Floor Sanding in Melbourne

Facts to consider before choosing Timber Floors for your home

Interiors of the house matter as much as the exteriors. With gorgeous sofas and cabinets, you may be avoiding the floor but the floor is the main element of your house. It could be the first thing to be constructed before anything else. The furniture is never complete without a great floor and it does need a makeover and maintenance from time to time. At Total Floor Service, we provide you different floor services including Timber floors, Commercial ones, and Floor Sanding in Melbourne.

If you are looking for a service of Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne, below are the advantages you should consider.

  • Old is forever gold

          Wooden floors were used on a big scale many years back. At that time obviously, people had no options due to less technology and knowledge. As they evolved, they came in contact with fresh and new styles and designs in the market so they kind of diverted from the wooden floorings but as we know what goes around comes around. Therefore, the craze of the Timber flooring is getting back. People are choosing wooden style over other shiny overrated styles and designs which is creating a trend and there is no harm in following the trend because your house needs it all.

  • Additional Aesthetics

Timber floors give your house a rustic look with a lot of vintage vibes which surely adds up to the aesthetics of your house. Also, timber floors are more comfortable than marble floors and when a style comes with comfort, it’s a win-win situation for you.

Floor Sanding in Melbourne

  • Timber Types

Timber floorings may include many types which lead to greater options for you to choose from. It includes cedar, bamboo, Victorian ash, Northern red, Jarra, Ironwood, and most preferable Oak floors. Oak floors are the most go-to choice of every family nowadays because it adds richness to your entire area and goes with every furniture.

Facts to consider:

  • Investing is not spending.

          Many people think that timber floors cost them a skyrocket but the fact is you are not spending your money on a cheap item that you should regret! You are investing your money for your own house which in return gives you the exact look and vibes you always wanted for your house.

  • Hire a Professional

Timber floors are very tough to install by yourself therefore, it is advisable to hire a professional always. Our professionals are certified and skilled experts who would be present at your doorstep anytime you need one. From showing you the design of your choice to measuring your area to installing it, we are proud to have your back.

To sum it up for you,

Yes, timber floors also require polishing after great use and we also provide the service of Commercial Floor Polishing in Melbourne because we aim for your satisfaction with our reliable floor services.