4 Floor Polishing Errors One Must Avoid

Floor Polishing Geelong has a drastic impact on the way timber floors looks. Apart from the statics, it protects the upper timber payer from being directly exposed to foot traffic. Imagine if there are minute bubbles, dirt or duct trapped in the polish, would the timber floor look still appeal? No!

Here are floor polishing mistakes that you need to avoid right away. 

  • Choose Wrong Floor Polishing Melbourne Company

The major role for the perfect floor polishing is by the Floor Sanding Melbourne Company that you choose. If you neglect any red flags when choosing the floor polishing company it would not just fail to deliver the floor finish as per your expectation but also can turn out to be pretty expensive as you would want to hire another company to fix the finish all over again. 

There are various considerations that you can make when choosing the company like experience, teams of qualified experts, the latest equipment, good reviews, mentions in referrals, licence, and more. Do not just go with the option that is cheap as it would not provide the purity of the quality you require. 

  • Speeding Up The Machines

The floor polishing sure does requires a good amount of expertise to operate the machine. Further, it would require a good amount of practice to operate them correctly. If you are just rushing the machines this does not mean that you would complete the fast. Just glazing over the machine on the floor is not the right way to approach the floor polishing. 

Floor Polishing Melbourne

So if your DIYing the polishing make sure you get the exact or right speed at which the machines need to be operated. 

  • Uneven Floor

When polishing the floor it is necessary to ensure that the floor is evenly sanded first. When the polish is applied on the even floor the shine and the reflection is perfect. This would not be something to have a look at if you choose the right floor sanding company. 

When you DIY it too, this is not the case. You may have rushed the sanding leaving the room for ridges on the floor. When the polish is applied to such floors it would change eh angle of reflection of the flooring release the noticeability of the unevenness of the floor even more. 

  • Finish Has Holes

We often hear about the bubbles and faults that could be present in the floor polish if you have not done the floor polishing properly.   

Even if you have selected the right floor polish, these bubbles would restrict the floor from adding more aesthetics to the home as they are the flaws. 

When it comes to floor polishing your expectation would be cloud nine, the aesthetics, shine, and appeal that you are looking for requires a great effort from your side to leave the Floor Sanding Melbourne and polishing from your side. Even choosing the right contractor needs to be done with care as the end result depends entirely on it.