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Can Furniture Weight Damage the Timber Floor?ht Damage the Timber Floor?

Yes, they do. One of the most desired luxuries by the homeowners is having a timber floor in the house. After getting the wooden floor installation services in Melbourne the only thing that the homeowner is worried about is taking care of that floor. It lasts up to a century, keeping the luster intact for such a long time can be a bit of a job.

Whether it’s commercial floor sanding services in Melbourne or for homes, sanding has its own perks when it comes to keeping the hardwood floors looking good. As per our floor sanding and polishing experts in Melbourne this desired luxury indeed needs extra care. Protecting it against the weight of the furniture is one of them.

The more the weight of the furniture, the more likely it is to damage the finish of the floor. Here are some of the effective ways to protect your valuable floor from your furniture.

Use Furniture Pads

This is the ultimate bliss that will keep the floor finish intact. The pads are specifically designed to keep the furniture away from damaging the floor. They act as a cushion between the furniture and your floor. There are different types of furniture pads available to address your requirements.

Self-adhesive protectors, tap-on pads, and more that you can choose from. All this is different with their longevity and effectiveness of functioning. So, make sure you know what you are choosing.

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Make A Habit of Lifting It Instead of Pulling or Pushing

We insist on this one. Most of the starches are the result of the furniture pushing and pulling. The weight of the furniture plays a great role in the ugliness of these scratches. The more weight the more likely the scratched will get noticed.

You can get rid of the scratches by sanding and refinishing but how many times do you want to go through the same repetitive process? So, make sure you pinch yourself next time when you pull anything on the floor instead of lifting it.

Carpets Could Rescue Your Floor

Adding the carpet or rugs in the area where there is frequent movement of chairs and so would be a floor saver. These frequent movements can cause the minute scratches that add up every day and eventually make the floor look dull. The carpets won’t let that happen.

Chair Protectors for Wood Floor

A furniture piece that is often moved from one place to another. It became necessary to add padding to the legs of the chair to protect the floor. The protectors will make the movement smooth rather than harsh on the surface.

Do not forget to keep your dirty footwear off the floor as they are also the reason for the damage done to the floor. If you have the starched and dullness on the floor already get the commercial floor sanding services in Melbourne done. You can contact our floor sanding and polishing experts in Melbourne for more advice.