Why you should Hire Floor Sanding and Polishing Services

Does it right to ask without knowing that are you maintain cleaning or not? Absolutely wrong to ask these question as it essential to know your attention toward cleaning of your commercial floor. Total floor service believes that Floor Sanding and Polishing Services in Melbourne is a secondary task as very first you need to keep your property clean.

Commercial property usually has timber flooring just because of durability and beauty. And you know how beautiful and durable important to commercial premises as it essential to keep commercial floor sustainable to do risky operations and beauty to impress customer and clients along with visitors.

Piggyback onto Timber Floor Polishing Services in Melbourne

Yes, so timber becomes renowned just because it’s an outstanding performance, especially in the industrial area but at the same time it demands maintenance to polishing. You cannot keep the timber floor without polishing as it can ruin the beauty and durability of the floor and property.

Timber polishing can help you to bring beauty to your commercial floor. How you can forget the wooden floor when it comes to beauty? You know that timber is nothing but the wood, and that’s the reason with timber polishing you can enhance the sheen of the floor and no overall wonder appearance of the business or place.

One of the prime benefits you can avail from timber polishing is revitalising your traditional commercial floor. Means now you no longer have to worry about bringing new look as polishing will make floor new and appealing. Hence, you can add new floor with the help of professionals like Total floor service without investing or wasting money on replacement.

Are you planning for marketing your office? Then the best choice you can make is timber polishing as it adds value to the property. You can avail better price of your commercial premises without any hesitation.

Why you should Hire Floor Sanding and Polishing Services in Melbourne?

  • Bring Beauty to Place

First and foremost benefit you can avail from floor sanding and polishing is beauty. You can add ultimate charm to place as professional from the company transform your old-fashioned floor into the brand new and appealing floor. Hence, you will get new floor without spending money on replacement of flooring system.

  • Enhance Toughness

As previously said, timber is renowned because of its durability, but besides you can add strength with the help of sanding and polishing services. Professional from the company will make the floor more durable and ensure you for the tough floor. You know how important it is to have the tough floor in the industrial area as you need to perform routine risky tasks and operations.

Summing Up!!

Do you have a timber floor installed in your commercial business? Then connect with Total floor service as they provide Floor Sanding and Polishing Services in Melbourne with you no longer have to worry about toughness and beauty. Also can avail other services like Concrete Floor Cleaning.


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Noteworthy Points – You Should Aware at The Beginning of Timber Floor Sanding Services

Without any doubt, the hardwood floor adds striking beauty and standard appearance in your home’s look. But as per global rule, Vinyl Floor Polishing also becomes dull and lose their sparking shine after the long duration. Let assume this time is 20 year, in this duration your hardwood floors floor shows its age with scratches, discolouring and dullness, this will make you intimidating.

In this situation, you think whether you change the entire floor with new material or take professional Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing in Melbourne from the reputed company like Total Floor Service. Replacing the whole floor is a costly and long-time taking process, so if you have a budget, then do or go with other options.

Before you decide taking professional flooring services, you should know important points so that you can take these services without any hassle.

  1. Select Correct Floor Contractor

If you need proper and well- managed flooring services whether it is floor sanding services or Floor Polishing Services then you should choose the right contractor. To choose the right contractor, you have contacted more than one contractor and take their interview. You also visit the reputed company to take a look at their services. After checking their workmanship and quality work, select them for your job.

  1. The rule for Refresh Sanded Floor

Very first and must followable point is, you shouldn’t walk on the freshly sanded floors because it can damage the floor durability. As freshly sanded floor doesn’t have protection because it recently buffed so your walk can harm the floor. This rule also applies for the commercial and residential property, and Commercial Floor Sanding Experts Melbourne give you strict instruction while they start the job. The right time to walk on the floor is after finishing the floor services.

