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Stunning decoration ideas to style Timber Floors in 2021

We all want to have stunning interior décor in the home to stay updated with the modern trends but sometimes it might not be possible to upgrade and renovate the place every time the new trend arrives.  House renovation and interior decoration stuff are usually expensive but it’s still possible to keep the house beautifully stunning by making minor changes inside the houses and outdoors.

As timber floors are in the high trend these days, the majority of people go for Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne while building a new home because of the lavish look and long-lasting property. Generally, timbers are durable and last for 15 to 20 years with the proper polishing and sanding.  But if you are looking for Floor Sanding in Melbourne, consult the experts for the flooring consultations whether your floors are suitable to sand or not.

Below are some stunning decoration ideas to style with timber wood floors:

1.Choose neutral light wall colours for oak hardwood

While choosing the wall colour, always keep floor colour in mind to make the good colour contrasting. If the hardwood floor is dark coloured, then choose the yellow, and blue bright colours to give a better contrasting effect.

2.Experiment with the texture

We don’t know how things look amazing if don’t experiment with the various kinds of textures and design forms. You can try brushing, wired or distressing pattern in the living room and wall décor.

Floor Sanding in Melbourne

3.Add a rug or carpet

Nowadays, rugs come in various colours and materials such as layered rugs, tied and knotted rugs and many more.  You can choose the new design from the rugs that looks lavish and elegant.

4.Always go with the neutral colour wood that is evergreen

Stained hardwood has always been an evergreen design from the older times. Though you can choose from new shades like white, beige, grey and other combination colours.

5.Try fancy finishing

You can try fancy finishing like matte, shiny or scratchy to have an extraordinary floor look.  Finishing actually works as floor protection by effective layering on it.

6.Have a proper colour balancing between dark and light

Prefer having one unique wall as a furniture background to enhance the splendid look of the room. Light and dark combination can give a nice contrast to the room.

Final thoughts:

It’s obvious that trend will keep on changing and technologies will also get updated according to it but something are evergreen and never go out of trend that is wooden décor. There are wide varieties of options available in the timber woods such as pinewood, terracotta, oaks, pastels and many more.

But the floor with natural shades is always an evergreen choice that blends with almost every house décor. Not only in houses but the majority of commercial office owners also prefers to have hardwood flooring. Here at total floor service, we offer the best Commercial Floor Polishing in Melbourne. We strive to make your renovation and home building work easier than ever, call us today for any flooring requirements.