Concrete Polishing Melbourne

How You Can Clean The Polished Concrete Floor?

Concrete is a durable and easy to maintain floor surface,  there are many concrete floors polishing & cleaning Melbourne commercial facilities choose to polish or polish the concrete slab and use it as a floor surface instead of another traditional floor.

Concrete is very difficult to break and is not flammable, which makes it perfect for commercial applications.

In addition, concrete is easy to clean than other materials. It does not stain as easily as wood and does not have grout lines that get dirty like tiles. Since, although concrete is difficult to stain, it can happen and it is very important to know how to clean concrete, both for its appearance and for its sanity.

Common and routine methods to clean the concrete floor:

  • Using a neutral pH mop cleaner can help eliminate small spots.
  • Sweep and mop your concrete regularly to maintain the necessary deep cleaning to a minimum.
  • Using a vacuum cleaner is also very effective, especially in corners and other areas that are difficult to sweep.

Note: Always remember to check your concrete type and your sealers/polishers before using chemicals to ensure that no negative reactions occur.

Cleaning Methods of the concrete floor:

There are many cleaning methods better in spots such as oil, grease, spilled food and other more natural spots. If you start to remove stains from stronger substances, such as other chemicals or paint, the required list of necessary tools can become more dangerous and depends a lot on the type of concrete floor you have.

There are two types of concrete, and how it is cleaned is listed here.

  1. Unpolished Concrete

Unpolished concrete dyes much more easily than polished concrete, so cleaning is a bit rougher. (If you consider my opinion then check first the concrete polishing Melbourne service), then do the cleaning.

  • Pull cat litter over any oil or grease stain on the concrete and leave it overnight. Then, sweep all the absorbent and then vacuum and/or mop to remove all other particles.
  • Sprinkle detergent on the stains and let it sit for 1 hour. If the stain is dry, spray it with water until it is moistened first.
  • Pour boil water over the detergent after an hour. Rub the stain with a brush and then mop with clean water.
  • Mix soda with 1 gallon of hot water in a bucket and then scrub the entire floor with the mixture. Then, mop the entire floor.
  1. Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is a more popular option because it is much more difficult to dye. But you must be more careful with the cleaning tools you must use, not to or you can approach the concrete floor cleaning & buffing Melbourne company to save the floor from ruin the finish.

The polished floor requires the different type of the chemical and solution, and also every concrete floor polishing & cleaning company from Melbourne to help you for the cleaning of the concrete floor.

Always look at the information about your polisher online or in your manual before you dive into cleanliness because the instructions are very important.

With these methods, you can eliminate almost any stain, from oil to grease or spilled food stains. Stay safe when cleaning stains and if you need help with a commercial cleaning company that specializes in cleaning as well as polishing floor surfaces.