Why are a strip and seal the best option for the flooring at my facility?

There are numerous advantages to Concrete Polishing Melbourne, however, some businesses gain even more. Most hard flooring materials – vinyl, tile, or marble – are safe to have a strip and seal applied to the floor of an industrial environment. The floors of commercial buildings are walked over hundreds, if not thousands, of times every day, and they also take the brunt of spills, dirt, and debris. It is critical to have them stripped and sealed on a regular basis to ensure their longevity and keep them looking new.

There is no doubt that working with Total Floor Service is a renowned name that adds a touch of elegance to any house or business that provides Strip And Seal Melbourne service. When it is important to properly seal and need to have a new floor, it can be shining, polished, and appealing, but it can quickly lose its lustre.

What exactly are a strip and seal, and why should you obtain this service?

It is the process of cleaning and resealing your flooring after removing grime, cleaning film, or old sealant. Concrete Polishing Melbourne is done professionally with a professional-grade machine, but it may be done by hand with the proper products and methods, however, the results are not as nice and will not last as long.

Strip and Seal Melbourne

However, if you haven’t had one in more than a year or 2+ years, the likelihood of us having to completely remove the layers is extremely high, which is time-consuming and, as a result, costly. The stripping technique differs based on the state of the floor and the date of the last strip and seal.

Benefits of investing in strip and seal:

# Enhance the image of the company. Apart from the fact that the location is of convincing quality, sophisticated and clean floors take your company’s image to a new level. For this reason, large corporations, especially celebrities in the service industry, always value the cleanliness of the ground floor.

# Easy to clean. You can easily remove dirt and debris with just a regular vacuum cleaner. It’s easy, but say goodbye to toxic and annoying cleaners that compromise health and soil quality. 

# Better soil protection. If spilt, it may leave a permanent mark on the ground. Thanks to the Strip And Seal Melbourne service, your floor receives a very strong protective layer. This magic layer can protect the surface from UV rays. Therefore, you can be confident that regular removal and resealing of the floor is the best way to protect the floor in the long run. 

# Rich colours and brilliance. Floors exposed to elements will always disappear over time. This is very important for the catering and hospitality industry as the white and hygienic surface gives a hygienic and safe feeling. 

# Extends the life of the floor. If you know how to take care regularly and accurately, everything will last a long time. The floor is no exception.

If you want to enhance entrance areas/ walkways/ and kitchen floors, Concrete Polishing Melbourne are normally high demanded. When it comes to preventing the damage from, Strip And Seal Melbourne benefits and definitely provide a good reason from occurring in the first place, thus decreasing the need to polish.

Why is it that everyone prefers concrete polishing?

Concrete polishing is becoming more and more important to commercial builders and real estate managers. Even some homeowners are aware that concrete repairs can benefit old floors and facades of buildings. Flooring product manufacturers also meet this growing demand by constantly introducing new products that make the task more accessible than ever and dramatically improve results. 

  • Reasons why concrete polishing is chosen the most?
  • Floor Sanding Geelong is an essential process before the final floor covering is laid. Regardless of the type of flooring you choose, it is highly recommended to sand the floor. The concrete Polishing Melbourne process can be unsuccessful if not done correctly, so it is best to leave the work to an experienced professional. 
  •  One of the most popular flooring materials in commercial buildings and homes is ceramic tile. The variety of shapes, styles, and colors of ceramic tiles make them a much more attractive alternative to traditional concrete floors. Old floors usually have a dull grey look, but ceramic tiles can be arranged in a pattern to provide a grid-like look. Nevertheless, concrete floors look smoother and more uniform than the structured appearance of tiles. 
  •  One of the main reasons Concrete Polishing Melbourne is so famous is that it is relatively cheaper to use concrete as flooring. Of the materials and effort that would have been used if one had chosen to install a different flooring layer by using concrete instead of polishing it and using it as the finished flooring.

