5 DIY Tips You Can Use for Temporarily Tile and Grout Clean by Yourself at Home

To keep your tiles shiny, some precautionary measures are suggested, such as vacuum regularly to keep dirt out of the bay, use a microfiber mop instead of sponges, and change the water diligently when you sink. With the help of a Tile Cleaning in Melbourne professional expert, you can restore the glory of tile, there are also some homemade DIY methods. This solution is a temporary help in removing dirt and another way to bring out your cleaning solution that will shine and return your tiles to their previous glory.

Here are some cleaning tricks you can safely try on your own:

1) Find the area that needs cleaning and spray the grit with warm water. Use a stiff bristle brush (like a toothbrush is used) and scrub in a circular motion as you follow the grout line. This gets rid of surface dirt and smoke.

2) Make a cleaning solution by mixing one-part baking soda with one-part hydrogen peroxide or vinegar to make a paste. If your tiles are coarse like marble, use water instead of vinegar as high acidity can stain the tiles themselves. If your tiles come in contact with grease (as they usually do in the kitchen), add a few drops of dish soap.

3) Apply the solution paste on the affected areas of the grout and wait for about 10 to 15 minutes. This is an important step as it allows the cleaning solution to work on its magic and work the work in the grout.

4)Use another scrub brush to scrub through the scrub off the lifting lines and any remaining dirt and grime.

5)Add a few drops of dish detergent to a cloth or sponge and use warm water to wash off the remaining grout cleaner. This will also rinse and grout the tiles.

Tile Cleaning in Melbourne

It is important to remember that many tile & grout cleaning scenarios require a professional

If there is mould or mildew under or inside your grout, there is no way to clean it without professional help. You can tell the grout by discolouration or by the smell coming from the area that there is mould or mildew. The tile floor inside your home is great. We enhance the look and feel of the room and make it more aesthetically pleasing. Having tile cleaning experts for residential place comes to know and experience how to deal with challenges and restore fresh new tile look.

Also, Total Floor Service is the ultimate choice for providing tile cleaning in Melbourne services with the help of a professional. When we come up with the right equipment and enough experience, they help you with your flooring cleaning tasks in a fairly simple and trouble-free freeway. Our expert will do all the cleaning work themselves and leave you with a flawlessly clean house. So, why not try us?


Keeping all these issues in mind is essential for individuals who are thinking about doing things automatically to hire professional experts. In the end, Total Floor Services will provide you with tile cleaning in Melbourne Services, so you no longer have to worry about cleaning. However, it is more affordable to do than to do it yourself, which also saves you the time and energy you can spend on it.