  1. Stay Should Be Shifted or Not?

Floor services are labour- intensive work, whether it is floor sanding or floor polishing services. Mostly you have to transfer your home furniture when floor refinishing work start, so it not disturbs the working in their job. The floor sanding work is a highly dusty job, and it can hurt your health very badly so if you want to protect your health as well as family from this hazard situation you have to move your stay for them sometime.

  1. What Is the Correct Time to Set Your Furniture Back on the Refinished Floor?

According to your expert instruction and glaze specification as well as products usage, you can move your furniture. You do not move the furniture without it completely cured and get its original position. This process is taking days or even weeks; it all depends on the material used in the sanding or polishing services. As long-time you give to your floor is suitable for its inner strength and long durability.

  1. Time of Floor Sanding Process Takes

Being hurry in the home remoulding work is not a good idea, especially for flooring task. Floor sanding process’s time is depending on the area where you need the refinishing task and the expertise of sanders. It is also relying on machinery used in the sanding as well as polishing work.

Final Words,

These are common things you should know while you think to take Vinyl Floor Polishing Services. To get prominent floor sanding and polishing services come at Total Floor Service’s official website and meet our team.

How to Maintain Your Wooden Floor Installation from Professionals

The most likely and renowned interior decoration is wooden floor, especially residential and commercial properties. The only thing you have to eye on is proper wooden floor installation services Melbourne because if everything is fine, then you no longer have to worry about floor damage or cracks.

A company like Total floor service provide floor sanding and polishing experts in Melbourne who ensure the safety of floor installation. Flooring is the centre attraction of the house, whether for visitors or guests. Ultimately, you must have to eye on installation, and it would be great if you seek the help of professionals.

The wooden floor is the renowned interior decoration, especially in residential and commercial properties. It’s the most affected flooring than others as if you fail at fitting correctly, and that’s the first reason you should seek the help of professionals.

Here are the best ways to take care of your Wooden Floor:

  1. Ensure about Flooring Type

The very first and next thing you need to know is ensuring the type of flooring. Wooden flooring has different shade and colour, which require a different method to install, and that’s the reason you need to take care of accordingly. Hence, having professionals can decide the method and ensure about flooring, whether residential or commercial.

  1. Know about chemicals

The very next thing you have to keep it in mind is chemicals and products. You know and understand the importance of beauty of flooring means you cannot keep lousy and unorganized. And that’s why to maintain your wooden floor shiny and clean you need to aware of chemicals and products. Ultimately, you must have to acknowledge oneself about chemical and products.

  1. Avoid conscious chemical and product

The most important thing you have to keep it in mind is unconscious chemical and particle like oil. As oil is the most affected particle of wooden, which can damage the floor and can spoil the beauty of the flooring. And that’s why rather experiment anything on floor call Total floor service to keep floor charming all the time.

  1. Protect floor from Sunrays

The commercial floor has more chance of damage than the residential floor. You know and understand the importance of commercial flooring, especially when the client visits your office or place, and that’s why having the floor protected from sunrays beneficial. Ultimately, you have to maintain the floor from sunlight as it can damage the beauty of the floor. And that’s the reason to keep the floor safe you must have to seek the help of professionals.

      5. Keep safety in mind

You cannot keep the floor shiny and safe all the time without availing commercial floor sanding services in Melbourne. You must have to seek the help of trained and professional people to ensure safety, especially risky floors. Hence, you must have to keep safety in mind.


Are you looking to add wooden floor installation? Then come to Total floor service as you will get best wooden floor installation services Melbourne along with professional and trained people. Also, get a shiny and appealing floor to add value to the house.

Want to know more about commercial floor sanding services in Melbourne? Then call on 1300 463 330 or visit at https://totalfloorservice.com.au/ for more information.

A Novice’s Guide To Help You Choose The Right Floor Sanding Company

It is said that floor sanding is so much important as it helps in keeping the floor sparkling and clean. Although, the process is so much simple that you can start at your own too but the professional approach can be way better than a DIY approach. In such a situation, you need to look into professional Vinyl floor cleaning in Melbourne & polishing in Melbourne based company.

