4 Reasons Why Your Hardwood Floors Might Look Dull (And How to Fix Them!)

There are a few different reasons why your hardwood floors might be looking dull and damaged, but don’t worry! We’ll help you figure out what’s going on with your floor and how to fix it (using Floor Sanding Geelong)! Follow along as we walk you through four of the most common reasons why your hardwood floors might look dull and how to fix them.

1) Improper Cleaning

When you wash your hardwood floors, if you don’t use a cleaner that specifically says hardwood floor safe on its label, you run the risk of getting water trapped in places where it shouldn’t be. If a lot of water builds up under your floor, it can cause warping or softening. Once that happens, it becomes very difficult to fix. To avoid these issues, invest in a hardwood floor-specific cleaner and make sure not to let too much water build up while washing your floors!

2) Dirty, Scratched Surfaces

The hardwood floors in your home were finished with a special protective coating after they were installed. The finish is supposed to keep dust and scratches from damaging or dulling your floors. If you have pets, though, it’s possible that their nails might scratch unprotected floor surfaces. And if anyone in your household has allergies, you may want to think about getting rugs or mats for certain high-traffic areas, as dander can stick in unfinished wood and cause damage over time.

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Regularly dusting or vacuuming floor surfaces can help prevent these problems, but if you still find that your floors are looking dull and scratched up more than usual, then the chances are good that there’s a layer of dirt on top of them.

3) Non-Vacuumed Carpet Laying Beneath

Whether your home has hardwood floors or not, it’s still important to vacuum regularly, if only to maintain a clean and sanitary home. But hard surfaces, such as tile and hardwood floors, are porous enough that they can become dusty even if you don’t vacuum them. So what gives? Here are a few reasons why your hardwoods might look dull—and how you can spruce them up. After all, they deserve some care after enduring years of wear and tear!

4) Moisture In The Air

Humidity and temperature can be major contributors to floors that are dull, dry, or otherwise damaged. Since wood expands and contracts with changes in humidity levels, floors can often swell up under a layer of finish when it’s humid outside. When your floor finishes cracking because of moisture swelling underneath them, it’s called movement separation. 

If you live in an area where it gets really hot during the summer months and very cold during the winter months, you could have seasonal movement separation that leads to water damage. Floor polishing Geelong will help repair these kinds of damage, so you don’t have to replace your floors entirely!

How to fix it?

The floors in your home may look dull for a number of reasons, including changes in humidity and temperature, regular wear and tear, or discoloration from environmental factors like dirt or pet dander. However, there are several ways you can shine them up again without having to replace them. Floor Sanding Geelong and Floor Polishing Geelong can help restore your floors’ original luster and leave them looking as good as new.