of the floor.

It is possible to quickly and efficiently fit, clean, and cost-effectively restore wooden floors using the most up-to-date procedures. It is now possible to transform old, worn, and abrasive into the elegant, neat floor by Wooden Floor Installation Services Melbourne that appears to have just left the store.

It is critical to ensure that all technicians are highly experienced craftsmen with extensive experience dealing with commercial floor sanding services in Melbourne that will be received from Total Floor Service. Customers have faith in the artistry and punctuality of our work; therefore, we are Melbourne’s best floor sanding and polishing experts for the assignment. Keep in mind that a good firm cannot afford any negative publicity or blemishes on its reputation. Connect with us right away to get the best floor services.



A Complete Guide on Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne

Are you fed up with attempting to clean that worn-out carpet that has outlived its utility? If your carpets are looking worn, try replacing them with hardwood or laminate flooring. Timber and laminate flooring give the impression of being sleek and sophisticated. The difference a good floor sanding job can make to a floor and the room’s overall appearance is astounding.

Using floor polishers to add extra shine to your commercial building’s floors, you can quickly transform them from dull to brilliant. Many commercial and industrial property managers are discovering that industrial floor polishers are a fantastic addition to their janitorial supplies, in addition to floor cleaners and sweepers.

Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne

Wood comes in a variety of grades. The workshop divides the wood into distinct stages based on the aesthetics of each item. Lumber’s colors and textures may vary due to the fact that it is a natural product. Because installing timber flooring is more complex than installing laminate flooring, most individuals opt to have it done by a professional.

When your timber flooring starts to show signs of wear and tear, you may sand it down and re-lacquer it to make it look brand new again.

It’s best to install Timber Floors in areas with low humidity, and it’s better to keep Timber exposed to the room’s humidity for a few days after installation to avoid the chance of warping.

Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne

Floor Sanding Tips

Understanding the Machinery To accomplish the floor sanding process, you’ll need two different sanders, similar to cutting grass. One is for the central parts, while the other is for the edges.

Don’t be tempted to save money by renting a machine that isn’t top of the line; you’ll most likely wind up with dust all over the place—the best floor sanding machine on the market.

Because you’ll be changing sandpaper frequently, a belt sander is preferable over a drum roller sander because it’s easier to manage. If you don’t want to do it yourself, make sure to inquire about the technology, supplies, and techniques used by potential floor sanding firms.

Floor Polishing

Here are some of the reasons why more people are turning to floor polishers for their cleaning needs: – Using industrial floor machines may give your building’s floors that extra shimmer and shine at any time. You can only polish or wax your floors once in a while if you rent commercial polishers.

The days of employing massive, difficult-to-manage floor equipment are over. Today’s floor polishers are lightweight, portable, and simple to operate. For maximum user convenience, modern machines are lightweight, easy to control, and simple to use.

Industrial polishers can assist in protecting and safeguarding your floors from long-term damage. Even after sweeping, tiny particles like dust and debris might stay on your flooring. This debris will be ground into the floor by foot traffic, resulting in irrevocable damage such as permanent markings and scratches.

Hence choose Total floor service. We offer all types of floor cleaning solutions like Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne, Floor Sanding in Melbourne, Commercial Floor Polishing in Melbourne, etc., and get the best floor service.


Handy Expert Guide For Preparing the Office for Professional Sanding

If you are inspired with wooden flooring and use wooden floors at the house and commercial offices then you might be familiar with the fact that it requires regular sanding and polishing for its maintenance. But before hiring floor sanding and polishing experts in Melbourne, your place needs to be prepared for sanding. Especially if you are the owner of a big organization, it requires a proper schedule and planning to prepare the office for floor sanding.

Any flooring project can be easily accomplished with the proper planning and knowledge, making a checklist before hiring the commercial floor sanding services in Melbourne can help to note down the important points and focus on the crucial areas of the project.

Follow below expert tips to prepare the office for floor sanding:

1)      Make sure to have a clean area and have a sufficient parking area to keep the machinery safely.

