Strip And Seal Melbourne

What Are The Common Questions Of The Strip And Seal Process?

There are lots of technique you can clean the floor and one of that is strip and seal Melbourne technique. The main thing is people have so many questions regarding that, and here are some questions regarding that. We just wanted to provide the solution regarding the cleaning method of any floor. Another method is popular and that is the tile cleaning Melbourne method.

FAQs regarding strip and seal Process:

  1. What are the strip and the sealing method?

Just as you paint the walls, to not only make them look good, we also do it to try to protect the hardwood below from minor damage.

  • The strip and the seal are simply removing the old sealant from the floor surface and placing new sealer layers to the floor in several layers.
  • This is done to protect the vinyl from minor damage caused by wear and tear and to keep it in good condition.
  1. How long it takes?

This takes 4 to 6 hours to complete, after approaching us, you and we decide the perfect time to give the service. After going on the place this process takes 4-6 hours with the total process. There are multiple processes in one method.

  1. How does it work?

As we said that- first of all, register yourself or call on the number to fix the schedule.

After coming at your place, we do the floor sanding and polishing if you have the hardwood floor.

But if you need the strip and seal one then this is the process divided into the different section. Mostly it can be done with the specific equipment and our experts are skilled in that.  It is not necessary, you have to stand there. If you want to stay and wanted to see then it is different but we can do everything step by step.

By using the pressured equipment, you can seal the floor and no need to worry about. 

  1. How to make the floor like a professional strip and seal Melbourne service?

The benefits of applying a high-quality strip and seal system to a floor are both the protection and the improvement. The floors are exposed to the abrasion caused by traffic on foot and without protection, can damage the floor surface and even wear it.

Once we covered with a suitable sealant, the floor is protected from these threats. And this is the most important benefit to get the sealing treatment.

These questions are FAQs as well as a guide to peel and seal floors to achieve the best result. If you want to trim the polish and want the stripping process then this is the best process to adopt.

When you are thinking to buy new vinyl, the average person would not be aware that most vinyl surfaces require regular maintenance.


Your floor – vinyl should be shiny and if it is dirty and damaged then it doesn’t look good. One thing you adopt is strip and seal. Still, after getting the answer to the process you have any questions? You can question us…