Concrete polishing melbourne

  •  You can save money. On top of that, you get a completely different look, in addition to the fact that you can improve the concrete very quickly by simply coloring the concrete or adding various aggregates before polishing. Also, due to its versatility, it gives another plus to concrete polishing. As mentioned earlier, builders can change the look of concrete to their liking. 
  • You can also add a little stain here to mimic the marble, add pigments and colored aggregates to make it look like terrazzo, and design it to look like the corresponding one. Polished concrete floors do not require wax or other chemicals to maintain their brilliance. To maintain a closed concrete floor regularly, you can clean the floor by simply wiping it with soapy water once or twice a week. 

However, spills should be cleaned immediately with carpet to prevent dirt. Polishing the concrete floor with a diamond-soaked pad about every two years will keep the floor as shiny as it was on the first day.  The apparent advantage of Concrete Polishing Melbourne over other floor coverings is its durability. And polished concrete can last for years, with little maintenance in between.

 With inherent sustainability, easy access, and a wide range of design options, polished concrete floors have become the most practical choice for intelligent homeowners and homebuilders. By professionally Floor Sanding Geelong, you can be confident that the final layer of foundation will have a clean and sophisticated finish. Total Floor Service is the best company that offers all floor cleaning solutions at an affordable rate. We have expert professionals providing a wide range of services from floor polishing to carpet cleaning, and we have been ruling in this industry for years.


Why Must You Get the Concrete Floor Strip and Seal Service?

Concrete floors are generally installed in spaces that have heavy traffic. However, it is highly efficient and can stand the heavy traffic for a long time but eventually, the Concrete Polishing Melbourne peels off. Resealing the polish is the first thing that comes to your mind in a situation like this.

One of the most cost-effective ways to get the concrete floor back in the condition it was when it was new is by getting the Strip and Seal Melbourne.

What Do You Mean by Strip and Seal Floor?

When the floor gets old, and the seal that is a layer over it gets affected, through this process, the old seal is taken off, and a fresh coat is laid, giving the floor a fresh look again.

This is what happened when you get the strip and steal done on your concrete floor:

  • All the spots, discoloration, dullness, and more are stripped off with the polish layer. As the strip and steel add a layer of fresh coat over the floor, it provides a brand-new shine to the floor as if you have just got the floor installed.

Strip And Seal Melbourne

  • As the polish strips off, the grime, dirt, and dust start getting into the floor, stealing the floor’s integrity and seamlessness. The resealing would seal back the upper layer of the concrete, adding a back and protective layer that keeps off all the dirt and dust off the surface of the concrete. 
  • As the floors get old, the wear and tear increase considerably, especially in the concrete floor, given the heavy traffic it is exposed to on a daily basis. So, the space owner has to invest in the maintenance of the floor more frequently with time. Instead, getting the stripping and sealing service would give the brand-new coat of polish on the floor, reducing the need for frequent maintenance substantially, saving you a considerable amount of money.
  • It is quite tricky to clean the floor whose polish peels off or strips off every time you clean it. The smoothness of the surface is also compromised with time making it harder for cleaning regularly. Even after cleaning, the dirt and grime that has seeped into the very fine cracks make the floor look dirty and dull. Stripping and stealing would make it easier for you to clean the floor as nothing would seep into the cracks, and the surface is smooth.
  • The worst part of an old floor is cracks and scratches. They not only make the floor look dull and lifeless but also age. Upon getting the floor stripped and sealed,it gets rid of the polish layer that has all the cracks and scratches and lays a fresh seamless coat of polish that adds new luster and life back to the floor.

In last words,

The Strip and Seal Melbourne are like adding new life to the floor, just like reviving the tired plants so that it could add the visual appeal back to the place.

Concrete Polishing Melbourne

The process of tile cleaning helps to improve the life span of tile

On the platform of commercial building and property managers; the process of concrete polishing, Melbourne has become more necessary. Thus on another hand, tile cleaning Melbourne service offered that depend on the type of tiles the flooring have at home or property. Tiles are strengths on bathroom, kitchens, floors and other outdoor household areas. They come in a variation of colours and design which outfits the base and walls of the home or the property.

Make the use of high pressure

When looking for the perfect match; need to find out the cleaning service that provides offers other cleaning support like grout tile sealing, cleaning, grout restoring and repairing of settlement cracks.

