Melbourne Floor Sanding

Tips to Embrace to Maintain Sanding Equipment

Are you planning to hire Floor Sanding Melbourne experts to enhance the beauty of your worn-out hardwood floor? Then, you need to do a little research to find the best and reliable experts who are sanding the floor proficiently and reviving the beauty of the floor. In fact, sanding wooden flooring is the best way to boost the appeal and beauty of the living space. In fact, after sanding, your guests could not take off their eyes from the beauty of your flooring.

Just by spending a few bucks, you can regain the sheen of your flooring that is stained and has grooves. It is crucial to carry out sanding work prior to polishing the floor, since polishing will emphasize the flaws on the floor. This task can either by carried by you or by hiring a professional. However, hiring professional Floor Sanding Melbourne would be an ideal option, since they carry out the work without ending up with a costly mistake.

However, prior to sanding the flooring, Floor Sanding Melbourne experts have to vacuum clean the floor to remove the accumulated dust and dirt on the wood flooring. Subsequently, they need to check the flooring thoroughly for any nails or grooves. If there are any grooves, they need to fill it prior to sanding.

More importantly, the old polish has to be scratched out to paint the new one. If the sanding is to be done for the first time, then the floor is laid and then the sanding is done using rough sandpaper and then with finer sandpaper while leaving your flooring smoother and shiner. Later, the floor is buffed and is made ready for polishing.

Here are a few tips for sanding the floor;

  • Sanding floor is a daunting and dusty task. You would need to deal with a lot of dust while carrying out sanding your flooring. Prior to sanding, you need to remove all the things from the room and lay dampened sheets on the doorways to curtail dust from scattering in the entire home.
  • You need to remove the skirting boards prior to laying sanding and keep them in their normal position after painting the floor

Be it you are a floor sander or owns sanding equipment, you need to keep them in excellent condition to reuse it for handling the other sanding jobs.

Here are a few tips you can follow to maintain sanding equipment;

  1. Dust bag: You need to dust the dust bag on a periodical basis. Also, you need to pour cold water to avoid blockage of pores and to keep dust under control. Moreover, dusting the sand is highly perilous and flammable. In order to avoid fire, you need to unburden the bag and never keep the bag on the floor when there is dust inside.
  2. Sanding chamber: This has to be cleaned every week to avoid the dust accumulation and stalling fan balance which could lead to flaws on the floor. Moreover, debris accumulation can also slump the performance of duct control, wheels, and upper roller.


If you are planning to sand your wooden flooring, then you need to hire a professional and reliable Floor Sanding Melbourne expert. These people come with the right equipment and get the work done proficiently.