If we think about hiring professional floor sanding and polishing company in Melbourne, there can never be a good option than Total Floor Service. But how will you hire the right company that can help you with the floor cleaning and sanding related jobs? Below are criteria you need to look into before you hire any floor sanding and polishing company.

  • Check whether the company is licensed or not

Before you hire any floor sanding company, you need to ensure the company’s license and about the employees that work in the company. If the company has a permit for the identification then you need to get approval from the professional company. Through this, you will make the entire process confident and also gain trust in work.

  • What about their work experience in the same profession?

In such a situation, you need to make sure about hiring floor sanding and polishing company that is having years of experience. It would be better to ensure that the company offer floor sanding services to the people for more years. Through this, you can gain trust and hire the company that has a lot of skills.

  • How much money do they ask?

Budget is so much important factor and before you start any project, you need to ensure that you are having a certain plan. Although every floor sanding company charges differently, this will depend upon the services that you are providing. This is the simple help to call various companies for money and services. You need to choose the company that is perfect and right one to help you pay.

  • Go for the recommendations

Also, you can ask your friends, relatives, or family members who have leveraged the same services before. This will help you in figuring out the right company for you. They will help you in delivering a good result that can help you choose the right company.

  • Whether the company is reliable or not

You need to choose a company that has reliability and a good reputation. The people who handle the floor sanding and polishing jobs should work reliably across the vertical.

Turning up!

If you are searching out the top-most Vinyl floor cleaning in Melbourne & polishing in Melbourne Company then ending up with the Total Floor Service can be a better choice. You can ask us questions through the comment section and we will be there with all the answers. Happy cleaning!

Know How Professional Floor Sanding Service A Better Option For Home Owners Does!

Are you wondering how you could raise your property value without spending too much? The flooring completes the house. The main factor affecting is your choice. Thus hardwood flooring and refinishing is the affordable flooring solutions and the attractive walking floor surface.

What chooses good sander?

The first step is to choose the right sanders is very important when it comes to wood floor sanding Geelong. They work on with more recent development is technology have brought machines which collect duct by suction. On the other hand, the act of floor polishing service helps to reduce the dust considerably.

While taking into consideration that the application of a wood finish is essential to protect the surface of any wood floor. On the other hand, if the finish is not done, so it can create deterioration is increased; a finish will prevent creaking and swelling and a wood stain will enhance the appearance.

Get on the platform on best-served floor sanding

When you faced with the problem of restoring your wood floor that the alternative of dust-free sanding falls leaps and bounds naturally in front of the traditional methods of sanding floors. Thus best –served professional floor sanding Geelong are well-trained in this service and confidently offer it with the added incentive of time-server experience.

  • Many times, these are no sense in investing in low-quality material when there are plenty of affordable, high-quality materials on the market today.
  • This is the time to be sure that the highest quality materials which one can afford are being purchased.
  • Thus it can help to maintenance-free beauty will return the investment many times over, with its resistance to moisture wear, stains, scuffs and even heat and chemical damage.

Need to ensure that the products are the best quality

Even when, need to compare the product quality and guarantees, inventory, customers service, shipping option, customer support, and price protects that value and appreciate the business and who will ensure that the products beings bought from them will be simple to install, durable and beautiful for many, years.

Thus the materials used in the floor are essential to work on because some don’t require polishing. On the other platform, an electric polisher can be an option instead. One advantage of having your polisher in the fact that you can have it rented and earn extra from it.

Surround with all furniture, window treatment and other items are removed. This will ensure that they are not damaged during the sanding process and will speed up the process.

Come into the end,

Nowadays everybody wants a clean and well floor sanding Geelong home and in every workplace. Timely the act of floor polishing services is required for homemaking and office owners. On the same platform, Affordable Flooring Solutions specialize in professional floor sanding and offer valuable information on floor wood finishes. Thus the floors care service available by this reputable floor care specialist.

