Should I clean with Ammonia?

At some point of the cleaning experience many house owners stumble upon the cleaning power of the ammonia. Considered by many as a good cleaning solution for most of the tasks around home, this a chemical that I usually avoid by any means necessary. Most of the cleaning professional strongly recommend no use of ammonia, because of its negative impact on people’s health.

There are tons of cleaning recipes out there, which have ammonia included as an ingredient. Many people decide to mix it with natural cleaning products, such as vinegar and baking soda, but they don’t know that the harmful effects of this chemical don’t just disappear. However, as the ammonia is highly alkaline, if you ever mix it with vinegar all of its cleaning effects will disappear. I will never recommend using ammonia or any type of mixture. Did you know that ammonia mixed with bleach produce a highly toxic and extremely dangerous substance, which release in the air harmful fumes? They can be even fatal, if inhaled for too long. Not to mention that ammonia is poisonous, corrosive and explosive. This is a very dangerous toxin to have around home, especially if you have small kids or pets.

Ammonia is highly irritating for the eyes, nose and lungs. If you ever decide to use it, make sure to take all the precautions. Wear a mask and protective gloves anytime you clean or you risk to be badly exposed to the chemical. But as most of the cleaning expert, I will advise you to stay away from this toxin and try to use completely green and natural recipes all the time.