  • Molds covers the surrounding area in grouts contain too many germs that may cause food contamination at the living place. They need to be cleaned thought, by way of using a powerful machine can even tackle the hardest of stains, which can quite easily be removed with the little effort.

Get mould-free bathroom principally defines the cleanliness of the home. Thus this activity will make it also comfortable for their daily living and even guests. Tile Cleaning Melbourne service makes a point to scrub the grout a little bit.

A different substance found in between each tile, it commercially embeds the tiles in place and provides the filler for the spaced in between individual tiles.

Increase demand at the platform of architects

The most popular type of flooring in commercial building and living home with concrete polishing Melbourne; they come in various shape, style and colours of ceramic tile make this much more attractive to traditional concrete flooring. Thus the surface of the concrete floor has a more smooth and even appearance than the textured look of tiles.

Today they have to increase popular among architects, designers, and building the reason behind it is because they are available in a wide range of colours, styles and different type of designs.

On the platform of manufactures of the floor, products are also allowed for keeping up with the increase in demand and are continually introducing new products that make the task easier and even drastically increase the result. Since there are different kinds of tiles that have to make use of various preventive measures and procedures for each type, it could be beneficial to have professional Tile Cleaning Melbourne as they take care of the tile and grout cleaning as well.

Some words to read as a summary:

The most important aspect of home decoration id its flooring; which come with very pleasant, hard-wearing, durable and attractive. It is necessary to have tile cleaning Melbourne; as to maintain the beauty of the floor will also help to reflect the personality. Thus Concrete Polishing Melbourne make it a point to keep the flooring neat and tidy always to increase the overall ambience of the home flooring surface. Regular cleaning the tile is essential to make it look great and keep it in good condition.

concrete polishing Melbourne

Ideas To Make The Concrete Floor Attractive & Functional

Mechanically made concrete floors aren’t simply ideal for industrial uses, the concrete polishing Melbourne service is additionally excellent for the residential as well as commercial applications. If you were in every of the different type of the various flooded basement this year, these engaging and sturdy flooring choices may simply be the solution to your issues.

But, after that how can you make the concrete floor attractive? – Concrete floor cleaning & buffing Melbourne service can help you. Spruce up your flooring is required to make the concrete floor more attractive.

 “Making concrete surfaces engaging with the impressive one” Additionally need those surfaces to make the easy. Consider the area for the flooring and make this self- propelled with the different concrete floors polishing & cleaning Melbourne with the service with the producing of the polishing floor. You can do this by own, with the complaint concerning however rough the floors and then polish?

Make The Floor User-Friendly,

This is good to deteriorate with the different stains as well as scratches, consider the good polishing to deteriorated growth of the joints. Particularly if there’s constant significant traffic in those areas so this is good to adopt it.  This could be really uncomfortable expertise for concrete polishing Melbourne workers that operate the instrumentality on a daily basis. The polishing can lead the floor to a swish, sturdy and lasting growth of the concrete. This can be price-effective as well as economic. So, thanks to fixing the matter with the cost of exchange large areas of the concrete floor.

Attractive And Sturdy Workplace Floors,

So, for this, we build the underlying concrete stunning and straightforward to keep up and this is good to have the Polished concrete coating to maintain the sturdy and stunning workplace floors. On high of this,  you can consider residential homes of all types: basements, garages, driveways and patios.

How Concrete Floors Are Useful In Basements?

Concrete floors work stunningly in basements and if they’re low maintenance, durable, engaging and eco-friendly then, of course, it is good to adopt. Also, you can consider they are water-resistant, therefore any standing water or spill will simply be mopped up with none injury to the underlying concrete.

 Also, they’re stain and dirt resistant.

“I Believe To Use The Concrete Floor Because I Personally Don’t Like To Get The Finish That Can Spills My Legs And Scratch Up The Floor With That Is Not Good. The Spills And Different Injury Can Make My Walk Over Very Bad So, Unsurprisingly I Would Love To Prefer The Concrete Floor And Also  Concrete Floor Cleaning & Buffing Melbourne Service From The Total Floor Service Since Unbelievably Best With The Absorb Odours.”

This is what one of the great clients said for the best concrete polishing service.

So consider this for the automatically polished concrete floors supply a sleek, shiny, up to date look, however, stains also can be added for colour.