Now Time to Give Your Home Luxuries New Look with Hardwood Flooring

To have beautiful carpet accentuate gleaming wood floors and are both attractive and functional. Need to act for well-maintained carpet can be enjoyed for a long time. Today at many platforms, Carpet repairs in Melbourne service are in high demand to cure the damage to valuable carpets and to keep them watching their best for many years to come.

  1. Make the use of standard material

Today the most popular floor for home is the hardwood floor sanding Geelong, which is suitable, regardless of the shapes and sizes of the rooms. Here experts work for carpet repairs services in Melbourne, which could be an excellent flooring service provider.

While depending on the material and colour of the carpet, carpet cleaning and repairing, professionals are able to choose the proper supplies to use to improve and still have the carpet looking good as new.

  1. Even ensure to have the best result

The platform of Carpet repairs in Melbourne makes sure that they control the appearance and size of the carpet, unlike repairs done at the house that could end up making the carpet appear out of balance or leave visible bumps.

It is also important that you give the professionals enough time to do their work to ensure that they give you the best result. As a way of checking damages to your carpet, always use cleaning methods, so that you do not have a professional clean it for you.

  1. Work with proper instruction

It is important to keep sharp or hot objects and items away from the carpet to avoid unintentional damage to it. When you see around and find the piece started to come apart, it might be the best time for seam repairs. It’s important to get a carpet with a right seam to last you for a lifetime without having to re-seam it.

  • At the time when it comes to flood damage repairs, need to deal with floor sanding Geelong to remove the actual padding, then dry out the carpet and use a new carpet pad instead.
  • Because the problem with wet carpet is that they tend to get mildew on them very active, so you need to act swiftly in order to dry out the piece without it sustaining any such damages.

Turn your attention here!

When you make carpet repair decision, you need to keep that factor in mind. Carpet repairs in Melbourne specialist can work to repair experts can re-stretch your carpet, which will often give it a brand new appearance. Even need to take a long at your flooring. Floor sanding Geelong, give breathing life back into your carpet flooring. Getting expert carpet repairs services in Melbourne on the best type of carpeting for the different room is one of the advantages of hiring a professional carpet repair service.

If you are looking to have the superficial treatment done on their carpets, you shouldn’t think twice about hiring a carpet cleaner.

Things You Need to Know About Floor Sanding & Polishing in No Time

New construction houses which are being renovated made the building environment-friendly. Floor sanding Geelong meant the creation of a lot of dust, dirt and disruption in homes. These professionals use modern equipment and are expertly trained in the dust-free floor sanding process. Floor Polishing Services, ensure that the work is completed quickly, efficiently and will provide minimal disruption.

  1. In order to have green home, eco-friendly flooring products are the first choice for many builders, homemakers and architects.
  2. It is important to select the appropriate eco-friendly flooring solution, as there are various options available in the affordable flooring solutions
  3. Devote time into the best, wood floor cleaner and sander in area, the results achieved will be truly spectacular, allowing for a ride to be restored in wood floors.

Offering a state of service- clean and maintain flooring

Regular cleaning floor is increasing in their popularity; they are attractive, timeless and easy to clean and maintain. Professionals, Floor Polishing Services and finishes have invested in this process and value the importance of an innovative approach. Thus offering state of the art service and the evidence provided below will leave with the confidence that is well-informed on the floor sanding process.

Get result are long-lasting

Knowledge in the floor sanding and the re-finishing process is vital as each job is different in its approach. The living environment that it is laid and the finish that customer want. Real knowledge of the most suitable outcomes to perform the work.

After the sanding method has been created, they will also allow information about customer wooden flooring should be best maintained; making sure that the results are long-lasting. These outcomes do not have unpleasant odours and are the perfect resolution for eliminating grime, dust and stains to safeguard actual stone surfaces.

Make the use of high-powered and even ensure smooth finish cleaning time

These floor polishing service also offer a variety of cleaning material to use. The activity of floor polisher, vacuum cleaners, wax, and other solution which will suit needs and preferences.

