Carpet Cleaning: Using Ammonia to Clean Your Carpet

Ammonia, which has a chemical symbol of NH3, is a substance which is popularly used as a cleaning agent. It is used in commercially as well as in many households across the country. It is useful for cleaning toilets, bathtubs, the kitchen and other areas of the house. One area where people don’t really think of where ammonia can be used is on your carpet. Yes, ammonia can be a useful alternative to commercial carpet cleaning products which can really set you back some money. Ammonia is relatively cheap and will give you great results when used to remove dirt and stains from your carpet.

Ammonia can easily be used as a cleaning agent for your carpet by using it to make a cleaning solution. Just mix a teaspoon of ammonia with a cup of warm water and you’ll have for yourself a potent stain removal cleaning solution which will be sure to remove many kinds of stains on your carpet. Spray this solution onto the stained area and let it soak for a minute or two. Then, get some paper towels to blot the area and pretty soon the stain will be totally gone.

Using ammonia to clean your carpet has some very nice advantages. For one, you won’t need to spend a lot of money to remove stains and marks on your carpet. Ammonia can get the job done for less than what you would normally spend on industrial carpet cleaning products. Also, ammonia is great in deodorizing your carpet and neutralizing any unpleasant smell that it may have. So when you are dealing with pet urine or feces stains, ammonia would be one option you should seriously consider.

Ammonia is affordable, accessible, and offers positive results when used to clean your carpet. Try it out for yourself and very soon you may find yourself using it instead of the costly commercial carpet cleaning products you used before.