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5 Do’s to consider before/after the completion of floor sanding/coating

The start date for sanding and coating floors is crucial when building or renovating, particularly in relation to other trades. Before working on the floor, carpentry, electrical, plastering, plumbing, and glazing should be done. Apart from those areas noted below, such as the final coat on skirting boards, ensure that all other tradesmen have finished their work or are away from the floor until our commercial floor sanding services in Melbourne start for the best performance.

Our technicians at Total Floor Service Melbourne are highly trained and can effectively handle any restoration service for any form of floor surface, thanks to their years of experience in the industry. Below are the essential to-do things for you to consider:

Preparation for sanding and coating

  • We need unobstructed and secure access to the site. Is there enough parking/access to bring in the heavy machinery for wooden floor installation services Melbourne? If not, please talk to us about making alternate arrangements.
  • We’ll need electricity to power our floor sanding equipment, so make sure there’s enough lighting and power. The electricity should be turned on from inside the home, not from the job site power box. It is also important to have access to water.

Wooden Floor Installation Services Melbourne

  • Make sure the area to be sanded is free of clutter and furniture. All furniture and floor coverings, including staples and tacks, should be removed. If the floor has staples, tacks, or smooth edges, a quote for their removal can be given, so budget for the extra cost.
  • Remove all unsealed food from the pantry and other storage areas because the polyurethane smell will taint it.
  • It’s best to keep the kickboards off when it comes to new kitchens until the floor is finished. If a new carpet is being installed in a few spaces, it should be done after the floor has been completed.

On completion of sanding and coating your floors

  1. Before stepping on the pavement, wait at least 24 hours.
  2. The polyurethane takes 7 days to harden completely. Put the furniture back in the rooms at least 72 hours after the final coat is applied. Avoid dragging furniture; instead, raise and position where possible to avoid damaging the polyurethane. You risk scratching or gouging your floor if you drag your furniture over it.
  3. Do not walk in grit or other abrasives (socks only) until the floor has completely healed, which should take about 7 days.
  4. Never wear stilettos on a wooden floor because the heel point ruins it and leaves unsightly indentations.
  5. Place or glue small pieces of felt or protective furniture pads to the feet of all furniture and heavy items to help prevent scratching of your freshly sanded and coated board. Hardware stores sell these for a reasonable price.


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