2)      Make sure to have a proper power supply for operating floor sanding equipment, also arrange proper lighting and water.

3)      Remove all furniture out of the room and ensure the floor area is clean and free from debris.

4)      Keep the food in a safer place in case of kitchen floor sanding because the smell of polyurethane can taint.

Basic general information to be aware

  • It is obvious that it’s impossible to remove the dust totally from the floor even if you use modern sanding machinery with dust collecting equipment.
  • Some rugs and carpets might leave a backing or design pattern when removed so, move the rug one to two weeks before you plan for sanding or polishing project, or else it might make permanent stains after the sanding project.
  • Accept the fact that you are going to get the difference in color and grain between new and old flooring.
  • Get a complete quote for the sanding project to get the correct cost estimation. Discuss your checklist with the contractor and know whether there are any extra charges.

Maintenance tips after completion of floor sanding

  • As polyurethane takes a maximum of one week to get harden, avoid walking on the floor for a minimum of 24 hours. Also don’t take furniture and other stuff inside the room up to 3 to 4 days to prevent polyurethane from getting damaged. So, avoid dragging furniture and move carefully inside the room after 3 to 4 days. Use furniture pads for placing furniture inside the room and prevent scratches.
  • Regular sweeping and mopping are fine as regular cleaning to maintain the floor in good condition. In case of any spills, clean it with a damp soft cloth immediately.
  • Avoid using domestic household cleaners for sanded floors. In case of any stain, oil or grime clean it with non-alkaline cleaner lightly using a damp mop.

Final words,

Hope you found the above floor sanding preparation tips valuable for your flooring project. Avoid steam mopping on the timber wood as they can make wooden swell. Choose total floor service for the guaranteed wooden floor installation services Melbourne and any kind of flooring services. We are the flooring and sanding experts that aim to transform every floor beautifully.



Can Furniture Weight Damage the Timber Floor?ht Damage the Timber Floor?

Yes, they do. One of the most desired luxuries by the homeowners is having a timber floor in the house. After getting the wooden floor installation services in Melbourne the only thing that the homeowner is worried about is taking care of that floor. It lasts up to a century, keeping the luster intact for such a long time can be a bit of a job.

Whether it’s commercial floor sanding services in Melbourne or for homes, sanding has its own perks when it comes to keeping the hardwood floors looking good. As per our floor sanding and polishing experts in Melbourne this desired luxury indeed needs extra care. Protecting it against the weight of the furniture is one of them.

The more the weight of the furniture, the more likely it is to damage the finish of the floor. Here are some of the effective ways to protect your valuable floor from your furniture.

Use Furniture Pads

This is the ultimate bliss that will keep the floor finish intact. The pads are specifically designed to keep the furniture away from damaging the floor. They act as a cushion between the furniture and your floor. There are different types of furniture pads available to address your requirements.

Self-adhesive protectors, tap-on pads, and more that you can choose from. All this is different with their longevity and effectiveness of functioning. So, make sure you know what you are choosing.

Wooden Floor Installation Services Melbourne

Make A Habit of Lifting It Instead of Pulling or Pushing

We insist on this one. Most of the starches are the result of the furniture pushing and pulling. The weight of the furniture plays a great role in the ugliness of these scratches. The more weight the more likely the scratched will get noticed.  

You can get rid of the scratches by sanding and refinishing but how many times do you want to go through the same repetitive process? So, make sure you pinch yourself next time when you pull anything on the floor instead of lifting it.

Carpets Could Rescue Your Floor

Adding the carpet or rugs in the area where there is frequent movement of chairs and so would be a floor saver. These frequent movements can cause the minute scratches that add up every day and eventually make the floor look dull. The carpets won’t let that happen.

Chair Protectors for Wood Floor

A furniture piece that is often moved from one place to another. It became necessary to add padding to the legs of the chair to protect the floor. The protectors will make the movement smooth rather than harsh on the surface.

Do not forget to keep your dirty footwear off the floor as they are also the reason for the damage done to the floor. If you have the starched and dullness on the floor already get the commercial floor sanding services in Melbourne done. You can contact our floor sanding and polishing experts in Melbourne for more advice.

