Stains Treatment

Why Cleaning Is Necessary After Having Pet Stains And Urine Odour As Soon As Possible?

To clean the stains from the carpet or the floor is never fun, but there are methods for that can make this task much easier. For many reasons, our pet prefers to throw urine on the carpet instead of the floor. The longer the pet’s urine is on the carpet, the more likely it is to penetrate and sink under the carpet pad, which makes it too much difficult to abrogate from there, then after only proper stains treatment and pet odour control, Melbourne service provider can save you!!! Because your chemical may remove the stains but they are unable to remove the pet odour from the carpet.

You may think that the pet has the bad habit but it will take time to replace with the good habit and may it does the more acceptable behaviour, so for that be patient and give your pet motivation and encouragement!

Reasons to remove pet stains and odour from the carpet:

  • Reason to clean the urine as soon as possible is to avoid any discolouration.
  • The alkaline in the urine can fade the dyes of the carpets over time, which can result in a discoloured carpet.
  • To avoid persistent odours or discolourations, clean your pet’s urine as soon as possible.

If you want to clear them as soon as possible then,

  • You can place a towel or paper towels over the urine to absorb as much as possible before cleaning the area.
  • If you use paper towels and then stand on top of them to absorb as much urine as possible. You may have to repeat this step several times before the towels begin to dry. Once the towels have dried, you can proceed to clean the stain.
  • You can dry the urine before rubbing them when you are facing this situation in your home. The absorption can definitely help you to get the rid of the urine as well as odour from the carpet. Rubbing can make the scenario worse than previous.
  • This can help with the big stains if you do the same process in repetition.
  • Once the area is clean, you should use a quality enzymatic cleaner available at pet supply stores.
  • To effectively clean these areas, you will want to clean them again, using an oxidizing cleaner, which is also found in stores that will break down any residue left by chemicals.

Note: Perhaps you want to use the steam cleaning but the steam cleaning on the pet stains can produce the counterproductive if you want to remove the stains. Because the urine bind the protein and heat can bind the protein with the fibres. 

Many pet stains are easy to inspect visually, but some slip and odour you can’t get at that time but after some time you may face. If you suspect there is an old pet stain on your carpet, you can try to identify it by the smell. The stains treatment and pet odour treatment service from Melbourne are ready to provide any type of service related to the carpet if you need if your carpet is defected and urinated by your pet at home or office.