What Are the Most Common Grout Cleaning Mistakes That You Could Make?

How much time do you spend on cleaning bathroom & kitchen tiles daily? Ideally, it takes around 1 to 2 hours to clean tiles & grouts of the home thoroughly. Homeowners who could not spend enough time on cleaning, approach Tile cleaning Melbourne Company to clean your tile and grout professionally & perfectly.

Total Floor Service is the top-most Floor Sanding Geelong based Company that makes sure that each and every customer that arrives at the door with cleaning requirements, gains satisfactory experience.

We have been in the cleaning industry for many years and have helped many homeowners with a thorough cleaning. But, there are a few homeowners that make tile & grout cleaning mistakes that they should not. Here are the most common mistakes that we could highlight here so you would never repeat the same.

  1. Usage of dirty mop water or coloured cleaner

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Cleaning up the tile and grout on a regular basis is extremely important. If you are thinking of skipping a cleaning or don’t bother to spend on professional cleaning, tiles will start losing their shine after a few months or a year maybe. Also, it could harm your tiles if you have selected the wrong cleaners or continuously use dirty mop water for cleaning the tiles. Both tile and grout are porous surfaces which means that they can soak up liquids if they are not properly sealed. In case if you use dirty mop water, it could lead to stains on the surface of your tile and grout. Same way, if any cleaning agent has a colour, that colour can even end up staining the tile and grout.

  1. Make use of vinegar to clean the tile & grout

Vinegar is used as a home remedy and can be used instead of chemical cleaners. However, it has lots of uses that can help you in cleaning house, tiles and grout. It is natural and in acidic form so it could be dangerous to use it recklessly. If you ever try to use vinegar straight on the floor, it could affect the surface of tile or grout. So, it is a red alert if you are prone to use vinegar for your home tiles & grout cleaning.

  1. Cleaning tile & grout using bleach

You could find bleach in every home because all of us have it in our home. If you choose to clean your tile and grout using bleach then it could do more harm than good. So, you need to be aware of the harm that it could do to your floor or tiles before you start using it. Many companies prefer to use colour sealer while cleaning grout or tiles. Colour sealer is nothing but a sealer that has colour and it can turn your dull looking floor into a shinier one.

So, Total Floor Service would recommend you to avoid any of the above practices because it could harm the surface than good. Instead, seek the professional Tile Cleaning Melbourne services to make your tile & grout look awesome.