Wooden Floor Installation Services Melbourne

How To Prepare Your Commercial Space for Floor Sanding?

The appearance of the business space is among the most prioritized things for business owners. There is a various attribute that contributes to the appearance of the business space. One among them is the flooring. Right from the start with deciding on getting wooden floor installation services Melbourne after choosing the hardwood floor for the complex, to all the endless decisions they make to make a long-lasting first impression.

Just having an elegant hardwood floor is not enough. Taking care of the floor with commercial floor sanding services in Melbourne becomes an essential part to keep those floors look ravishing for a lifetime. This is where we, Total Floors Services are here for providing you with our floor sanding and polishing experts in Melbourne. Before you get the floor sanded and polished here is a list of things that you need to take care of.

· Have A Plan

You do not want your customers to be affected due to the floor refinishing task. Sanding and polishing need time and you cannot have your business to be temporarily closed for that time being. So better to schedule things accordingly so that the work gets done on time without affecting the need of your customers.

Wooden Floor Installation Services Melbourne

· Have To Furniture, Decor Pieces, Appliances Removed

You must anticipate dust when the floor is to be sanded. Why add extra effort of cleaning the dust off all the thing that are placed or handed around and, on the walls, along with the furniture. Stock all the art pieces and furniture away in a room that is properly isolated so the dust does not get in. This will keep the tidiness of the things intact.

· Seal The Rooms Expect the One Which Is Being Sanded and Polished

Just the way you need to need to keep all your appliances, furniture, and art pieces away from dust. The other rooms and departments also need to be kept away from the dust to keep the trips and masking taps handy to seal the areas except for the one that is being sanded. Even the windows are to be mask taped so that dust does not escape outside and affect the surroundings.

· Consider Having Pest Control Beforehand

This is one of the most important considerations and benefits procuring. The floor polish has a specific smell to which some insects like ants attracted and get trapped in the polish until the next time you get the floor polished. These can ruin the polished floors. So, it is better to get the place pest controlled before sanded and polished to avoid a situation like this.

Apart from making a budget, getting advice from our floor sanding and polishing experts in Melbourne, and scheduling for commercial floor sanding services in Melbourne. These are things that need to provide appropriate attention to avoid any regrets after refinishing the floor. Not considering any of these could get you into the extra effort.

Floor Sanding in Melbourne

Stunning decoration ideas to style Timber Floors in 2021

We all want to have stunning interior décor in the home to stay updated with the modern trends but sometimes it might not be possible to upgrade and renovate the place every time the new trend arrives.  House renovation and interior decoration stuff are usually expensive but it’s still possible to keep the house beautifully stunning by making minor changes inside the houses and outdoors.

As timber floors are in the high trend these days, the majority of people go for Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne while building a new home because of the lavish look and long-lasting property. Generally, timbers are durable and last for 15 to 20 years with the proper polishing and sanding.  But if you are looking for Floor Sanding in Melbourne, consult the experts for the flooring consultations whether your floors are suitable to sand or not.

Below are some stunning decoration ideas to style with timber wood floors:

1.Choose neutral light wall colours for oak hardwood

While choosing the wall colour, always keep floor colour in mind to make the good colour contrasting. If the hardwood floor is dark coloured, then choose the yellow, and blue bright colours to give a better contrasting effect.

2.Experiment with the texture

We don’t know how things look amazing if don’t experiment with the various kinds of textures and design forms. You can try brushing, wired or distressing pattern in the living room and wall décor.

Floor Sanding in Melbourne

3.Add a rug or carpet

Nowadays, rugs come in various colours and materials such as layered rugs, tied and knotted rugs and many more.  You can choose the new design from the rugs that looks lavish and elegant.

4.Always go with the neutral colour wood that is evergreen

Stained hardwood has always been an evergreen design from the older times. Though you can choose from new shades like white, beige, grey and other combination colours.

5.Try fancy finishing

You can try fancy finishing like matte, shiny or scratchy to have an extraordinary floor look.  Finishing actually works as floor protection by effective layering on it.

