Floor Polishing Geelong

What’s Good About Polishing Timber Basketball Courts?

Floor Polishing Geelong will make the surface smooth and shiny, which makes it much easier to see what’s going on during a game. This can help avoid injuries as well as provide better visibility for players, coaches and referees alike.

The benefits of polishing timber basketball courts are many and varied. For example, when a polished court is used, it increases the speed of the game while also making the game easier on the body. Polished courts also retain their luster longer and are easier to clean because they don’t absorb as much water as unpolished courts do.

Increased Court Speed

One of the major perks of Floor Polishing Geelong your basketball court is that it increases the speed of play. The floor will be smoother and faster, which means players can move more quickly and have less pain in their joints.

Since you’ll be able to play at a faster pace, you’ll also need to be able to run around the court without becoming worn out or injured—and this makes it easier for players to stay healthy over time!

In addition to being more comfortable for your body, polished floors are easier to clean because there’s less dust from dirt that collects under your shoes—resulting in cleaner air quality overall.

Easier on the Body

In general, when you have a good basketball court, you’re going to have players who enjoy playing on it and therefore want to play every day. This is great news for them because it means they won’t be putting their body at risk of injury as often. 

Not only that, but the courts will be easier on their joints and ligaments—which makes them more likely not only to stay active but also to enjoy playing the sport in general.

In short: If you want your players to get better at basketball, then having a nice-looking court is an excellent way of motivating them while also protecting their bodies from harm!

Easier to Clean

You don’t need to use a water vacuum or pressure washer. You can easily clean your court with a broom and dustpan or even just by having the floor dry mopped with your commercial cleaner mop.

If you want to keep things nice and fresh, an occasional steam cleaning is all that’s needed. The best way to prevent gum from sticking to your asphalt court is by keeping it clean. The more you use your court, the more gum will stick to it.

Richer Vibrant Colors

It’s common for wood courts to look quite different before and after polishing. The initial colour is often lighter than the final colour, which has a richer, deeper hue. This can make a basketball court more eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing.

Polished surfaces are also easier to clean because they have fewer pores in which dirt can hide and become embedded. When properly maintained, polished courts will stay looking good for years while not requiring as much maintenance or repairs as unpolished ones do over time.


We hope that after reading this article, you’ve realized the perks of Floor Polishing Geelong basketball courts. As we’ve studied in our research, it is a great way to increase court speed, make cleaning easier and more efficient and even maintain the rich, vibrant colours of your court. We recommend that you contact Total Floor Service today if there are any questions or concerns about polishing your basketball court!