Floor Sanding in Melbourne

What impact Sanding and Polishing have on the floor?

Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne boosted a lot when people found that timber floors are cost-efficient and have good longevity. With the boost of installation, there also arose a need for these floors to be taken care of in a long term.

If not maintained, timber flooring could not be made look good as new. Here is why we at total floor service insist on taking the benefit of Floor Sanding in Melbourne and Commercial Floor Polishing in Melbourne services.

With the regular use of the house, these floors seem to have wear and tear that needs to be addressed. Keep reading and find out how sanding and polishing the floors have a good impact on the timber floor.

Keep those stains away

Over time there always some sort of stains and discoloration happened on the floor. This could be some spills or mishaps causing the stain. No to worry, they are not going to be forever. Sanding and polishing the timber floor helps one to get rid of these stains on time. Though not all king stains are possible to remove like pet urine, rust, etc.

Never get bored of the flooring

With sanding and polishing comes the opportunity of changing the flooring color as per the likeness or the interior. Not just getting the new tint to the floor it also makes it possible to blend the floor more correctly with the surroundings and interior. Whatever the reason may be, sanding and polishing the floor makes it possible to change the color of the timber floor.

Floor Sanding in Melbourne

No allergies

We are very well aware that wood has a rough surface and it is not possible to thoroughly clean the surface when the floor is not adequately polished or the polish fades. Imagine the amount of dirt and debris this rough surface is capable of incorporating. These accumulations cause health issues and allergies over a prolonged time. Polish those floors and remain away from allergies and respiratory diseases.

Termites and wood borers

Wood is always somehow prone to termites and borers. The damaged floors can be taken care of. The harm done to the floor by these can be treated by sanding the floor of the damage done and polishing it for finishing the look. The new polish would also help keep the Termites and wood borers away from damaging the floors.

Property value

It is as simple as asking you this question, which house would have more value? The one with well-maintained flooring other the time or the one without? Keeping the property value consistent over the years is not easy. Work needs to be done, attention needs to be paid and all this regularly. This is true for time floorings too. Sanding and polishing would keep them good as new which would indeed have a good impact on the property value.

Completion line!

I bet there is no homeowner who doesn’t like compliments. It is the way to appreciate the efforts that a homeowner has done over the years to keep the home in great condition. This is not possible on their own; everyone at some point in time needs professional help. Floor Sanding in Melbourne and Commercial Floor Polishing in Melbourne services are available anytime for your commercial as well as house needs.