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What are some common timber floor issues?

Having fine and elegant wooden flooring is the dream of almost every person. However, overlooking towards certain conditions or wrong Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne could lead to some serious flooding issues.

Following are the common flooring problems that many people face.

Peeled off

Every kind of timber finish come off after a few years, but having a worn-out and improper finish is a different level of disaster. In case your finish has already peeled off, it’s time to re-finish it. That means you need the help of professionals. Normally, wrong implication of the flooring or issues during application of the finish lead to peeling of the finish. Besides, you need to take care of the proper cleaning of the flooring. Never let residues, dust, and pet dander stay on the floor for a long time. Whenever you see dirt on the floor, clean it on the spot.

Pet Stains

Pets are like small babies; they will pee wherever they feel like or whenever they feel stressed out or depressed. But your floor has to pay its cost. Pet waste contains numerous chemicals to which your timber floor reacts and get some permanent marks. Not only the timber floor, but any kind of floor can also be affected by pet waste. Apart from that, your pet’s nails could cause some serious damage to the floor.

The best practice to handle this situation is to never use bleach over the floor; instead, hire professionals for the right solution.

Huge gaps

Normally, we have tin separations between each plank of the wood, but having a visible and huge gap is no good. This is the direct indication of improper installation, which normally happens with DIY floor installation. So if you have had any gap in the floor, it would start looking bigger after the wood gaps have been increased.

Floor Sanding in Melbourne

Colour fading

Sharp sunlight can make your timber floor fade with time. UV rays reach deep inside the surface of the wood and make it fade. That’s why it’s suggested to put curtains on the windows and doors if you have timber flooring so that sun can’t damage it anymore. In this situation, calling professionals will be the best solution as they have abundant techniques to cure faded wood with quick Floor Sanding in Melbourne and polishing.

Clipping Boards

This is the most extreme issue, which is the result of moisture. Board clipping makes the boards lift a bit upwards. If you have faced flooding or other moisture issues, you probably have clipped the floor or will get one soon. Apart from moisture, installing timber boards too close to each other could be the reason behind clipping board because, after a while, the boards expand, but when they are tightly coupled, it becomes difficult for them to do so.

So take care of any loophole during the Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne and keep your floor clean for durability and a better experience.

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