6.Have a proper colour balancing between dark and light

Prefer having one unique wall as a furniture background to enhance the splendid look of the room. Light and dark combination can give a nice contrast to the room.

Final thoughts:

It’s obvious that trend will keep on changing and technologies will also get updated according to it but something are evergreen and never go out of trend that is wooden décor. There are wide varieties of options available in the timber woods such as pinewood, terracotta, oaks, pastels and many more.

But the floor with natural shades is always an evergreen choice that blends with almost every house décor. Not only in houses but the majority of commercial office owners also prefers to have hardwood flooring. Here at total floor service, we offer the best Commercial Floor Polishing in Melbourne. We strive to make your renovation and home building work easier than ever, call us today for any flooring requirements.

Wooden Floor Installation Services Melbourne

Know these important basics for preserving tile surfaces

Whether it is wooden floorings or tiles floorings, everything needs basic cleaning and maintenance to preserve the floor in good condition. Wooden flooring is known for the lavish and royal look though it’s an expensive investment. But everybody has different thoughts and choices when it comes to renovations and homebuilding. The best idea would be to consider everyone’s individual thoughts and needs and proceed accordingly.

Every flooring has advantages and disadvantages according to its feature and property but it’s up to you how much you can afford and look after it to maintain it in good condition. Many people also prefer the combination of wooden and other tiles to give an extraordinary unique feature to the home. Consult the Wooden Floor Installation Services Melbourne to have a detailed idea of how you can combine various types of floorings in home renovation.

Generally, floors are durable and last for longer years but it’s important to keep proper maintenance habits to preserve floors in good condition. Below are some important points to consider in-floor maintenance routine:


If you have marble or any other tiles in the house, it needs grouting from time to time to maintain its appealing condition because dust and debris get collected between the tiles designs over time. Some stains and dirt are impossible to remove from the cleaners and other products. So, ultimately tile grouting makes the tiles in better condition and newly furnished.

2)Proper care and cleaning

The use of good cleaners is very important; there are many cleaners available in the market but not all are safe and effective. Many are loaded with harmful chemicals, some might give good cleaning results at the beginning but by the time, it deteriorates the floor performance.

Wooden Floor Installation Services Melbourne

3)Have a habit of walk-off mats in the home

The main cause of the floors getting dirty is dirt, moisture, and debris. So, always have the habit of putting doormats and carpets at the door entry and bathroom areas to prevent dust from coming inside the home. Get your floor sanded over time by reputed commercial floor sanding services in Melbourne if you have wooden flooring and live in the moisture areas.

4)Consider safety measures and good practices

Use floor protection while renovations and home building to prevent furniture scratches while moving. There are many floor protection coatings and sealing available in the market, choose the best with the help of expert consultation.

5)Follow special care for special floorings

Depending on the flooring, it needs special maintenance and care. Apart from ceramic and other tiles, if you have laminate or vinyl flooring, it needs different cleaning methods to preserve its condition. Make sure you go through all dos and don’ts before experimenting with anything.

6)Choose the right flooring when renovating or building a home

While choosing tiles for your house, ensure your location and other climatic factors whether it is a high traffic area or moist area. Choosing flooring by considering important factors will help you reduce the maintenance cost.

Final thought:

At total floor service, we specialize in all types of wooden floor installation services Melbourne and polishing services. Call us today for completing your flooring and renovation projects at the best reliable cost.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

Things You Need to Know Before Refinishing the Timber Floors

Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne gives your house or your commercial space flooring that is going to last for at least a century but that does not been that it would never need restoration or refinishing. After a while, there is always a need to make those timber floors look good as new again. The spaces with hardwood everyone in a while refinishing the floor to get rid of all the wear and tear, stains, dullness, or patches.

Before you get those elegant flooring refined you need to know some things. As no or little knowledge of this can cause you no benefit. These things are to be paid close attention to before you get the best Floor Sanding in Melbourne services or Commercial Floor Polishing in Melbourne. These things will help you preserve your family heirloom most effectively.