  • Surround with dust created in the traditional process lingered in homes for a long time after the job was finished.
  • Make the use of dust-free sanding machines use an excellent filtration method which permits the judge to sand down wood floors without creating dust.
  • Regularly using high-powered, guaranteeing a glossy finish without damaging grain trims and allows the operator to monitor their work continuously; more lasting results are obtained with reduced cleaning time.
  • There are many brands to choose from which comes in different colours, designs, weight and function.

In the end,

There are a few acts that have the floor sanding Geelong that can take care of by someone that understands what they are doing. When working with Floor Polishing Services make a big difference in a room when investing in floor polishing. In order to support the shine and beauty of rocks, outcomes, powerful stone and tiles cleaner should be used regularly. Affordable Flooring Solutions get products also act as deodorizers are biodegradable and environment-friendly.

Need to know everything about timber floor installation for best output

Long decades ago, flooring has gained immense popularity because of the easy maintenance and elegance. Need to perform the act of timber floor installation in Melbourne will increase the durability of home flooring shine.   

Always look for a quality of service for floor sanding in Melbourne, which could satisfy for decades on end with minimum resources required, which is not something that carpeting. Moreover, the wood or timber floor can stand up to only about anything life can launch at it from high traffic to spills and more extra. 

  1. Get a different range of flooring accessories

The service of commercial floor polishing in Melbourne which allows you to ensure that your sound-reducing perform everything that is expected of it, and there are different range of flooring accessories to choose from which can ensure that your flooring is complete to walk-on. 

  • Sometimes it is necessary to look for cleaning service; the client always comes with the request and asks for certain adjustments such as which place should be cleaned first.
  • They the cleaning staff should think ever of precaution so that they would not break anything while cleaning a specific area.
  • While running a commercial establishment, keeping the place neat and clean on one secret of attracting more customers and ranking up more profit. 


  1. Work with well-trained for specialisation floor polishing 

Many companies offer commercial cleaning services vary in specialisation, so look for those companies that meet your commercial requirements. While the act of hiring an industrial cleaning provider because they are well-trained for that specialisation. On the other hand, commercial floor polishing in Melbourne service providers are well-trained and practice to clean overall establishments. 

  • Even after the task is completed of Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne, it might be necessary to place wooden fillers inside to fill up the pores.
  • Need to do the process of sanding and finishing. For that, you need to sand down any rough areas and make sure the floor is level all the way around.
  • An act of functions as a sound and moisture barrier and is extremely vital if you want to have durable and long-lasting timber flooring.
  • Make sure that your installer users the best quality of underlay that is suitable for your particular type of flooring. 


  1. Look at installation techniques

Since timber flooring is long-lasting, it is usually more valuable and can also be more complicated to install. Holding up on installation systems will help you make a well-informed choice about whether or not you can do your hardware floor installation. Layout several lines of wood before actually installing them and create sure that the end of the provisions in next rows is staggered. 

Get to an end…

Planning to have timber floor installation in Melbourne, the best thing is to get the installed method professionally. Cleaning and maintaining are much simpler on modern timber floor which only required simple sweeping and occasional vacuuming. 



Floor sanding- few things you need to know about flooring & polishing

How is doing the task? The action of sanding the floor is a dirty job. This all need to everything possible from the place and then hang sprinkled sheets to reduce the effect of the dust into the other elements of the house. From the platform of professional floor sanding Geelong to prevent dust from getting out nevertheless plummeting it this manner makes clean up easier. The action of floor sanding and the re-fishing process is vital as each job is different in its approach.

  • The long-lasting result- restored wood floors

The particular type of wood, the environment that it is set and the finish that you need. This will be joining with a real understanding of the best product to create the work. Even after the sanding process has been developed, they will also offer information about how your wood flooring should be best fit; making sure that the result is long-lasting. Professionals, Floor Polishing Services and finishes have invested in this process and value the importance of this innovative approach. Affordable floor service allows achieving the result, which will be truly spectacular, allowing for pride to be restored wood floors.