Final Thought, 

These coatings may additionally be honest various for your home with the concrete floor. This can be tailored if you want to look out your home attractive.

Concrete Polishing in Melbourne

New Flooring Choices Make the Surface Clean- Concrete Polishing

Floor the most important platform to walk on. While dressing the wall, it is necessary to decorate the flooring surface also. Designer and homeowners are looking for the best concrete polishing Melbourne; for a replacement flooring option that is durable. Add on the benefit of new tiles, carpet and wood through concrete floor cleaning & buffing Melbourne. Decorative concrete floors polishing & cleaning Melbourne allow to upgraded or remove in the remodelling flooring process.

Treatment keeps their uniform look for flooring surface

Create the look of luxurious flooring treatment through concrete polishing Melbourne; allow of grow with concrete epoxy floor coating. Able to bring a professional look and even hide annoying imperfection from the floor, and for that, it just needs a little time to sweep the dirt out. Concrete floor cleaning polishing & buffing Melbourne allows having a cleaning at both surfaces at the interior and in garages, take a specific approach and regular maintenance is necessary.  Thus the treatments keep the best possible condition preserving their uniform look of the flooring surface through concrete floors polishing & cleaning Melbourne; provide a stable and long-lasting solution for the flooring.

  • Mostly concrete is used as a creating for new construction, residential and commercial, but as the time move, it is used as a surface for flooring.
  • With the new technique of concrete polishing Melbourne; truly makes an exciting feature of a home or building. This high-tech sandpaper- like techniques will create these flawless and smooth polishing concrete finishes.
  • On the other hand, acid staining is a technique that allows the flooring to even more complex ideas and colours to be attached to solid flooring.

Enable to create customize the flooring

Although concrete is durable; never considered a potential interior asset, polishing concrete making a comeback. At the time Concrete Floors Polishing & Cleaning Melbourne; it appears glossy, shine and smooth. It can even customize with different types of design, patterns, gridlines and anything else. Also is the colour to resemble marble, tile or polished stone. Made the use of marble, wood, and tiles, recently sub-floor to cover up with flooring deemed more apt for display as the versatile stage as a showcased. Due to the benefits of excellent durability, resilience and performance of concrete polish, many offices, retail and warehouses choosing polishing concrete flooring in Melbourne.

Final words to read as a summary:

Make the use of technological advancement has made it easy and superior. Decorative flooring- advanced in concrete polishing Melbourne techniques and pieces of equipment, both for new and old concrete floors are attaining high-gloss finish. At the areas such as industrial plants, warehouses, office buildings and retail stores where there is a lot of traffic and heavy machinery, furniture, Concrete Floor Cleaning & Buffing Melbourne are much more affordable and sensible alternative. Concrete Floors Polishing & Cleaning Melbourne all that is necessary is a wet mop or a damp rag to wipe away dirt and debris.

Concrete Polishing Melbourne

How Can Concrete Polishing Floors Decrease Floor Maintenance?

The surface with polishing concrete has become most popular before decades as to use for outdoor such as public and commercial sectors. Numbers of the consumer have work on to describe that concrete polishing Melbourne has no maintenance flooring for cleaning and buffing. Concrete floor cleaning and buffering Melbourne have developed a plan to schedule for maintaining polished, and cleaning will help to keep the surface for extended durability. Concrete floor polishing and cleaning Melbourne is practical and functional. They develop the platform as it could easy to maintain and simple to clean.


Many time dirt, grease, grime and oils are the reason leading to get freshly poured concrete looking dull and lifeless. These make the flooring area older and dull. At the location of commercial and industrial floors, many people are looking to use concrete polishing Melbourne flooring.

Prefer to the type of flooring it gains the responsibility for cleaning and maintaining at the time of building. Create concrete floor cleaning and buffing Melbourne; used as sub-floor to be covered up with a floor that displays such as marble, wood, and tiles. On the other hand, flooring brings up with the natural beauty of stone aggregate embedded in the concrete.


The area where floor contains substantial traffic such as the mall and hotel receive the service to have concrete floor polishing Melbourne. It has been proved that polished concrete is strong enough to be a practical and sustainable choice for covering a wide space for flooring. Add on the beauty at home with concrete is somewhat to enhance, merely staining to give different flooring look.