Refinishing or restoration?

It is a process that involves adding a fresh coat over the hardwood floor after sanding it out whereas restoration is removing the floorboards that are damaged or stealing the charm of the rest of the flooring. There is a huge difference between this two, refinishing gives a whole new look to the entire flooring whereas restoration depends on what floorboard you have replaced. Refinishing is a wise option when you are looking to have a fresh look at the flooring without the involvement of less labor and cost.

Floor Sanding in Melbourne

Budget allocation

After finalizing of being sure to refinish the floors. It is time to decide the budget for the floor. Various criteria may affect the cost of your sanding and polishing services depending on who you hire. Size of the job, region, needed repairs, cleaning, removing furniture, home location, and more. Though the coast is per square foot depending on these factors the coast pers square fit may vary. So, when finalizing a budget to keep all these factors in mind before you realize that it is out of your budget.

Who should you hire?

There are a lot of service providers out there waiting that you contact them and they lure you into attractive offers. Do not get blinded by those attractive offers as there is a lot that you need to know before hiring professional service providers. With the presence of businesses online, it has become easy to know more about their services and previous customers satisfactions, the methods and equipment they use for the process. What do they charge for the services? What is the additional free-of-cost services that they provide?

Whatever is the curiosity in the mind just ask or research but know it all before hiring the professionals? It will make you aware of how transparent they are about providing the quality of services requested.

We at Total Floor Service make sure the customers are fully aware of what services and quality they would be getting whether it is Floor Sanding in Melbourne or Commercial Floor Polishing in Melbourne.

Wooden Floor Installation Services Melbourne

4 Things you need to know before DIY floor sanding

It is nothing new to hear that you want to sand the floor all by yourself. Even the wooden floor installation services Melbourne have heard many of their customers saying they are doing the floor sanding by themselves. So this is not much of a surprise but not doing it right could be devastating. We, the Sanding professionals at Total Floor Service, do not want you to ruin that beautiful hardwood floor.

Floor sanding is a very exhaustive and skilled task. People often consider doing it themselves at home but they cannot in their commercial spaces, as it is practically a very huge task. Do not even think about doing it just get the commercial floor sanding services in Melbourne. Even for the home here is what floor sanding and polishing experts in Melbourne have to say about the DIY floor sanding.

Let’s get started with what you can end up doing wrong by sanding the floor yourself.

●     Sanding equipment

The first and foremost thing you have to think about for floor sanding is what equipment you are going for floor sanding. The drum sander used by the professionals is expensive and hard to find in the rental store. You can either go for an edging sander or some other alternative machine that is generally found in this rental store. The effectiveness of these sanding machines is not that of what professionals use.

●     The grit of the sandpaper is important

The grit of the sandpaper is what people don’t know about. They don’t know the impact of the change in grit on the sanding of the floor. One cannot get the appropriate or desired results when using the wrong grit sandpaper. The different grits are for addressing the different requirements of the hardwood floor for effective sanding. Apart from the grit, sandpaper also needs to be changed enough to have effective sanding.

Wooden Floor Installation Services Melbourne

●     Measures need to be taken

Just having sanding equipment and the willpower to do sanding is not enough. Do you know that when you are sanding the floor with the machine you can end up damaging the sanding machine and further the hardwood floor? Every nail on the hardwood needs to be checked and punched down with a hammer. Not doing so or not knowing about it could be a bit of a problem for the equipment, floor and ultimately you. Also, do not forget the dust makes and earplugs or else you will end up triggering allergies.

●     Not sanding properly

There is a lot to be considered when sanding the floor. People are not aware of when the sanding of the floor is enough, unlike professionals. The professionals can look at the floor and easily tell if enough sanding is done or not, but you can’t. Other than enough sanding not sanding diagonally and unable to properly sand the edges makes it look incomplete.

Bottom line!

Our floor sanding and polishing experts in Melbourne recommend that instead of trusting the instincts that you can do it, sometimes it is better to leave the job on the professional who knows how to do it. So, quickly seek wooden floor installation services in Melbourne for a better result.