Tile Cleaning in Melbourne

4 Common Tile and Grout Problems & Causes for Professional Hiring

A diverse range of home decor ideas is diversifying into new styles and flooring options. However, the biggest challenge for a household is to keep its tiles and grout clean. Most often, people who own homes that decorate the tiles on the walls and floors complain of unclean interiors. We at Total Floor Service, believe in providing Tile Cleaning in Melbourne services that are effective and last longer. We are not limited to tile and grout Cleaning Services in Melbourne but we have a professional tile cleaner expert for residential places who are dedicated to offering to restore the grouted and dirty tiled areas with satisfaction.

Here are the 4 most common tile and grout problems and what you can do to fix them.

#1. White residue and stain on tiles

It is quite common to see white residue or stain on tiles. When water enters the minerals under the tiles and in the crystallization of water, it results in white residues or stains appearing on the surface of the tiles. This is known as efflorescence which often appears on grout joints because it is a very porous substance. So, our professional tile cleaner will not only clean but also rejuvenate their shine.

#2. Stained or discoloured grout

Apart from dirt, liquid impurities, grease and fine dust can also penetrate the filler and make it look discoloured. Before you know it, your grout has turned from white to black. Uneven colour can occur because the coloured part is separated and penetrated together. That is why you need to be identified and resolved by our professional specialist.

Tile Cleaning in Melbourne

#3. Mould Growth

Mould of shower and bathroom tiles is probably the most common tile problem. This is because wet and very humid areas with poor ventilation provide a perfect breeding ground for mould. Once mould develops in porous grout joints, no amount of scrubbing to get rid of mould will not help, they only eat on increasingly harmful grout. That is hiring our professional team which effectively removes growth to make tiles look new like.

#4. Poor working method

The dusters, mops or sponges we use to clean our unclean structures get dirty after use and how many of us believe in cleaning or sterilizing them after use? Most of us don’t and even if we clean them only on a weekly or maybe monthly basis, this is not really enough. This prevents troubles, you can take the help of professional’s tile cleaner for residential places on a regular basis to keep your floor and home free from germs.

Say Goodbye to Your Dingy Tiles and Grout by Professionals

By choosing our professional tile and grout Cleaning Services in Melbourne you save time and energy and most importantly our experts will give satisfactory results without any mistakes. With our state-of-the-art tile and grout cleaning process, you can be assured that we will clean your tile floor to the highest standards.

Bottom Lines,

Whether you are looking for regular maintenance or rejuvenate the look of your floor. Well, we strive to provide unparalleled customer service of tile cleaning in Melbourne.