  • On the basics of regular cleaning and maintaining the surface of business flooring help to preserve the inherent beauty of concrete flooring while extending life durability. While depending on the appearance, it could be the right approach for cleaning and buffering concrete flooring, whether it is inside or outside.
  • Daily active to sweep to remove the dust, debris and dirt will move to maintain a long time to build up again. Working with the use of new technology allows generating contractors to produce shiny and beautiful flooring that also with the budget.


High-tech techniques which help to create flawless and smooth concrete polishing Melbourne; as it brings experimented that allow creating intricate designs and colours to be added to concrete flooring. The process of polishing concrete is somewhat like sanding wood; but this need low maintenance, polished concrete are found in many areas such as commercial building most used. Concrete polishing and buffering Melbourne makes the use of advanced technology to make the task easy and fast to complete within time. As due to the excellent durability and performance of concrete polish, much commercial and business make the used of concrete floor polishing and cleaning Melbourne to maintain the floor quality with a period of time.

Concrete Polishing Melbourne

Building Construction – Concrete Polishing Is The Best Way For Flooring

Concrete polishing has become the doorstep for total floor service; as many people love to have it in the home. It contains vast varieties of a design option for concrete polishing Melbourne; with the perfection in the floor polishing equipment and experience. There many factors to the performance of concrete and at the commercial area, official area, and home flooring that look smooth and high- luster floors.

The different floor comes with various offers to complete concrete floor cleaning & buffing Melbourne; which also include its benefits, design options, latest equipment and maintenance. They use heavy duty polishing to make over the surface degree of shine and snootiness. To keep the concrete floor polishing & cleaning Melbourne that could take the floor on the top level. The platform of flooring with concrete floors gets you to beautiful living spaces which have increased in most of the home.

Active work to maintain

Need maintenance with concrete polishing Melbourne; as there is the most eye-catching element to keep the flooring in the quality stage. The concept to sustain daily activities such as cooking spills, high foot traffic and make over the home flooring.  On routing active need to work with cleaning through mop and polish is necessary for your concrete floors. Professional work out with proper trained that are scheduled to restore the surface flooring.

The easiest and cost-effective flooring option; concrete floor cleaning and buffing the best process to maintain flooring. This type of floor needs to join with the surface to make it a natural cleaning process and stay complete for a long time. The structure and the position of the concrete floor need to maintain with a period of distance; take care of the dust particle and grime that damage the floor damage. 

Different equipment is used for concrete polishing

 With up come time need to suspend the dust particles and help to remove from the surface of the flooring through concrete floor polishing and cleaning Melbourne. This will help to maintain the facade of the floor through shine and clarity. Some of the cleaning equipment is used as clean hot water and a clean mop.  Need to change the mop water as it should be cleaned to maintain the flooring cleaning satisfaction. 

End with a summary:

The specialise factor of concrete polishing Melbourne is one of the worldwide through total floor service. The areas it covers are such as industrial, commercial, home flooring surface. Make the use of techniques that work best on varieties of floor surface; build up the access possibility of latest products that come with expertise platform. Gets your existing floor standard shin as the concrete floor cleaning and buffing will help to enhance the defence wall again staining. Have concrete floor polishing and cleaning Melbourne will bring the shine and super high-speed professional cleaning concrete polishing.

Concrete Polishing Melbourne

Is Hiring Concrete Polishing Melbourne A Solution To The Floor Health?

Wall painting? Done. Furniture arrangement? Done. Kitchen accessories? Done. Bathroom necessities? Done. Tap ware collection? Done. Have you looked at the floor once? Oh shit!!! Did you forget the renovating floors? Well, then it’s time to think of Concrete Polishing Melbourne services to bring back the charm to life. However, your floor tolerates much more than you think.

Wait! Before approaching any Concrete Floor Cleaning & Buffing Melbourne company, go through polished concrete guidelines…

Generally, polished concrete is nothing but concrete that is treated with the concrete while filling the pores and can create a smooth look. Then, there will be used of grinding equipment to deliver the shine and sophistication to the place. Though, it depends upon the customer whether they want the exact shiny look to the place or not.  

