How to Remove Paint with High-Pressure Cleaning

Are you planning to commence a large painting project? Well, appropriate grounding is a key to complete your job successfully. According to Total Floor Service, the cleaning preparation includes stripping old paint from the exterior that needs to be renewed. However, this process can consume a lot of time and is a tiresome job. Fortunately, the high-pressure cleaning in Melbourne is trending like nothing and for a good reason. This technique is fast and easy.

Today, you will get to know about how high pressure can remove the paint in just one go.

Suitable for Various Surfaces

Power washing is an excellent method to remove paint from the exterior. Stucco, wood, concrete, decks, many types of masonry, and even fences are the materials on which high-pressure stream do wonder. Just remember that you’ll need to focus on various aspects including safety when using the power wash for paint removal from the exterior of your office or home. The experts recommend that if you are doing this job yourself, wear protective goggles and clothing. The high pressure can blow paint chips everywhere and it might get into your eyes or harm your skin as well. Besides, some substances of pressure cleaner can irritate your skin too. Therefore, keep the safety factors on the top of your checklist.

Select the Right Pressure Washer

You need a strong pressure washer to take out old paint from the surface. For that, pick a pressure washer which is above PSI 2000 or higher. For stubborn paint, even the 2000 unit won’t be enough. You require a pressure washer that has at least 3000 PSI to remove the paint like it was never there. You can even consult the house cleaning services in Melbourne for guidance choosing the right pressure washer.     

Get the Area Ready

Whether it’s a wood or anything else, the surface can be cleaned with light sweeping and dusting to make sure there’s no dirt during the high-pressure process. Look for damaged areas and repair it as the pressure of cleaner can elevate the damage.  If you have any unnecessary furniture, take it away. Cover nearby bushes and landscaping.

Use the High-Pressure Washer

Set the washer to the lowest first to check if it will work to remove the paint. Apply some stream to circumspect the test area that will ensure that the specific pressure will not damage the material. Later, you can adjust the nozzle and pressure accordingly. Keep your washing wand at least 18-20 inches away from the surface with old paint. Decrease this distance if you feel like nothing is happening. Also, make sure you are holding the wand at an angle as described in the instructions. Work in the 3-foot wide swatch. Also, ensure that you are working in grain and not against it. After finishing pressure washing, you might require to scrape loose bits. This will complete the paint removal and the surface will have no harm. Wait for at least 48 hours to let it dry and then apply a new paint coat.

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