An Expert’s Guide On Removing Mold And Stains From The Ceramic Tiles

No matter how many times you prefer to clean the floor, mostly you will end up with stains and scratches on the tiles. This is the reason most of the cleaning company suggests for the Expert Tile Cleaning in Melbourne services to deal with the stubborn stains and hard scratches on the tiles & grouts.


The most common complaint of homeowners about tile flooring is the stains can penetrate the finish of ceramic or porcelain. Then, it will become difficult to remove them from the floor.


Usually, they make use of bleach and other oxidants to remove stains from the porcelain tiles and ceramic floor.


Total Floor Service shares a few important things to include for keeping the tiled floors in shape and remove the stains with the expert’s help!


As per professional tile and grout cleaning services in Melbourne before thinking about the removal services, it is important to include why the stains occur.

Even after cleaning the floor and grout every day, molds will appear on the tiles often because they are caused by different bacteria. There are endless reasons why such bacteria develop on the ceramics like an increase in the room temperature, moisture the bacteria, and cause humidity.


However, those tiny bacteria are all around us, and getting the protection from them is almost impossible. There is a way to stop them arriving into the home – professional tile & grout cleaning at least twice to thrice in a year.  


Few tried & tested ways to avoid stains on ceramic tiles in the kitchen

Below are a few steps that can help you avoid stains on the ceramic tiles in the kitchen area.

  • Include the mopping of the ceramic tiled floor at least once a week.
  • Ensure to wipe up the food and drink as quickly as possible to avoid them settling and wipe the surface with the clothes.
  • For instance if you have stains and molds that remain stubborn for a longer period of time then try mixing half a cup of vinegar with a gallon of water and mop the floor normally. Then, rinse the floor with warm water after cleaning the stain and then remove the liquid from the tiles. After the cleaning procedure, you will get the same results using the same for ceramic wall tiles, grouts, and kitchen countertops.  


The Total Floor Service has given advice so far that it would be better to purchase ceramic tiles with antimicrobial protection that are designed to the growth of stain and bacteria that cause mold. The ceramic tiles will keep the surrounding hygienic for a longer time.


The choice is yours!

There exist many tile cleaning experts for residential places and commercial places you can count on for cleaning purposes. Total Floor Service is one of them that cater the customers with fully-fledged tile and grout cleaning services with complete satisfaction and at a defined amount, no extra charges!