Total Floor Service – A Way of Concrete Floors Polishing & Cleaning Melbourne services at cost-effective amount!

Though polishing is a time-taking process but some of the homeowners can handle the shine and charm of the floor via high-quality services that can help in maintaining the look. Total Floor Service is one of the best approaches for high-quality floor polishing performance, whether it is about the commercial home of residential. Polished concrete floors can be the perfect solution to the dull-looking floors. They are durable and beautiful that can set flexibility among homeowners.

Although, the characteristic of versatility makes the flooring service more appealing. Take a look on few common places…

  • If the place has retails stores
  • Hotels, big showrooms, malls, restaurants.
  • Corporate buildings and retail stores

At last, the flooring and polishing highly depend upon customer’s requirement because some of the homeowners don’t like innovations. They want to stick with the traditional approach. But as per experts, polishing of the floor can give an appealing look to the concrete and this also can be a good alternative for homeowners.

Is there any perk behind polished concrete floor?

Of course! Polished floors have many benefits that can make it more adaptable among people of new gens. Let’s explore few from them to ensure the services from Total floor service…

  • If you think of polished floors then continue the procedure because it delivers durability to the floor
  • The polished concrete floors are having low maintenance
  • They can hold the charm for a long time
  • With compare to other alternatives, polished concrete is affordable
  • Economically as well as chemically, they are the best because none of the harmful chemicals is used throughout the process.
  • It can be easy to use polished concrete with radiant floor heating facilities.

Final thoughts!

What have you thought about Concrete Polishing Melbourne services? Are you going to hire a company for the same job or searching for other ways? Argh! I think this article is enough to make you realise the right track for bringing back the floor charm. Rest is up to you! Go, scroll hard!

Concrete Polishing Melbourne

Retain the Charm of Your Concrete Flooring with Polishing Services

If you have installed concrete floors, then to maintain it in the best condition you can opt for professional services of concrete polishing in Melbourne. These services help you to attain the best level of cleaning for concrete flooring of your house. To ensure that you get the best quality of services, you need to first of all find the best company, which offers you the best quality of services in concrete floor cleaning & buffing Melbourne at reasonable rates.

When you opt for professional services, then you can rely on a reputed company to provide you with the best level of concrete floors polishing & cleaning in Melbourne. These services help you to maintain concrete flooring of your house in the best condition all the times. Not only had this, with these services you need not worry about the maintenance part related to concrete floors of your house. Apart from this, you will not require to replace concrete flooring anytime soon unless you want to spruce up the look of your house by installing new ones.

By considering concrete floors polishing & cleaning in Melbourne for your concrete flooring, then as an end result you get smooth mirror effect, which adds to the beauty of the flooring in the best way. Apart from polishing, by sealing this type of flooring, you can increase their durability and also add more benefits by polishing it. When the question of sustainable building comes, then no other type of flooring can beat concrete polishing or sealing.

Following are some strong reasons, which will explain you as to how concrete polishing in Melbourne is beneficial in several ways:

  1. Minimal and easy maintenance – Yes, you have heard it right. Concrete floors require minimal maintenance, therefore all you need to do is clean the surface and grout portion of the flooring on routine basis. Polished concrete floors are less prone to different problems such as oil, grease or dirt. Even if any type of spillage occurs on it, then all you need to do is wipe the floors with a good quality of detergent and then in no time the flooring will restore its appearance in the best way.
  1. Abrasion protection – After carrying out the process of finishing floors, several homeowners have usually observed that some of its parts usually wear off very soon compared to other types of flooring. This type of situation occurs only when certain areas of your home has high amount of traffic, when compared to others. Therefore, to reduce the effect what you can do is place floor mats.
  2. Look of flooring – When you get your concrete flooring polished, then it simply leaves the flooring with a magnificent finish, which is simply attractive. The main reason behind this is that polishing process simply blocks the porosity of concrete and also keeps away moisture and mould.

Therefore, it can be said that with professional services of concrete floor cleaning & buffing Melbourne, you can be sure of maintaining the charm of concrete flooring for years to come.