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Floor Strip and Seal Services for Different Flooring

A neat and clean office space plays a crucial role in creating the best first impression before your clients. Further, it creates a clean and healthy environment for your employees to work in. To maintain your commercial property in the best condition, it is important to carry out the cleaning task at regular intervals of time. Although, you can carry out the task all by yourself, but it is advised to approach a professional company, which offers commercial floor strip & seal services.

There are several companies out there in Melbourne, which offers a wide range of floor cleaning services for different requirements. Also, they offer cleaning services, which are tailored as per your specific requirements. You can arrange the service on weekly, monthly or yearly basis. If you have installed vinyl flooring in your house and require cleaning services for it, then you can consider professional services of vinyl floor cleaning in Melbourne.

The Cleaning Procedure

At the time of contacting any professional company for the services of strip and seal in Melbourne, it is very important to vacuum your floors properly. This first and foremost step ensures that all the loose particles are removed from the surface, which helps in successful removal of dirt and dust. After this process, a stripping solution is applied to the surface of the flooring. Once this process is carried out, the scrubbing work is done. Different types of floor surfaces require different procedures to clean and scrub it.

Owing to the expertise and experience in floor cleaning, professional experts are well-equipped to carry out the cleaning procedure as they have in-depth knowledge regarding different types of chemicals or solutions used for it. The stripping solution is then left for few minutes on the surface.

Different Types of Flooring & Waxing Process

Wooden flooring

Waxing process is required to extend the life of this type of flooring. Therefore, for this reason it is suggested to apply new wax coats to the surface of this flooring at least twice a year. This process helps in retaining the shine and beauty of the flooring.

Vinyl flooring

If you have installed vinyl floors in your home, then it is important to get the waxing process done to extend its life. Cleaning process for this type of flooring should be scheduled twice a year to maintain their beauty and shine. You should apply wax directly to the surface of the flooring, which plays a vital role in extending its life.

Masonry flooring

If you have installed masonry flooring in your house, then it requires different type of cleaning method. All it requires is just a quality sealant and a vinyl variety, which will serve the purpose. You can then apply the floor sealer designed for masonry floors. You can get floor sealer easily from any hardware store.

Therefore, to put it in simple words it can be said that floor strip and seal services play a vital role in extending the life of your flooring, thereby giving you the best results.