  • Areas required restoration

The primary step of sanding flooring is to prepare the area that required restoration. Even need to be ensuring that all dust, dirt and particles are removed. Timely need to look for overall furniture, window treatments and other items are excluded. Thus this will help to ensure that they are not damaged during the sanding process and will speed up the process. This also allows the sanding process, involving the use of progressively more excellent grades of sandpapers are used till the pieces are fully sanded.

  • Elongate life expectancy

The last stage involved finishing and protecting the floor. Timely they need to seal will act as a protection to the blocks and will elongate their life expectancy. This will allow bringing out the original colouration and will withstand corrosion and damage. Especially expressed polyurethane ties have been formed to offer the best achievable finish. Cleaning with a floor polisher or hiring a cleaning service is indeed a tough decision for homemaker and office application.

  • A floor sanding experts will offer the benefit of accurate knowledge and advice on which timber finish is best adapted to a particular stage. Best-served experts are also in the position to offer bespoke wood finishes, submitting a truly unique application.

Taking everything into account,

Your first floor sanding Geelong offers a number of services, and also they are able to help with different methods on the best looks that will need. Floor Polishing Services can add fashion and artistic appeal is only done in the right manner. Sanding can repair any scratches and can repair all sorts of boards that ate past repair, and they make sure they match them to the floor. The polishing service also offers a variety of cleaning materials to use. Even people can have floor polishers, vacuum cleaners, wax and other solution which will suit your needs and preferences.

Vinyl Floor Polishing Melbourne

A Straight Guide To Seek Cleaning Vinyl Floor Effectively & Efficiently

Let’s accept it – We always want our home to be looked clean, classy, and trendy. People mostly prefer vinyl floor in their house for the aesthetic home value. When you found a need to keep the floor clean, you should go through professional Vinyl floor cleaning in Melbourne & polishing in Melbourne approach because, no one can handle the cleaning process as effectively as professionals can.


Let’s look into the working procedure of floor sanding and polishing company in Melbourne. Get the deep in-sight on the sanding & cleaning process. – Content handled by the Total Floor Service Company!


A professional company will remove dirt, and stains from the vinyl floors with the cleaning and maintaining tips. Vinyl floor cleaning depends upon many factors like, it depend on the room traffic, and it requires more care and cleaning for the better floor health. Thus, this guide can be a perfect choice to you before moving further and hire any floor sanding and polishing company.


A guide to clean a vinyl floor

When you think about cleaning the vinyl floor, it will require knee-deep efforts but still, you can handle the stain marks with the efficient tools and products. Here are few things you should include while keeping the floor clean.

  • Baking soda
  • Bucket
  • Water dish soap
  • Vacuum
  • Knife to handle the cleaning job
  • Mop and clothes


Once you complete the supply process, the next step would be vacuuming and sweeping the vinyl floor. If you choose to keep the floor clean with vacuuming then, ensure that you have it on the right setting to remove the scratches and stain from the floor. If you choose to vacuum the floor then you should ensure to protect the floor against scratches because you need to vacuum the floor so you can walk with bare foot.


A Straight & Simple Steps To Clean Vinyl Floors.

Dirt minimisation can keep the vinyl floor at its best. With the time, dirt and dust can decrease and it can affect the vinyl floor. So, you should clean the spills and stains before it can damage the floor.

  • First you should dry mop or vacuum the floor to remove dirt and dust from the floor
  • Once you clean the floor, you should use wet mop with commercial cleaning experts. You should then mix it well with the apple cider vinegar with water. Because of the acidic characteristic it can remove the dirt with soapy firm.
  • Then, you should mix up a bucket of hot water with cider vinegar and then apply on the floor & start moping.
  • In case, if you require to clean the floor you should use few drop of water & vinegar mixture. This can clean the floor completely.


Final Thoughts!

You should seek professional Vinyl floor cleaning in Melbourne & polishing in Melbourne Company for better floor and home atmosphere. Thank you for reading this article and we will be there to help you on any of your queries.