Wooden Floor Installation Services Melbourne

Top 5 reasons to choose wooden flooring over normal flooring

We usually spend so much time thinking about interiors, colours and other things during house construction, but very few people think about flooring and its design. Normally people think that it is just a floor where we walk so it doesn’t need to be attractive and perfect.

Flooring is the base of every home and Everyone’s dream is to have amazing flooring at their home. Though there are wide ranges of flooring available in the market, till date wooden floor installation services Melbourne are considered to be the best  If you are planning to build a new house from scratch then you might  hire commercial floor sanding services in Melbourne for the attractive flooring designs and other innovative suggestions.

Advantages of wooden flooring:

  1. Among all floorings, wooden floors are considered to be the most durable and convenient.
  2. Wooden floorings add a lavish and classy look to your house.
  3. Wooden is an eco-friendly and renewable resource.
  4. It’s the best for who have pets in their homes
  5. It’s good for the people who are sensitive to allergies.
  6. Easy installation and durable for years.

What are the different types of wooden flooring?

There are various types of category available in wooden flooring that are as follows:

  1. Laminate flooring
  2. Solid hardwood flooring
  3. Composite wood flooring
  4. Parquet flooring
  5. Bamboo flooring
  6. Cork flooring

How much does wooden flooring cost?

Usually wooden flooring costs upon the wood used for your entire house coverage. Generally the price of wood starts from Rs 150 to Rs 700 per square feet depending upon the quality of wood.

Wooden Floor Installation Services Melbourne

Things to take care while choosing wooden floor tiles

If you have decide to go for wooden flooring for your home then there are some of he points to be kept in mind  that are as follows :

Functionality: Every room has its own purpose for which it is used. So, it is better to have designs according to the location like the bathroom area is usually more in contact with water so you can use any other flooring design in combination with wooden around the bathroom area.

Size and shape: 

It’s important to choose equal shape or parallel shape in wooden flooring to avoid mismatch of patterns.

Colours: Choose colour that suits your walls and interior decors of home.


Make sure your wooden floorings have good finishing that gives a rich look to your home.


Once you are done with the colour, shape, size and finishing, it’s time to arrange the wooden floorings with proper spacing to enhance the overall appearance of the flooring.


As construction of house and floorings are big investments and can’t be done frequently, it’s necessary to choose the best flooring for your home that suits all your needs.  You can also consult floor sanding and polishing experts in Melbourne for further modification and suggestions related to flooring.